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If there is any thing worth living for or worth dying for in this world, then there is only thing, and its  called LOVE. The whole world around us, or even the whole universe functions because of love. It is the love which binds all together in spite of our differences. The root cause of every problem in this world can be attributed to one reason, that’s lack of love or denial of love. When a soul is denied of love or affection, then thats where it turns into a destructive force. So, what are the numerology love compatibility secrets?

So much has been said and done of love, and what are the ways to make one’s love successful with the help of some numerology, or in simpler term how to marry the woman we love?

Well, before going to analyze the numbers and its love compatibility in this online numerology, lets understand whats the chemistry behind the actual process called love. Unlike in movies, love doesn’t come between two beautiful or handsome couples. Its actually the attraction which leads to love, and this attraction is not due to ones color or structure mainly but due to the wavelength and the aura of that person.

99.99 % of lovers in this world are not a sexy or a strikingly beautiful couple, but they have loved their partner as they have felt a great attraction in one way or other. A magnetic force which makes that woman very special to their eyes, very pretty to their eyes. This attribute is solely due to the numbers, the aura, the energies, and the prana which surrounds that person. If the aura or enery matches the opposite sex, then it leads to a great symbiotic bond called love.

In my numerology experience, i have interviewed many lovers ,with their permission of course, and i have found that the bonding called love happens only due to astral phenomenon like their stars, birth date, zodiac compatibility. For e.g. Planet Mercury and Planet Mars are friendly, hence its no wonder a  5 born is attracted and mostly fall in love with 9 borns.

These are not the only aspects, the thumb rule to fall in love is

The boy or girl should have compatibility either in birthdate, or lifepath, or name,to actually fall in love !

Having said that, lets see what are the numbers are compatible to whom.

Number 1 borns like 1,10,28,19 borns in numerology destiny are very compatible to 4 borns like 4,13,22, and 31 born. These people fall in love instantly when they see each other, they also form good friends. Number 1 here will be dominant than number 4 in relationship, and number 4 will beautifully surrender to number 1. Also, number 1 and number 4 is compatible to number 8 borns like 8,17 and 26.

More than number 1 borns, number 4 borns are very attached and compatible to number 8 borns. These 1, 4 and 8 are circle of friends, and person born on these dates will fall in love if the other person has anywhere has these other two numbers in birth date or lifepath or name.

For number 2 borns, like 11,20,2,29 in numerology destiny, they usually get attracted and lose their heart to 7 borns, 5 borns, and 9 borns. But more than 5 and 9 borns, its the 7 borns whom they will ready to sacrifice anything. Number 2 and number 7 are like iron and magnetic in numerology. The only ideal match for number 7 born is number 2 born people. Only 2 born people can adjust to a 7 born people very well.

When these 2 borns and 7 borns meet, they instantly exchange their hearts. Again, these number should be present either in name, date of birth, or lifepath.

Number 3 in numerology destiny is called universal friend in numerology, as they will be loved by all, they will be loved by every number in numerology. Number 3 is also called as Universe in Chaldean Numerology, and its undoubtedly the best number to be born in numerology. People born on 3,12,21 and 30 are loved universally. But number 6 borns are 9 borns are very close to 3 borns and together they form a close group.

Number 5 borns like 5,14 and 23 in numerology destiny are the ones called the casanovas in numerology as they tend to love any one and everyone, but their most passionate and true love will be found in a 9 born only. Number 5 born people also fall in love easily to a number 4 born people.

Number 6 borns are romantic lovers by born, and their high standard and expectation in love can be fulfilled only be a fellow 6 borns, but they can mend their ways to 9 borns too.

Number 9 borns in numerology destiny, who are described as the most sensuous lovers and also most possessive ones will be fatally attracted to number 5 borns, and also to 6 borns and 3 borns.

Apart from all this compatibility, when a man and woman with same birth number, or lifepath or name will naturally get attracted and fall in love. For e.g. a person born on 17th jan will get attracted to woman born on 8,17 , or 26, or lifepath 8.

Another way to make a strong love bond is, if two people’s name value is same, then they cannot be separated each other in this universe, and a man is likely to succeed in love if the girl he loves has the same name number as him. And they will be un separable.

In my another post, i have described about name number 19, if any man wants his love, or his girlfriend to remain eternally in love with him, then his or her name should be in 19, by doing this so, she will not even think of anyone other than her love. And her love is immortal.


  1. KUBENDHAR 25-05-1973 tob 16.38 pob srinagar jk & PRATIMA 22-10-1976 tob 19.30 pob ankleshwar gujrat is it worth geting married both of us?? will our life be sucessfull? will she be suportive in my carrier plan? can we hv twins 😉 ? now i am working in a hotel BAR with alcohol-which type of product bussiness sutabel for both of us in our future? plz suggest the BEST MUHURTHAM DATE for geting married in augest 2009 sept 2009 oct 2009 nov 2009 jan2010 feb 2010?

  2. Dear sir,

    In your arcticle, u hav mentioned abt diz,
    “Apart from all this compatibilities, when a man and woman with same birth number, or lifepath or name will naturally get attracted and fall in love.”

    i understand tat they vit get attracted bt will diz promises a gud love life??

    as it alwayz not adviced 2 get marry sum1 vit d same birth number, am i rite??

    bt hw if itz their share a same life path n name number??


    • Happiness in anything is not permanent, no marriage life is without problems or pains, but the question is whether it will survive or not? hence we see the compatibility, same name number increases compatibility very much even if the birth numbers are not compatible, same lifepath also makes a person compatible with their counterpart

  3. Hello. I’m with someone (i”ve been with them for 4 years. off and on) that has a lifepath of number 11.
    I am a number 7 in everything except for destiny, in which I am a 5.
    We typically get along blissfully, however lately there have been tons of issues over petty things such as lack a small lack of communication every once in a while. Not like “I’ll talk to you later” but they skip days of speaking to me when I have an irrational sort of explosion I guess you could say.

    Anyway, I was curious if this may just be a rough patch and not worth over-analyzing or something I should actually try to discuss.

    Thank you


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