Extraterrestrial or alien life has to be out there. We feel it in our very bones. We cannot be alone in this vast, ever expanding universe. It just doesn’t make sense. This idea of life from outside our world has fascinated man for centuries and as our technology has advanced, our efforts at trying to make contact with these other lifeforms have increased. We don’t know where they are, what they look like, or even if they’ll be friendly, but we are determined to make that contact and reassure ourselves that we aren’t alone. While extraterrestrial encounters have remained largely the domain of the science-fiction writer, like H.G. Wells, there are those that believe they have experienced alien attention in the form of abductions and many believe that the governments of the world work very hard to keep us from believing these individuals but this has not decreased our desire to believe that the truth is out there. Indeed, even the consistent failures of the SETI to even pick up extraterrestrial communication hasn’t dimmed our desire much. Instead, we’ve simply turned to the idea that their technology must be so advanced that they have found ways other than standard radio signals and transmitters to communicate and we just haven’t achieved the same level of technology just yet.

What’s an Extraterrestrial?

ExtraterrestrialBut would we recognize extraterrestrial life if we saw it? Science-fiction and pop culture have always portrayed alien life as looking similar to ourselves, but does life on other planets require the same, exact conditions to thrive as it did here on Earth? And if not, then wouldn’t those aliens look completely different? All we have to do is look at the variety of life here on our planet to get the answer to this. While we may not consider animal life on this planet to be as intelligent as we are, we can certainly agree that it is diverse. The octopus is a wonderful example of this. Surely there are few things on this planet that seem as alien as the octopus, and it looks they way it does because of the environment in which it evolved. All we know for certain about alien life is that it will probably have some sort of finger like protrusion that it can use to manipulate objects, a reproductive system, and sensory organs of some type. How those would manifest, as tentacles or eyes and ears, is entirely up to the environment they have developed out of.

Have we made contact?

Despite the lack of what many would consider to be credible information on the existence of extraterrestrials, there are those who believe that they have made contact, unwillingly, and been abducted by aliens. While there are many different varieties of aliens in these abduction stories, there tend to be three over-arching types of aliens encountered: grays (or greys), whites and reptilians. Grays are usually described as three to four feet tall, with large, black eyes. They have no nose, a slit for a mouth, no ears and only three or four fingers including the thumb. They largest number of alien abductions have involved grays – 43% of abductees in the United States, 50% of abductees in Australia, 90% of abductees in Canada, 67% of abductees in Brazil, and 32% of abductees in Europe (including the United Kingdom) claim that their abduction was carried out by grays. The whites tend to encompass the Pleiadeans, Venusians, and Agarthans among others, and are characterized by their height of around seven feet, blond hair and blue eyes. Those that have been contacted by whites often mention the sense of kindness they experience and comment on the desire for peace on Earth that these aliens express.

The last type of alien that people have encountered is the reptilians. While grays have the distinction of being the most frequent abductors, Reptilians are best known for being able to change their appearance to resemble us and an ever growing number of conspiracy theories place reptilians in places of importance in the different governments around the world. The most popular reptilian conspiracy theory states, in fact, that many United States Presidents are and have been reptilians and that Queen Elizabeth 2 is one as well! Visit the rest of our Paranormal section for more fun and interesting topics surrounding the bizarre things in this world we live in.