How to balance your spiritual Aura


Auras are the colors that surround a person. People most often have many colors in their aura, though there is usually one color that is stronger than the others. It’s rare for someone to have just one color in their aura and some people can have an aura that is evenly spread between the colors like a rainbow. The aura extends out from the body by two or three feet making a shell in the shape of an egg around the person. A persons aura consists of seven layers each with its own frequency and represent the feelings, emotions, health and behavior of the person. If one of the colors is out of balance it will be visible and show where the imbalance is in the person. This is an important first step of balancing your Aura as part of your new age lifestyle which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Seven Layers of the Aura

The seven layers of the aura are the physical, the emotional or etheric, the vital having to do with the rational mind, the astral, the achetypcal body, the angelic body, and intuitive or spiritual. Each of the layers has a different color related to it, but in order to accurately analyze and evaluate the health of the individual you must look at the hue of the aural layer.

Layer One – The Physical Body
Color – Red
Deep Red represents a grounded person with a strong will and a good survival instinct.
Muddy Red represents anger.
Clear Red represents power and energy, competition, passion and sexual health.
Bright Pink represents a loving, tender person who may be clairaudient.
Dark, Muddied Pink represents someone who is immature and may be dishonest.
Orange Red represents a person with confidence and creative power.

Layer Two – The Emotional Body
Color – Orange
Bright Orange represents a person with good health, vibrancy, and who tends to live life to the fullest. If this aura is overbearing it can indicate someone trying to overcome an addiction of some kind.
Orange Red represents a person who wields personal power and has an air of confidence.
Orange Yellow represents a creative and intelligent person who is a bit of a detail-oriented perfectionist.

Layer Three – The Mental Body
Color – Yellow
Light Yellow represents a person with emerging psychic powers who is just becoming spiritually aware. They have optimism, hopefulness and positive excitement about life.
Bright Lemon Yellow represents a person who is struggling for control in their relationships and fears losing control, respect and prestige.
Metallic Shiny Gold auras are a sign of a person who is spiritually aware and energized, fully awakened and inspired.
Dark Yellow or Gold most often signifies a student who is over-extended and trying to learn everything at once.

Layer Four – The Astral Body
Color – Green
Bright Emerald Green represents a person who is love centered, often signifying that the person is a healer.
Yellow-Green represents a person who is creative at heart and is a great communicator.
Dark, Muddy Forest Green represents a person who is full of jealousy, resentment, insecurity and low self-esteem. They seem themselves as a victim of the world and blame others for their problems.
Turquoise represents a person who is a healer. It is most often found around doctors, counselors and others who help people discover inner truths about themselves.

Layer Five – The Archetypcal Body
Color – Blue
Soft Blue represents a person who is at peace, truthful and intuitive. They have clarity and excellent communication.
Royal Blue is the color of clairvoyants and those who are highly spiritual.
Dark, Muddy Blue represents those who have a fear of the future, of themselves, and of the truth.

Layers six and seven are the violet and indigo layers. Those who have an indigo aura that is visible are intuitive, sensing and deep feeling. Those with a visible violet aura are strong psychics, idealistic, intuitive and visionary.


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