Number five in Numerology is the most dynamic and energetic of the numbers, unpredictable and always in motion. These people are in constant need of change, tending to be a little more feminine than their equal blend of masculine and feminine would lead others to believe.

Independence In The Numerological Number 5

Number 5 in Numerology Fives are independent, extremely so, in both mind and soul. These are adventurers, risk-takers, who have a hard time staying in one place or job or even house and relationship. They’re surprisingly loyal when this is taken into consideration, but change is a necessity for them and those around them must be willing to adapt to their ever-present need for change. They will never cheat on a partner, but when single may float between many partners, and will not limit themselves. They’re like the honeybee testing each flower to see which is sweetest.

These people will struggle to hold down a job for a long while, especially jobs with routine that quickly bore them. They usually find their niche after 30, settling into a job with focus and energy that sees them fly up the ladder and quickly into positions of leadership. They love careers that involve travel and offer a change of environment that keeps them interested and stimulated. Because they love change, fives can generally adjust to anything that comes their way including in their work environment. They are often good-looking, charming and charismatic, traits that help them in their careers. They are also versatile, smart and progressive.

Are Number Five Born Considered Weird By Numerology?

Drawn to eccentrics, the conventional bores the five and they’ll look for conversation that stimulates them. They are social, funny and uplifting, easily making others feel comfortable around them. They have many friends and acquaintances because of this, however those that don’t like them tend to really dislike them and be a bit uptight by comparison.

Those born as Number five in Numerology trademark is their unrepentant demand for freedom. They make up their own mind and go their own way. They are adventurous, opinionated, and may frequently change their mind but never without a good reason. They cannot be controlled, but with the right motivation can be persuaded to be flexible and even converted to someone else’s side if the argument is good enough and makes sense. They don’t sweat the small things and are easily swayed by people who may not be the greatest because they have a terrible sense of people and are bad at judging character unlike some of the other numbers described in Numerology.

Why Number Fives Are Considered Care Free To A Fault

Worrying is not in the nature of most number five in Numerology and because of this they can often be selfish, thoughtless or irresponsible. They don’t consider the future, never thinking beyond tomorrow or the next week and they are notorious procrastinators. Because of their love of and need for change, their most common downfall is experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol. They need instant gratification and think themselves invulnerable to the world, they lack discipline and restraint. Where the four is grounded, the five is a constant motion full of energy that challenges the four’s controlled methods of dealing with the world.