Spiritual Readings


A spiritual reading is different than a psychic reading, though both may be performed by a psychic, a medium, or a clairvoyant. Many people seek a spiritual reading because they are looking for guidance and clarity in the path to personal growth and empowerment. During a spiritual reading you will receive helping identifying inner truths. Spiritual readings can be a very eye opening experience and it is recommended for even skeptics to have one done in their lifetime.

Spiritual Readings

Depending on the type of person you seek out for your reading, they may use mediumship to enter the spirit world, or do so using intuition, and some will speak calmly while others may dramatically speak of angels and your Higher Self. If you are already attuned to your Higher Self, some of the things that you learn may be things you already knew or suspected. In these cases the guidance should be looked at as confirmation of your beliefs and should be able to help you figure out how to move forward.  If you need help researching spiritual readings, check out our handy guides here: https://astronlogia.com/psychics/

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions During Your Spiritual Readings

Feel free to ask questions during your reading. Don’t feel as though you’re forced to sit there quietly and wait until they are through before you can ask questions about what they say. Ask them for help understanding something and be ready for them to as you questions as well to help you understand what they are discerning.

There are many different ways to have a spiritual reading performed. There are group and solo spiritual readings, though the chances of you receiving a message during a group reading are much slimmer than in a one to one meeting with a psychic, medium or clairvoyant. You can also do a telephone or online spiritual reading. Telephone readings are usually charged by the minute and it is possible to end up with someone who is trying to rip you off. With an online reading they often use a video chat program so that you are able to see your psychic face to face. You will pay for this sort of reading ahead of time and often they are tightly booked so it’s important not to be offended if they can’t spend more time with you than exactly what you paid for.


Another popular form of connecting with the spirit world is channeling. Channeling is where a person, who is able to set aside their own consciousness, allows a being or group of beings to take control of their mind and communicate with others through their body. These sorts of sessions can take place in a one on one setting, in a group, or even in a workshop for others to learn about these sorts of experiences!

It is also possible to use tarot cards and other oracles, but a spiritual reading isn’t a quick glance at cards or astrology charts, and if you just want quick answers then a spiritual reading isn’t right for you. A spiritual reading is for those who want to empower and enlighten themselves. You can even do a bit of literal spiritual reading right in your book store to prepare for your time with a psychic, clairvoyant or a medium. Doing some research on your own will help to open your mind and soul and make you more ready to handle your reading!


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