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You can refer to the chart below for an easy reference of how the calculator below provides your Chaldean name number. Our handy calculator does all of the addition for you, however, if you would like to add them up yourself you may do so with the values for each letter provided below.

Chaldean Birth Name Numerology Calculator
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You can figure out any Chaldean birth name number with some very basic addition. “Ryan” breaks down to R = 2, Y = 1, A = 1, N = 5: 2 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 9, giving “Ryan” the Chaldean number of 9. If you would like to add your middle name or surname, you simply calculate the value of each part of the name and add them up at the end. If Ryan’s full name was Ryan Jones, take Ryan (9) and calculate for Jones (J = 1, O = 7, N = 5, E = 5, S = 3: 1 + 7 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 21. 21 then reduces to 3 (2 + 1). Ryan (9) Jones (3) = 9 + 3 = 12. You can then reduce that back to 3 (12 = 1 + 2 = 3) giving Ryan Jones the number Three, The Creative Child. The last double number before the single number is Ryan’s compound number (12).

Use our Chaldean Numerology Calculator Use table to calculate your name. The above table uses Chaldean Numerology System for assigning values into each and every alphabet. You will quickly get your reduced name number from our quick and easy to use calculator! It only takes a second and your information is 100% free and safe (we do not save any data you enter and our website is secured via HTTPS).

What They Mean

Single Numbers

ONE. The leader and original thinker who values independence. Ones represent self consciousness, creativeness, and original thought. As a number of strength, they are always the first in the series, dominant, and very confident. On the positive side they are active and innovative. On the negative side they are bossy, hasty, and tactless. Ones have a unique style with outstanding will.

TWO. The partner and diplomat who values cooperativeness. Twos represent a pair or duo, the principle of receptivity, and tactfulness. They prefer to be a follower though they seek inner balance and unity. Two’s seek unity between two distinct entities, like good and evil, true or false, positive and negative. They are cautious but flexible. On the positive side they are creative and sensitive . On the negative side they are moody, shy, and irrational. Twos are modest with a desire for collaboration.

THREE. The entrepreneur and entertainer who values creativeness. Threes represent the performer who appreciates pleasure, romance, and beauty. They love to be sociable. This number is all about changing and developing. There are a lot of ups and downs with this number. Their optimism allows for all things to be possible as it impacts the three key components (mind, body, and spirit). On the positive side they are witty and charming. On the negative side they are narcissistic, moody, and undisciplined. Threes have a keen imagination with various expressions.

FOUR. The builder and practical person who values details. Fours represent law, order, security, and stability. They prefer conventional routine with a focused state of mind. They develop a practical nature through self discipline and concentration. On the positive side they are tenacious and loyal. On the negative side they are stubborn, confrontational, and a workaholic. Fours are masters of management with a well built sense of order.

FIVE. The writer and communicator who values freedom. Fives represent versatility, resourcefulness, and adaptability. They love adventure, journeys,  and travel. They are the energy and movement between the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and ether). They possess an irresistible magnetism to the opposite sex. On the positive side they are curious and intellectual. On the negative side they are selfish, impatient, and irresponsible. Fives are action oriented with ambitious plans.

SIX. The healer and lover who values teaching. Sixes represent compassion, counseling, and social responsibility. They love service and a life filled with important activities. They desire harmony in all things and always have look to make an impact. On the positive side they are nurturing and attractive. On the negative side they are obsessive, outspoken, and self righteous. Sixes are artistic with a desire for balance.

SEVEN. The mediator and investigator who values the metaphysical. Sevens represent analytical, philosophical, and mystical. They love solitude and have high moral values. They want to understand the mystery behind existence and are always full of questions. They are clever and respectful. On the positive side they are analytical and strategic. On the negative side they are distant, sarcastic, and reserved. Sevens are charismatic truth seekers.

EIGHT. The manager and supervisor who values power. Eights represent financial rewards, good judgement, and recognition. They love control and have quite the robust personality. They are a constant for the universe. On the positive side they are driven and generous. On the negative side they are aggressive, dictator, and extreme. Eights are materialistic and strive for success.

NINE. The sibling and people person who values humanitarianism. Nines represent selflessness, compassion, and patience. They love happy endings and are purposeful in their pursuit of a result. They contain forces of all the other numbers and have a certain spiritual intuition. On the positive side they are compassionate and non judgmental. On the negative side they are defensive, careless, and emotional. Nines are sympathetic, altruistic givers.

Compound Numbers

TEN. The wheel of fortune. Ten represents honor, faith, and self confidence. Their plans are likely to be carried out. This can be a fruitful number with positive backing of their ventures.

ELEVEN. The clenched hand. Eleven is ominous to occultists and is a warning of hidden dangers or treachery from others. This is considered a master number. They are powerful and have potent, creative ideas.

TWELVE. The victim. Twelve takes too much too seriously and therefore experience an anxiety of the mind. They have deeply rooted concerns for the less fortunate.

THIRTEEN. The power. Thirteen indicates a change of plans and place. It is not always unlucky, but if used wrongly can wreak self destruction. This number usually signifies a fresh start.

FOURTEEN. The lucky money. Fourteen has a lot of movement that can result in fortunate dealings with money. Unfortunately, there is also a strong element of risk and danger attached, especially dependent on fool hardy actions. This is an entrepreneurial number with moderate confidence.

FIFTEEN. The lucky gift receiver. Fifteen has occult significance with magic and mystery. Usually means the person represented by it will use every art of magic they can to carry out their purpose. This number has charismatic leadership that is well respected.

SIXTEEN. The cautious. Sixteen has a certain danger of accidents and defeat of one’s plans. They will create a great empire that eventually falls into obscurity.

SEVENTEEN. The spiritual. Seventeen has the ability to rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties faced in life or career. This number holds a will and desire to overcome obstacles. As long as they remain humble, they will see fame.

EIGHTEEN. The materialistic. Eighteen is generally associated with bitter quarrels and warnings of treachery. They experience ill will and corruption due to greed.

NINETEEN. The fortunate. Nineteen is usually regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It promises success in a person’s plans for the future. This number experiences bright success and good progress.

TWENTY. The judgement number. Twenty is the awakening with a call to action for great purpose, cause, or duty. This is an opportunity to direct one’s life to inner fulfillment, though it will be difficult.

TWENTY-ONE. The successful. Twenty one is a number of advancement and elevation in life. Applying true grit will result in the due promotion to a higher position.

TWENTY-TWO. The warning. Twenty two is a good person living in a fool’s paradise. Also a master number, this one will be on the rise but as they goes become crooked.

TWENTY- THREE. The receiver of help. Twenty three has the promise of success because they get help from their superiors. This number has an aptitude to draw the right sort of people around.

TWENTY- FOUR. The favorable. Twenty four gains through love and affection from family and friends. This is an energetic number that does things today with tireless focus.

TWENTY – FIVE. The strong. Twenty five gains strength through experience. Though they are successful, it is after many earlier trials. This number learns from all mistakes and sees what works for others.

TWENTY – SIX. The disaster. Twenty six is full of the gravest warnings for the future. Without proper mitigation, there will be problems on the horizons based on earlier decisions.

TWENTY – SEVEN. The command. Twenty seven is a promise of authority and command. It indicates reward will come from productive intellect. This number is creatively influential and needs to steer their own ship.

TWENTY-  EIGHT. The contradiction. Twenty eight indicates a person of great promise and possibilities that they will lose if they do not carefully provide for the future. Though this number has profitable aspects, they apply them poorly.

TWENTY- NINE. The deception. Twenty nine indicates uncertainties and foreshadows trials. This number is easy to annoy and provoke, they also easily overreact.

THIRTY. The thoughtful. Thirty is about thoughtful dedication, retrospection, and a positive outlook. They are a master of their craft and are great educators.

THIRTY – ONE. The isolated. Thirty one is lonely and not fortunate from a material standpoint. They are a force to be reckoned with, fight for their cause, and know how to enjoy themselves.

THIRTY – TWO. The planner. Thirty two is successful if they work on their planning versus others. They have a firm ear to the ground and capitalize on new incentives as early as possible.

THIRTY – THREE. The possibly fortunate. Thirty three has no potency on its own but has similar meanings to twenty four or six. This is also a master number, but with a more positive bias. They are wise and ethical.

THIRTY – FOUR. Same as twenty five. They are well regarded and generous, with a good work-life balance.

THIRTY – FIVE. Same as twenty six. They have strong inner needs to fill and will move mountains to do it.

THIRTY – SIX. Same as twenty seven.  They put a lot of effort into being a success. Their niche is to find the easy way to rise to the top.

THIRTY – SEVEN. The friend. Thirty seven has a distinct potency of its own, that has fortunate friendships and good partnerships. They are a charming, ambitious, and clear communicator.

THIRTY – EIGHT. Same as twenty nine. They are cheerful and satisfied.

THIRTY – NINE. Same as thirty. They keep a lot of projects going so that life works out.

FORTY. Same as thirty one. They will charm their way into prominent positions and flex rules.

FORTY – ONE. Same as thirty two. For this number, leadership is a breeze.

FORTY – TWO. Same as twenty four. They have a steady and assured foundation. They are the slow and steady.

FORTY – THREE. The unfortunate. Forty three is a sign of revolution or upheaval. They will ram home their agenda with force.

FORTY – FOUR. Same as twenty six. This is a master number. They know the ins and outs of business but do not know when to stop.

FORTY – FIVE. Same as twenty seven. They have ambition and success in business.

FORTY – SIX. Same as thirty seven. They are a mixed bag of innate skills that can be very profitable.

FORTY – SEVEN. Same as twenty nine. They are very good at picking apart problems and working with data.

FORTY – EIGHT. Same as thirty. Their efforts are brought down by friction from all sides.

FORTY – NINE. Same as thirty one. They have a keen proponent of order and organization.

FIFTY. Same as thirty two. They are at home in a verbal debate and drawn to technical disciplines.

FIFTY – ONE. The very powerful. Fifty one is represented by a warrior who promises sudden advancement in whatever that person undertakes. They have exceptional prowess and are a shining individual.

FIFTY – TWO. Same as forty three. They are caring and charitable people who want to bring emotional peace to others.

FIFTY – THREE. Similar to 35, but more verbal, creative, and business oriented. This number has sense of satisfaction about beating the odds.

FIFTY – FOUR. Like 45, but less organized and disciplined. They want others to be disadvantaged so they can cling onto their position.

FIFTY – FIVE. This is the final master number. They are physically and mentally robust. They jump into many successful and short lived projects. They are freedom loving and like to travel.

FIFTY – SIX. Same as 11.

FIFTY – SEVEN. They are intelligent and inventive.

FIFTY – EIGHT. They are hardworking and destined for success.

FIFTY – NINE. They are persuasive and convincing.

SIXTY. They are loving, caring, and responsible.

SIXTY – ONE. This number has difficulties in love and relationships but is family oriented.

SIXTY – TWO. Same as 26.

SIXTY – THREE. Same as 36, but less outgoing.

SIXTY – FOUR. Same as 46 but less organized and more creative.

SIXTY – FIVE. Same as 56.

SIXTY – SIX. This number is generous to fault, but with financial ups and downs.

SIXTY- SEVEN. This number is analytically intelligent and creative.

SIXTY- EIGHT. This number has a good mind for business and is extremely loyal.

SIXTY- NINE. This is a very responsible number that is self sacrificing.

SEVENTY. This is a hermit like loner that seeks the truth.

SEVENTY – ONE. Same as 17, but less authoritative.

SEVENTY – TWO. Same as 27.

SEVENTY – THREE. Same as 37.

SEVENTY – FOUR. Same as 47 and 11.

SEVENTY – FIVE. Same as 57 but more analytical.

SEVENTY – SIX. Same as 67.

SEVENTY – SEVEN. This number is intelligent, inventive, and spiritually wise.

SEVENTY – EIGHT. This number struggles between spiritual and the material.

SEVENTY – NINE. This number is drawn to political and spiritual leadership.

EIGHTY. This number lacks independence, but has a great business sense.

EIGHTY – ONE. Same as 18, but more money oriented, sometimes violent.

EIGHTY – TWO. Same as 28.

EIGHTY – THREE.  Same as 38, but more business oriented and less sensitive.

EIGHTY – FOUR. Same as 48 but more visionary and less organized.

EIGHT – FIVE. Same as 58, but more masculine.

EIGHTY – SIX. Same as 68, but this number is more self oriented.

EIGHTY – SEVEN. Same as 78.

EIGHTY – EIGHT. This is a contradictory number, as it has a good business mind but bad judgement in relationships.

EIGHTY – NINE. This number is given to travel and hates to be alone.

NINETY. This number is self sacrificing and humble, often religious.

NINETY – ONE. This number is eccentric, opinionated, and professionally successful.

NINETY – TWO. Same as 11, but with greater concern for mankind.

NINETY – THREE. Same as 39.

NINETY  – FOUR. Same as 49.

NINETY – FIVE. Same as 59.

NINETY – SIX. Same as 69.

NINETY – SEVEN. Same as 79 but more sensitive.

NINETY – EIGHT. Same as 89.

NINETY – NINE. This number is an artistic genius.

Life Path Numbers

Life Path #1: The “father.” People of this path are nature born leaders. They are extremely determined and will not let anything stand in their way. Definitely independent, these individuals will follow their own personal convictions. As such, they get rather irritated when things do not go their way. However, this number is very good at starting new projects and has a unique approach to solving problems. Some of their negative traits include being self centered, egotistical, and demanding.

Life Path #2: The “mother.” People of this path are natural peacemakers. They are extremely sensitive to others and have an ability to truly listen to others. These sincere, honest, open individuals always see the best in others. They have a sensitive and gentle loving spirit that makes them an excellent friend or lover. This number is an excellent mediator that can see all sides and handle difficult situations with grace and persuasion. Some of their negative traits include being over sensitive, shy, and avoiding confrontation.

Life Path #3: The “talented child.” People of this path are creative and optimistic. They are extremely optimistic and find the positive in all things. They have a high level of self expression and live life for today. They are charismatic, conscious of others feelings, and easily put others at ease. This number has a hard time taking life seriously because they feel like it will always work out. They are also extremely generous and giving. Some of their negative traits include living superficially, lack of direction, and procrastinating.

Life Path #4: The “organizer.” People of this path are the worker bees of society. They are extremely determined, practical, and hardworking. These individuals are down to earth and believe hard work is rewarding. They also expect the same dedication from others. Organization is their strong point and they feel better if they are able to tackle challenges with a solid plan is in place. However, due to their desire to lead an orderly life, they are also very set in their ways. They are loyal and dependable with a small circle of friends. Some of their negative traits are being stubborn, tactless, and cautious.

Life Path #5: The “free spirit.” People of this path value freedom above all else. They are extremely adventurous and are constantly seeking change or variety in life. These individuals love meeting new people, trying new things, and living life for today. They are curious and always trying to find answers to life’s questions. They hate routine or repetition. This persuasive personality excels at motivating others and has a genuine concern for freedom and welfare of all. Some of their negative traits include lacking direction, restlessness, and impatience.

Life Path #6: The “caregiver.” People of this path are incredible nurturers. They are extremely excellent caretakers and providers. These individuals believe that life revolves around home and family. Their parenting instincts are strong. They are understanding, responsible, and reliable. They are community oriented and will always promote the greater good. Some of their negative traits include being self righteous, enabling, and meddling.

Life Path #7: The “philosopher.” People of this path are thinkers. They are extremely wise and studious. These individuals seek truth and wisdom, they are always searching for answers. They tend to be perfectionists and eccentric. They also are a bit of a loner or introvert that prefers the quiet, peaceful life. Some of their negative traits include difficulty with close relationships, loneliness, and inflexibility.

Life Path #8: The “professional.” People of this path are ambitious. They are extremely goal oriented as well as natural leaders. These individuals have strong organizational skills and broad visions. They thrive on hard work and are good judges of character. They have a need for success and a desire to be recognized. Some of their negative traits include being a workaholic, difficulty expressing care, and living above their means.

Life Path #9: The “humanitarians.” People of this path have true global conscious. They are extremely compassionate and generous. These individuals have a strong sense of compassion and generosity. They are selfless and believe helping others is important. They feel deeply for others and are very friendly. People generally like them and their generosity knows no bounds. Some of their negative traits include being scattered, not being good with finances, and being dissatisfied.

Not Just For People

Chaldean numerology believes that all things have vibrations and numerical significance. As such, it is not specific to people only. You could also use our calculator to figure out a positive business name or lucky child’s name. It is also fairly common for people to name their pets using a Chaldean numerology calculator to help create a happy and healthy future.

The History of Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is almost 4,000 years old. It began with the ancient Babylonians and is the oldest system known. Babylonians lived in an area near the Persian Gulf which is now Southern Iraq/Kuwait. They were famous for their contributions to math, physics, and astronomy. Their numerology is an ancient system of divination that seeks information about a person’s character and destiny. It is based on the the belief that everything in the universe is both made up and affected by numbers. This includes understanding that numbers are encrypted in people’s names and birth dates. The Chaldeans believed that every letter has a unique vibration and energy. The numbers assigned to each letter is based on the vibrational value. As the letters and numbers combine, one overall number is associated with the combination to provide definitive characteristics. This results in translating the vibrational patterns into a language that can be understood. Often the meanings of the numbers link to other commonly used systems. The Chaldean numerology system is similar to the Vedic system of India and the Kabhalah of Hebrew mystics.

Of the various numerology methods, Chaldean has been proven to be the most accurate and consistent method for the last 1000 years. This is because of how it works. This system is based on the patterns and correlations that human beings picked up on over time, intuited, and then began to elaborate on. The goal is to define the energetic signature and meaning behind the different combinations of numbers and letters, and then how they in turn affect lives. Rather than assigning numbers to where letters are in the alphabet, Chaldean numerology assigns the number based on the vibration.

This is what allows Chaldean numerology to predict the cosmic weather of life. The vibrational patterns provide definable and describable meanings which tell us who we are compatible with, what our personality is really like, and more. Every number along the way is not random. Ultimately, interpreting these numbers can provide a blueprint for what your life could potentially become. In other words, it can help to guide optimal decisions depending on the energetic weather forecast.  The goal of numerology is to guide a person in order to become a better human with the help of vibrations that create harmony in body and soul. It can give indications of your true nature, your desires, and your destiny. Those who are struggling in life or unhappy find they are working in opposition to their destiny. If they can make simple changes, adjust their outlooks to be more in line with the numerology, they will be happier. Ultimately, it is up to your individual belief system. You have the power to choose who you are now and what you want to become. Your results depend solely on past, present, and future actions, thoughts, and way of life. Numerology is a tool that helps a person navigate their soul and direct their journey.

One of the reasons Chaldean numerology is so rarely used is that it is more complex and difficult to pick up. Part of the reason it is so difficult to understand is because it uses more than numbers to divine your path, it also uses the vibrations of your numbers with one another. This is why you use not only your 1-9 numbers but also the double digits (compound numbers). The numbers one through nine are your external numbers. They express the physical and material of your life.

How Does it Work?

In Chaldean numerology, you should use the name you are most known by, which does not necessarily mean your name on your birth certificate. The letters of a name are converted into numbers which are translated into single and double (or compound) numbers. These single and compound numbers carry meanings and interpretations. Specifically, single numbers represent your outer being, or how you appear to others. They deal more with physical or material side of things. Compound numbers denote the inner you, as well as any hidden influences that play a role in your life (present and future). This results in these definitions having a life of their own.

When utilizing your birth date, you can find more out about your personality and health.  Your birth date is your the month, day, and full four digit year. It produces the life path number. Your life path number represents your natural talents and the abilities you are born with. It identifies your innate ability to achieve certain things without any training. It is the most important number and is the constant (since it never changes). By combining your name and birth date interpretations, who you are and who you are meant to be can be identified. When calculating, you want to ensure that you reduce your four digit year to a single number before adding to the month and date. Then reduce again until you reach the simplest or single number.

This system only assigns numbers 1 – 8 to letters. This is because of the belief that the number 9 is a holy number. For this reason, the number 9 is only defined in the event it is the result of the sum. All numbers over ten become compound numbers and have a meaning of their own that is distinct from the root number. Typically these compound numbers are more spiritual in nature with distinct symbolism. The higher the number the more cautionary a tale; it is wise to make conscious interventions after these interpretations.

To identify single and compound numbers you need to determine the numbers assigned to the letters of your name (or birth date). You add each value together to get a total number. Ultimately, you want to continue to reduce down the numbers until you are left with the simplest number. Single numbers have an absolute meaning. The last two digit number you reach before the single number is the compound number.


    • Sandra, every number has a good side and a bad side.. how you live out your life will determine which one is magnified most.

      The number 4 stands for the earthly realm, the 4 seasons, the square box we all live in here. It is a very rooted number since it stands for earth in so many ways. The number 5, since it follows 4, means that man then steps outside of the earthly realm to see that there is more than just staying confined in a box.

      But then you have the number 9, which in itself is a Humanitarian number… it encapsulates all other numbers. So the number 45 has more than one meaning to it. the 9’s essence, such as humanitarianism, compassion, and philanthropy, plus a dose of the 4’s focus, pragmatism, and conscientiousness, plus a dose of the 5’s adventure, curiosity, and expression of personal freedom.

      I hope this helps

    • Since your name Asim Raza Khan adds up to the number 33/6, and your birthday is the 24th (which adds up to a number 6), this in itself magnifies the number 6. The number 33 is a very powerful number, and it is used in the Occult for the ways of black magic and white magic… so how you lead your life is imperative on what you experience.

      • My Name is Asim Raza Khan
        Date of Birth 24 / 04 / 1974
        Time of Birth 00:15 am wednesday
        Place of Birth Lahore, Pakistan
        No earning source, No still marriage, facing obstcale disappoinment opposition insult hurdles and Delays.
        Please suggest me A lucky name and Gem stone(in which finger to wears). Please suggest me yours proffiosionally recommend.
        Thank You!

        • As you are passing through the mahadasha of Jupiter and your ascendant is Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. You should wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj on your right hand Index finger in Gold on Thursday morning for benefits. Saturn and Mars are in your 7th house of marriage which is not good. Mercury lord of 10th house is debilitated. You can do work related to commissions like sales, property etc, you can also do work related to food items, document center.


        • As per your birth chart your ascendant is Sagittarius.Saturn and Mars in the 7th house is not auspicious. They do not bring marital happiness. Your 10th house lord Mercury is debilitated. You should wear Yellow Sapphire in Gold on your right hand Index finger on Thursday morning for benefits. You will do business as Job changes are weak. You can profit from commissions in sales, marketing, real estate. Other things like restaurant and fast food also suits you and should give you gains.



  1. Please help me to tune my name , have many health issue, from Malaysia, contact number is +[hidden] my email is [hidden], please help me

  2. sir
    dear astronlogia
    i read/studied very deeply all the A to Z’s in Astronlogia, but i don’t get any solution about myself
    can you please help me sir….
    i am very thank full to you.
    my legal name is – Rudra Pratap Singh comes in 56=2, first part 15=6, second part 24=6, third part 17=8…
    first and last name part comes under = 32
    second and last name part comes under = 41
    first and second name part comes under = 39
    initials name part r p singh comes under = 27
    i officially achieved Doctorate (Phd) Degree so I can also use Doctor Rudra Pratap Singh now it comes under = 83
    my nick name is – sanjay comes in 12=3
    10/05/1972 is my dob, under 10/25 or 1/7 – day number and life path number.
    i am contractor as my profession.
    please suggest me the best personal name for my construction business and real estate business.

  3. dear sir i am born in 26 July want to marry a gal who born on 8 april is it good combination bcz in various website i read that its not good combination plz help me

    • That is a very debated question.. whether or not to magnify the 8 by adjoining with another 8. If the both of you are light workers, and live out a selfless life, you are to be rewarded by good lives.

  4. Hi sir ,

    my bro name tanugundala Ramanjaney reddy .He born in 10-may-1996 . can you suggest which name is good ..

    Ramhanj — 19
    Ramanjaney reddy———42

    sum articular their are saying 7th position i or j is wrong letters . please clarify me.


    • You will never escape your BIRTH name, as it stands cemented in the cosmos forever.
      However, your FIRST name that people refer to you by and that you go by also has significant energy that goes to it as well.

      Ramhanj would duplicate the energy that is already going to your birth DAY, the 10th, as 19 also reduces down to the number 1.

      Keep in mind that your full birth name, tanugundala Ramanjaney reddy, is an 81/9 – this has much energy that goes to it as well. The 42 isn’t on the same energy grid as the 1 or the 9, so my suggestion is that you stick with Ramhanj.

  5. dear astronlogia
    i read/studied very deeply all the A to Z’s in Astronlogia, but i don’t get any solution about myself
    can you please help me sir….
    i am very thank full to you.
    my legal name is – Rudra Pratap Singh comes in 56=2, first part 15=6, second part 24=6, third part 17=8…
    first and last name part comes under = 32
    second and last name part comes under = 41
    first and second name part comes under = 39
    initials name part r p singh comes under = 27
    i officially achieved Doctorate (Phd) Degree so I can also use Doctor Rudra Pratap Singh now it comes under = 83
    my nick name is – sanjay comes in 12=3
    10/05/1972 is my dob, under 10/25 or 1/7 – day number and life path number.
    i am contractor as my profession.
    please suggest me the best personal name for my construction business and real estate business.

  6. The calculator calculated my name and gave Number 54
    Sir where should I check the meaning of this number , Please suggest me !!!

    • You are highly independent, energetic , fun loving person. You are always looking for adventure in your life. You get bored easily therefore you can never be at one place or doing the same thing again and again. You believe in writing your own destiny. You are smart and outgoing. For you challenges do not make much difference. You like interacting with different people. You are open to new ideas. However you do need to check your tendency to be spendthrift and risk taking. You should learn to plan and save for future.


    • I am born on 17 May. My year adds and reduces to 32/5. My married name is 62, which I read is a very bad number. First name is 19. Middle is 23 and last (by marriage) 20. Any advice on that?

      Also, my son is born on a 12 day. Hi total name number is 73 (and he’s very religious, for good). We have been using his middle and last, which equal 42/6. Again, same last name in 20, so middle (as first) is in 22. Please help…

    • Your number is 2 and you are Moon. The nature of Moon which is your ruling planet makes you very emotional and sensitive. At times you do take a strong stand, it is only when you face outside aggression. You are peace loving and multi talented. However you need to be strong in what you want and learn the art of being diplomatic. You should need to make a firm mind and run after your goals. For you love is not physical it is purely a heart connection. Things on this front will be better if you work on your confidence.


      • thanks for replying.
        i have one more question. is there any need to change my name or else is it fine? as i have read in your other posts that 18 (my first name niharika) and 29 (my full name 29) both are worst numbers. do you have any suggestions for me?

        • Your first Name “Niharika” totals to Number 9, this is the number ruled by planet Mars. Mars is the planet of courage, initiative and the force that drives us. Mars energy is very important. It does have its side effects as it can make a person hasty, aggressive and commanding. Having said that Mars is never a bad planet. If you do see that you have negative traits of Mars, it is best that you do remedies of Mars to control the negative effects. You should read Hanuman Chalisa Daily. You should also visit Hanuman temple every Tuesdays.


  7. Hi my name is iqbal singh as am using on documents and my real date of birth is 4-4-1979 but by mistake school stafff changed it and now on my all documents and every where is 5 feb 1980. am struggling much in my life but no success and am nearly 40 years . there is nothing in my life . so please help me if any changes to my name so i can get sucess. but my surname is brar but am not using it just known by my name iqbal singh or only iqbal in daily life.

    • If your real date of birth is 4th April 1979 then you should use that for Numerology reading and also for preparation of Horoscopes. Your name is good, there is good sound energy related to it. It is powerful, however as your number 4 is related with Rahu. You will experience unexpected results in your life. You should do the remedies of Rahu. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily. Recite Rahu mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha” 108 times.


    • You are ruled by number 8 and Saturn. You will be highly disciplined, honest, trustworthy person. You are open to new ideas and you are fond of interacting with new people. You make friends easily because you posses a pure heart. You have no malice towards others, which is your strongest point. You are always there to help others. However you can be little lazy and jealous at times. You also need to control your tendency to overspend on others.


  8. After going through your article I have decided that I must change my name Sukanya Dutta. Since my date of birth is 17/12/1977. Total number is path number/destiny number is 8. My name number is 38. Can you suggest which alphabet/alphabets should I include in my name? Or should I change the first name from “Sukanya” to something else? Please reply me sir.

  9. Sir My name is Subrata Mondal
    My name no.adds no.7.which is very unlucky to me and a struggling number.I want to change my name by putting 1 or 2 letters with my name.As I m struggling with my career.I decided to put a xtra S or L or P or F on my name
    …which name suits me more to get favour and luck
    Subrata S Mondal=1
    Subrata Mondall=1
    Subrata P Mondal=6
    Time:8.40 am

    • As per your horoscope you are passing through the Mahadasha of Rahu and this is never a good period. As it bring challenges in ones life. You are also passing through the period of Shani Dhaiyya. This is a challenging period till Year 2020. Therefore doing the remedies of Rahu and Saturn are most important. You should read Hanuman Chalisa Daily. Even as per your date of birth which is 09, the number is ruled by Mars. Mars is the planet ruled by Lord Hanuman. The blessings of Lord Hanuman in controlling the malefic effects of Rahu and Saturn will lift your career to a new level. Hard work and dedication along with blessings of the All Mighty God will give you new opportunities and success.

  10. Sir my date of birth is
    Rampurhat. West Bengal.
    My good name is Sukanya Dutta. From my childhood I am working hard to become successful in life. But unfortunately I’m not yet settled in my career and also I’m not married. Please advise me Sir what should I do to become successful in life? Please reply me.Im suffering a lot because of my very poor income. There is a confusion about my time of birth. The time was definitely in the evening on that day. But not sure about time. Aslo I would request you to share your mail id or any contact number for further consultation. Kindly reply me Sir.

  11. Dear Sir, I am Somnath Mali, a struggling singer. My Date of birth is 10/10/1989. I am facing so much trouble in my career. Please help me. Is my name correct according to nuerology? Can I write my name as Somnaath Mali? Is it will be lucky? Please help me.

    • As you are running the mahadasha of Rahu you are facing obstacles in your life. You are highly talented and creative person. You are sincere and honest in your work. You are also passing through Shani Sade satti. You will get success but after lots of hard work and for you it is important to be focused in your work and success will follow. Doing the remedies of Rahu and Shani are also recommended.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily
      2. Recite Mantra “Om Praam Preem Praum Saha Shanichraye Namaha” 108 times daily
      3. Visit Shani temple every Satudays


  12. Hello sir,
    My son’s DOB is 03-07-2017 and time of birth is 04.20 PM. Could you please suggest the best name for him? I’d like to have Rutvik S. (S is my name – Sathish).

    • Looking at the horoscope of your child we see that his Rashi is Libra and he is born under the Swati Nakshatra. His name alphabet is R, Ro. You can look at names like Rohin, Rohan, Romesh etc.


  13. Sir, I often visit this site with a great expectation in my mind that you have replied my mail. But everytime I felt disappointed when I see I didn’t get any answer from you. . Hope one day you would reply me.
    I am not settled in life. Earning is poor. And not yet married.
    Dob 17.12.1977
    Time of birth 6.35pm
    Place Rampurhat. West Bengal.
    Name Sukanya Dutta

    • Your lagan is Gemini and rashi is Pisces. Moon is the lord of the 2nd house of finance. Moon is conjoined with Ketu in the 10th house of career and profession. Mars the lord of house of gains is debilitated in the 2nd house of finance. The period of ketu and Rahu is going on. This is a challenging period and you will face obstacles on many front. Doing the remedies of Ketu will bring you much needed relief during this period.


      • Sir, I want to do garments business. Would it be profitable for me? Should I go for export business? How can I improve my financial situation? Sir, how can contact you? any mail id?There are lot of things that I want to ask you which is not possible in this open forum. Will you not help me sir?

    • Looking at your chart we see that your lagana is Scorpio and Rashi is Taurus. You are born under the Rohini Nakshatra which is also ruled by Moon. You are presently in the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Moon, which is why you are facing problems on the career front. You can do job in the field of administration and marketing. Doing the remedies of Rahu will surely help.


  14. My name is Asavari Saxena and I was born on 26 SEPTEMBER 1996 in DELHI at 1612 HRS. Can you please tell me according to my horoscope and please suggest a name change for me- Will I become a successful Bollywood Film Actress and when please? Many people misunderstand me. People always bring me down, bully me, and spoil my image. I only find enemies everywhere. I have never been lucky in love, all relationships ended before they even started. Will I have a Love Marriage at all, and when will I find my Mr.Right?
    Please guide me.. I am facing a bad time.

    • Looking at your horoscope we see that you have a good change to work in the entertainment industry. People misunderstand you because you are not diplomatic by nature. You need to learn the art of diplomacy, so that you can put across your point of view without hurting others feeling. Relationship front is weak therefore make sure you do proper matching of the horoscope before marriage.


  15. Hi my name is Amaan Kapoor, Born on : 4th January 1990, Birth time: 8:17AM, Jaipur.
    I am pursuing my career in Films. I have completed my Studies in USA with honours in a University which comes in worlds Top 10.
    I am facing problems Career wise. Not getting desired Job which I am looking. Still I am working very hard staying focused. After recommending a Professional Numerologist he changed my Name from Amaan Kapoor which was at 39 to Amman Kapoor at 42 now.
    Any Suggestions or advice would like to recommend?

    Thank you,

    • Looking at your horoscope we see that Venus is the lord of 10th house of profession. Venus has given you line of arts and creativity. Venus is posited in the lagan or the first house. Venus mahadasha is also going on. Venus is conjoined with Rahu that is why you are not getting the desires results. Yours is a good chart which promises lots of success and gains. However there is lot of struggle as well in your life. The more you are willing to commit yourself the more rewards are promised. You will see good results after 2021.

      Wear diamond in silver on your right hand middle finger for good results.


  16. Good day sir. I am a Nigerian Christian recently introduced to numerology and found that it has so many answers to questions we have been trying to ask. I was born on the 15th of August, 1982. My name is Oladapo (First name) Rufai (Middle name) and Ojikutu (surname). Tell me what’s going on

    • You are ruled by number 6 and Venus. You have a charismatic personality and ability to inspire those around your. Your mere presence, makes people happy and full of enthusiasm. You have an affinity towards art and music. Your family will be of utmost importance to you, and you will go to any lengths to fulfill all their dreams. You like to participate in social customs and traditions. Your warmth and attractive personality will draw many people towards you and give you many friends in life.


  17. Thank you for insights. That numerologist told me wear amethyst in right hand middle finger. I am wearing that. Is it okay to wear Diamond?.

    Thank you so much once again.
    Much power to you,
    Amman Kapoor

  18. Hello sir,

    I am John Parry, born on 26th August 1973. PLease can you let me know if my name is lucky for me?

    I read somewhere that number 32 is good upto age 38. After that, the person starts losing interest in current projects and starts on new projects. This causes failure. I have felt something similar now.

    Adiitionally, I have noted that I lose because of “ignorance or stupidity of others” as quoted by Linda Goodman in “Star Signs”.

    Is this true? Do I need to be careful of something if I don’t change spellings on my name? Would a different number be better for me?

    • As you are born on 26 , this adds to number 8. Your name “John Parry” also adds to number 8. Therefore yes the name is lucky for you and you do not need to change it.


  19. Hi Sir,
    My name is amit kumar gupta
    DOB- 03-03-1976
    time:- 17:10
    place- Bareilly uttar pradesh
    1. When I will get stability in my career?
    2. When my job will get change?
    3. When I will get chance to go foreign (shorter/longer duration)?
    4. How will be my overall life?

    pl. help sir

    • Looking at your birth chart we see that your ascendant is Leo and Rashi is Pisces. You are born under the Revati Nakshatra. In your 9th house, we see that Jupiter the lord of intelligence, planning is with Ketu forming the Guru chandal dosha. This dosha is never good, as you tend to miss opportunities in life. Venus and Mercury mahadasha is going on till July 2018. You will find stability after September 2019, after the beginning of the Surya Mahadasha. Mars the yogakarka planet in your horoscope is in the house of gains, indicating good finances and career. Not the best period for changing job, so better you stay where you are for some more time. Foreign visits of short duration are indicated in your horoscope. Your overall life is good. Read Hanuman Chalisa life long for gains.


  20. Hello Sir,

    My name is Hemendra B Patel, Date of Birth: 22nd October 1970. I am 47 at the age. I have faced problems all my life. Got married and within few years we split since last 20 years my Divorce Case is running. My other property case is running since 25 years. I have two kids. A boy is and a girl. They don’t live with me. They live with her mother. My daughter is getting married in sometimes. I come from a rich family but still have faced many crisis and struggles. I also had conflicting or difference of opinion with my father all my life. After wearing A Ruby in third fingre and a pearl in pinky finger. Me and my father so much on better terms than before. But can you still suggest me what should I do and how can bring things to the conclusion and how can I able to bring things or can help to get things on brighter side.

    Thank you,
    Hemendra Patel

  21. DOB -28/07/1984

    Sir, My name is Harsh Kumar.Please suggest me best name change.I am facing problems in my career and marriage.Please sir provide me a solution.

  22. When can I expect your answer sir? You told me to wear diamond. My birthday 4th January 1990, Time : 8:17AM, Place : Jaipur. I am already wearing Blue Sapphire in my middle finger. Is it okay if I wear diamond and with it in the middle finger and also Emerald in my pinky finger.

  23. My name is akshath shenoy and my chaldean number is 47 . Date of birth 01/06/1993. Birth time 5.52pm. I would like to know more about my future..

    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your ascendant is Scorpio and Rashi is Libra. You are born in the Swati Nakshatra. The period of Jupiter and Ketu is going on. Also you are passing through a period of Shani Sade satti which is never good. Sade satti period is always challenging. Things should improve after November 2017. Doing the remedies of Saturn are strongly recommended.


    • You are ruled by number 1 and the Sun. You will be active, authoritative, dominating by nature. You will be helpful and caring. As Sun is a Royal planet you will have royal taste. You will be attraction in social group and people will come to you for advice. However you need to control your tendency to behave spendthrift and jealous at times.


  24. Date of Birth – 05th Dec, 1987
    Time – 07:05 am
    Place – Jaipur

    Sir, Can I get job in government sector and when? Any remedies. Kindly guide.

  25. Hello sir. My name is Ajay Dhakne and Chaldean no. is 26…my dob is 24/09/1993…I am planning to change my name no. to 23 or 24…I am in business…please suggest

    Thank you!

  26. Kindly advise sir would be grateful if u could tell me. My day number is 8 and life path is 6.
    Should my name number be in 5 or shpuld it be 24/33/42. I want to become a bollywood actress ( born on 26th september 1996)

    • It should be number 6 which is ruled by Venus. Venus is for any creative work and also success in media, films, music etc. Imbibe the enegy of number 6 to succeed in your line.


  27. Hello sir
    my son born on 15.8.2017
    Could u pls suggest the best name number.
    name – Abhinav R L (tot: 26) or Abhinav R (23) if both these are not good pls suggest the suitable name number so tat i can select someother name.

  28. Hello name is Ajay dhakne and dob is 24/09/1993… My Chaldean name no. Is 26…this is not a good no…m planning to make it 23 or 24…I am in business…so which will be the fortunate no. for me…23 or 24?? P

  29. My name is S M MADHUSUDAN BALIGA, MY DOB is 22-09-1997 and birth time is 10.09am. I would like to know more about my future and my career.

    • Ruled nu number 4 , you have active, sincere, hard working, energetic, charming person. You are revolutionary by nature and want to change whatever bad you see. You are good host and can make friends instantly. You have a good career, but you will be well settled after 26 year of birth. You can look at IT, marketing, Finance.


  30. Hello Sir,

    Pranam, my name is ajay sharma no 20, i hve no my date of birth rightly, sir i am 37 year old according my parents, not accurate but i give (date – 8-feb-1979, 5 pm, place – Muzaffarnagar UP). SIR i do business since 2012 name of (Shree Sai Artifacts, Billing name Shree Sai Imagination) total in loss now i decide to change name please help me. Badi kripa hogi aapki.

    Thanks i waiting your reply

  31. Sir my name is Shrinath Shrikant Muchandi. And my chaladean number is 78 and my date of birth is 26/07/1995. I would like to know about my future….please help me sir

  32. Help me, can I email you ??

    I have seen success with the number 24 ! Police support me financially , Even when I am protesting for the rights of my organization!

    So many women seem to love me now, and I want to know about 7-18-1990!

    I write 32 times daily the names JNILE. L.L.C
    , NILE EARLS L.L.C , nelkanell, nelen and a few more names in all capital letters.

    I under my breath repeat the names at least 100 times at different points in the day ranging from a few minutes all together to random spurts .

    I want to win my ex girlfriend back as her bday is 8-25-1991 my bday is 7-18-1990 we share 8 destiny path. Her vibration is 43 the same as adolf hitler and full name vibration 62. My birth name vibration is 28 and full name 84 which can both be the worst unfortunate vibrations .I understand people have their own free will; I believe vibrating on a more magnetic frequency will make things easier for us to get back in love.
    1. Is 37, 24, 51, 23, 69 frequencies that can help love?
    2. For a business in selling music should I use 51,24,37,23,69,32?
    3. Can you show me vedic explanations for planetary houses – United States of America in Fort Worth , Texas is my birth location and birth time 1:39

  33. Dear Sir
    My Dob is 03-jul-1976 lifepath:33-6
    My name:
    First Name: SIVAPRASAD
    Middle : V
    Last : S

    Please suggest me , if i change my name how many days it takes to get result with new name. Also suggest me shall i keep oldname or change to new name to get faster results>

    I want to change my name as follows
    First Name: BARADWWAZ -30
    Middle Name: —
    Last Name: S -3

    Please advise me shall i use my new name as BARADWWAZ S or modify my old name as SHHIVAPRRASAD (42) SV. Which one is better for me?

    PLease suggest me which number is best for me to set my name as per DoB? suggest name .

  34. Hello sir,

    I am blessed with a baby boy on 30-09-2017 and our surname is sowmitri. I would like to put a name called veeshwaak. Request you to suggest will that name have good number or requires correction. If yes please provide.

  35. Hello Sir,

    My name is Sriram, my Chaldean Numerology Number is 76 and my life path number is 4.
    DOB: 21/10/1989
    Time: 9:20 AM

    I would like to know about my future, marriage, and career. Also, I would like to know if I should consider 3 (birth date is 21: 2+1 = 3) as my lucky/preferred number or my life path number which is 4?


  36. My name is Rahul Kumar and my DOB is 17-08-1999 , I checked on a few sites about my name number are nearly every site shows a different one . can you please tell me my right one and is it good or should I change my name ??

    • Hi Team,

      My name is Moumeeta Bhaggat and birth date is 7 April 1990. Please suggest any other name, if this name is not suitable for my destiny number and birth date number.

      Thanks in advance!

      • My real name is Moumita Bhagat, changed it to Moumeeta Bhaggat after reading your articles.
        Date of birth- 7th April 1990.
        Place- Chandannagar, hooghly.
        Time- 08:40 AM

        Please advise if the name is correct for career growth, health and marriage concern.

  37. Hi Sir,

    My name is Naresh Mulchandani or I can use Naresh Moolchandani (my full name is Naresh Narender Moolchandani) date of birth is 11-08-1989,

    Please advice me a correct name which will give me success.

  38. Pls sir,help me to modify dis name to d one dat is lucky… The 1st name is:Charles
    Middle name:Alozie
    Surname:Mesaraonye. My birthdate is 14-09-1980.pls i am looking forward to hearing from you dis time coz,dis is my 10 good time to send dis to you Sir.
    Thanks in advance

    • Ruled by number 2 and the Moon. You are active, energetic, independent, noble, charming person. You are ambitious and always look upwards towards progress and prosperity. In the coming year 2018 you will be able to complete many projects that you undertake, to your satisfaction. You will be able to create opportunities for yourself, which you will be able to fulfill and earn recognition and fame for yourself. In between challenges will be there, but you have the ability and strength to rise to the occasion and be an winner. You are highly adjustable and can adopt to changes every quickly, that is your unique ability and that will take you forward in life.


  39. My dob is 26/12/1974. No.8 by birth . Name no. is 1. life is taking complete test as my age is 43 years but unable to run my kitchen due to ups and down in life. doing small clerk work with CA.
    I keep on getting big work but within few days momentum goes down. i try to take small work for fund raising but no result.

    • You are ruled by number 8 and Saturn. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. Therefore it will make you do lot of efforts before it gives you any results. It is like a teacher who punishes its students , but eventually the students benefit from their teachers strict behavior. Similarly Saturn will bring you benefits. As Saturn is transiting through Sagittarius which is the sign of Jupiter, it is important for you do update your knowledge. It is important that you look at things beyond what you are doing. Ultimate success that Saturn will bestow will come by putting the correct efforts at the right time. Therefore the time is right for you to think new things and work on new plans that can help you grow.


      Navneet Khanna

  40. Dear Sir
    My Dob is 03-jul-1976

    Please suggest me which is better name for me from the given below.

    BARADWWAZ – 30
    SHARATH – 21


  41. Hello sir, I felt most accurate numerology details in Posts in this website
    My name is Praveen Bonagari
    Dob : 04-10-1986
    Combination of birth date 4 and life no 2 is how Gud or bad I don’t know but
    I’m facing lot of troubles and hurdle life
    Is my name is Gud or I should change?
    Which name number is lucky to me..
    Kindly suggest me pls…

    • You are ruled by number 4 and the planet Uranus. You are a revolutionary kind of person. Means that whenever you see things are wrong, you try to change and bring it in order. You are logical and do deep analysis in whatever you do. However, you tend to be careless when it comes to money matters. You give and never ask. You trust others blindly. These are some shortcoming in your life because of which you suffer a lot. You should read Hanuman Chalisa daily for gains.


  42. Hi. My name is Avinash Vyas, and birth date is 28-Apr-1976.
    Can you please suggest the best name/spelling as per numerology for success in everything.
    Thanks and regards.

    • As you are ruled by number 1 and the Sun. You should change your name in such a manner that it totals to number 1. You can look at changing your name to Aavinash Vyas.


  43. I am working in ibm as contract employee is there any chances next year to get on rolls and how is 2018 for me. Please tell me sir

    • You are ruled by number 7 and the planet Neptune. You are a charming, active, energetic and dynamic person. You take time to make friends, however, once you build a relationship, its last forever. You live life to the fullest. You are intelligent, revolutionary and you like to fight for your rights. You should avoid being jealous and spendthrift at times. You should read Hanuman Chalisa to avoid obstacles in life and achieve success in your work.


        • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. Honour and prestige will be yours at any cost. You will go to any lengths to attain prestige. Your intelligence will allow you to achieve success in your plans. As you are hardworking and sincere, you will be able to execute your plans to full completion and perfection. As you are fond of traveling, it will be an important part of your life. You need to check your tendency to behave jealous and fickle minded at times. Keeping fast on Mondays will be helpful.


    • Governed by number 1 and the Sun. You are active, dynamic, authoritative, brilliant and a talented person. You always welcome new ideas and thoughts, but you need to check your tendency to behave extravagant and stubborn at times. You are multitalented and posses lot of enthusiasm. However you are bad in implementation and lack ability to take correct decisions. You should recite mantra “Om Ghrini Suryaaya Namaha” 108 times daily for benefits.


  44. My Name is ALAGIRI. My DOB is 12-01-1972.
    What will be my lucky number. What will be the best suitable number for my business name.

    • There are no Auspicious dates till February 2nd 2018. Thereafter you can look at February 13, 2018. It is a highly auspicious day of Maha Shivratri. As the day of Lord Shiva, you can name your business on Lord Shiva itself.


  45. Dear Sir ,
    My name is Tina Patel
    DOB 12/07/1986
    Place of Birth Dubai
    Time of birth is still not confirmed around 16:00 UAE time

    I’m trying for job as a pilot since 10 years .I have the required qualifications still no success.
    When will I get a job as a Pilot.
    Arrange marriage or love marriage is good for me.

    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your horoscope is not very strong on the career front. The possibility of arrange marriage is much stronger in your chart.


  46. Hi my name is Vivek Bharadwaj, my date of birth is 2-nov-1985 and my place of birth is Bangalore. Do you suggest a name change for brighter prospects for me?

  47. Good evening,
    My name is vaishali sood
    Dob- 01.10.1988
    Please can you tell if my name is compatible with my d.o.b and if not what changes should i make to it, right now m facing problems in every sector in life like no luck in job or couldnt find suitable boy for marriage.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  48. Dear Respected sir,
    I am ARUNA VIJAYA BG, DOB is 19-07-1980 time 23:29(11:29pm) place Chitradurga,india.
    My day #19=1
    Life #53=8
    Name #31=4.
    I have done MCA, was worked with financial department and public health in IT department. Now I’m trying in IT company but I’m not able to get a success in this. And looking for a marriage too.
    Please kindly give me good solution, like any changes in the Name. And what profession suits me, about marriage & further life.

    Thanks once again respected sir…

    Best Regards
    Aruna Vijaya

    • You are passing through a period of Jupiter and Rahu. This is generally not a good period. You will face many obstacles in your life. You are also passing through a period of Shani dhaiyya. The period till September 2020 is challenging. However you will get a job. Marriage front however seems to be slow, but there are chances in early 2019. You should use this period for achieving your goals.


  49. Dear Sir,
    Our son’s dob is 06/04/2018. Please suggest the alphabet for his calling name.
    Looking forward to hear from you. Please let us know if you need any more information.


  50. Thank you for this information. Very interesting and important..
    I have a very important question regarding my sister.
    She is born on 01.08.1982 at 5.35pm in Trichur under moola nakshatra, named as Rachna Sukumaran, after marriage since 12 years her full name has been changed to Rachna Sajeev. And she has been always told that she has a bad horoscope and which would adversely affect herself & all around her. Rightly so, she has had a bad childhood, and facing bad situations after marriage, they have been continuously facing losses with no success at all.
    As per Chaladean, Birth nakshatra being moolam with lord Ketu, name number being 17 reducing to 8, in this situation how much change can a name modification bring?
    And what should be the number we should be changing it to.. 2 or 5?
    Husband’s name is Sajeev Nair & right now the only good part is that they are very compatible. Will the name change hamper their compatibility?
    Kindly don’t miss to reply.

    • Your sister is passing through a period of Moon mahadasha. Moon is the lord of the 8th house in her horoscope, hence this is not a good period. She is also passing through a period of Shani Sade satti. Doing the remedies of Moon and Saturn will help her feel better, improve her health and also give her success in her ventures. The remedies that she should do are. Visit Shani temple very Saturdays. Keep fast on Mondays.


  51. Thank you for this information. Very interesting and important..
    I have a very important question regarding my sister.
    She is born on 01.08.1982 at 5.35pm in Trichur under moola nakshatra, named as Rachna Sukumaran, after marriage since 12 years her full name has been changed to Rachna Sajeev. And she has been always told that she has a bad horoscope and which would adversely affect herself & all around her. Rightly so, she has had a bad childhood, and facing bad situations after marriage, they have been continuously facing losses with no success at all.
    As per Chaladean, Birth nakshatra being moolam with lord Ketu, name number being 17 reducing to 8, in this situation how much change can a name modification bring?
    And what should be the number we should be changing it to.. 2 or 5?
    Husband’s name is Sajeev Nair & right now the only good part is that they are extremely compatible. Will the name change hamper their compatibility?
    Kindly don’t miss to reply.

    • If there are compatible then there is no need for a name change. You need to remember that difficulties are part of life. She should do remedies of planets which are causing difficulties are then she can get good results. As she is born under Moola nakshatra, she should keep fast on Mondays and worship Lord Shiva.


  52. Respected Sir,
    My name is Ayigari jijje
    DOB – 10/07/1966
    Time of birth – 7.15Am
    Place of birth Vijayawada, India
    Please can you tell me if my name is compatible with my date of birth and also my future as I am suffering from health problems.
    Please help

    • Looking at your birth chart we see that your Lagna is Cancer and Rashi is Pisces. You are born under the Uttrabhadrapada Nakshatra. You are presently in the mahadasha of Sun and antardasha of Venus which are not placed well to each other. Health problems during this period will be there and should not be ignored. You will enter the Moon Mahadasha from March 2019. This is a much better period and you will see much improvement on the health front. You should wear Pearl in Silver on your right hand ring finger for gains.


  53. My son name is B.K. Adhvik. Date of birth 07/08/2018. Time 12.02pm(afternoon).Please can you tell me if my name is compatible with my date of birth.

  54. Sir

    My son born on 14-Aug-2018 @ 23:56 in Melbourne. I am planning to name him as SHRIHARI MUTHUKUMAR.
    Can you please check the compatible with his DOB and provide advice on his well-being.


  55. Hi SIR,

    I wanted to start a business selling baby clothes. Any advise which number is the best for retail line?
    Is it count base on the chart as above?



  56. Hi Sir

    My DOB is 16/09/1991
    Place : Mussoorie
    Time : 9:50 am

    My earlier name was Nihal Tarani, i have changed to Nehal Terani. I had faced lot of hurdles in work. Earlier Have spent years sitting at home without work. Income was unstable. I am into film making. I want to direct my own film. Is my name suitable for my work and relationships?

    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your lagna is Tula or Libra which is ruled by Venus the planet of creativity. Venus is posited in your 10th house of profession. Presently Rahu which is the planet of obstacles is in your 10th house as it transits through the sign of Cancer. You will get career stability after March 2019.


  57. Hi Sir
    DOB : 3/6/1981
    Place : KARWAR
    Time : 8.18 PM
    I am separated from my husband. What will be future of my marriage, career and finance life? when will i get good job in next year?


    • Looking at your birth chart we see that your lagan is Sagittarius and Rashi is Gemini. Staurn mahadasha and antardasha of Saturn is going on. Yes the possibility of separation is very much there in your horoscope. Mercury rules the 10th house of career and you enter the period of Saturn – Mercury on 1st March 2019. The possibility of getting a job is very much there around this period. Doing the remedies of Saturn given below will help you in your life.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily
      2, Visit Shani temple every Saturdays.


  58. My name number is 25. I’m suffering. I’m indecisive and i need a numerology comination and name number to help me be stronger and decisive. I’m born 28 th feb and my lifepath number is 8.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  59. Hello Sir,

    DOB : 3/9/1985
    Time : 8.18 PM
    Place : mumbai

    I am looking forward to get married. I am not getting boy. In which period will I find right soulmate? Will i have happy marriage life?

    Should i change my name for getting right mate?


    • In your natal chart we see that your lagan is Pisces and 7th house for the spouse is Virgo. Both these planets are badly placed because of which there will be delays and obstacles in getting the desired results. You are a person who likes perfection and relationship is very important for you. Therefore you cannot accept anything less than the person of your dream. Your horoscope is weak and therefore you need to understand that the “right soulmate” may never be there. Making compromise will be important. Marriage period is there in 2019. The moon and Jupiter period can give you longterm relationship.


      Navneet Khanna

  60. Dob: 27/07/1991
    Place:New delhi
    Time : 17:55
    Khushant jolly
    Sir I am in last year of ballb, i want to know can i become a judge(govt job) and can i wear red coral, which are my lucky numbers and is my name in vibration with my date of birth or not?

    • Looking at your horoscope we see that your lagan is Sagittarius and rashi is Capricorn. Mars is the 5th house lord and so yes you can wear a Red Coral in silver on your right hand ring finger on Tuesday morning for benefits.


  61. Hi,
    I was born on @ 7.30am on the 13.07.1986. Except for failure and struggle nothing I have achieved.

    Any tips for a peaceful life. My first name is totalling to 22 and the last name totalling to 26.

    Before death, I want to see achievement and some financial independence for my family.

    • Your lagna is Cancer and Rashi is Virgo. Your Rahu mahadasha is going on and antardasha of Venus. Your Shani Dhaiyya is also going on as your rashi is Virgo and Saturn in transit is presently in Sagittarius. Doing the remedies of Rahu and Saturn will surely help.


  62. Should one reduce name total of first, middle & last name to single numbers before adding to get compound number or add individual parts as it is, without reducing

  63. hello,
    my sister’s dob is 3-6-1981, time of birth is 8:18, POB : Karwar,
    Her name is Naomie Noronha
    Please suggest whether her name number is good as per her date of birth or there should be change?


    • your lagan is Leo and rashi is Taurus. Your rahu mahadasha and shani antardasha is going on till 12 March 2019. Thereafter you will enter the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Mercury till September 2021. Doing the remedies given below will be helpful.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily
      2. Visit Shani Mandir every Saturdays


  64. Dear Sir,
    DOB : 3-6-1981 time: 8.18 pm, POB : Karwar.

    I am going through mahadasa of Saturn. Please sir tell me what remedies of Saturn i should follow in my life to get career, job and finance benefits?


    • In your natal chart we see that Mercury rules the 10th house of career. Mercury is in its own sign Gemini. Ketu in the 2nd house aspects the 10th house of career. Ketu aspect on the 10th house is not good. Your saturn mahadasha is going on. Doing the remedies given below will help.

      1. Wear Emerald in Silver on your right hand little finger.
      2. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily
      3. Do Ketu mantra “Om Kem Ketave Namaha” 108 times daily


  65. Your calculator is off according to your chart! For my middle name of “Alexander”, it returns a 33. However, when I calculate it, I arrive at 31. Upon further investigation, I discovered your calculator gives the letter “x” a value of 7, when your chart shows a value of 5. I’ve seen another chart elsewhere which also assigns the letter “x” with a value of 5. Therefore, I am assuming that 5 is the true value, but can you confirm this for me? If my assumption is correct, then fix your calculator!!! How long has it been doing this without anyone noticing???

  66. Dear Sir,
    DOB: 16/1/1982
    Birth name: Xin He
    Current name: Catherine He
    Place of birth: Beijing

    I’m still single and I was laid off work late 2018. I have also suffered from thyroid problems for over 20 years. My life feels like a mess. Will you please analyze my numbers and tell me whether I will ever find my soulmate or someone suitable to marry, and also whether I will be able to find a stable job soon. Is there anything I can do (name change, crystals……) to improve my fortune and life?

    Grateful thanks in advance!

  67. Hi , My Name is Ashish Sunder Suvarna , date of birth 21-06-1987 , place of birth Mumbai , time : 06:05 morning . Struggling hard with business,lots if efforts re put , but nil results ( hotel business). Please suggest for better financial life :

    1. Name Change , if necessary
    2. Line of business to consider
    3. Gems
    4. Mantras

  68. sir my name is Yash Bhardwaj my DOB is 31-10-2000

    im a music director and a singer can you pllzz let me know about how my career progress will be ….can i will get succeed in this field please sir le me know

    and also my name is correct or i have to change my name and if yes can i change my name to Yash Bhardwaaj

  69. Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    This is Rahul, I recently got changed my name from Rahul to Rahul T Pal. My DoB is: 22.07.1988.
    Could you tell me is my name and DOB compatible with each other.
    My wife name is Babita, DOB is: 02.12.1989.
    Does my name change affect my wife’s health or our relation?

    Thank You

  70. My Birth date is 24-10-1961, Birth Time is 00:05 AM,Birth place Ahmedabad,Gujarat
    I am Under Mahadasha of Rahu what remedies for my career and earning?

  71. Sir,
    I am venkat from tamilnadu. My baby born on 27.10.2018 time 15.06
    Place Tamilnadu Coimbatore.
    What is best name number for my baby.

    41, 32, 36,39 which numerology number is best for my child.
    V. Varunikka=32( I read somewhere that benefits of 32 number is up to 38age only. Is it true?)
    V.d.Varunikza=41 (Can I ad “Z” as silent in this? Can we include z=7 in this name?)
    V.d.varunikka= 36( people with day or life number as 9 should avoid 9 as a name number as it makes any person accident prone. Is it true?)
    V.d. varunnika= 39
    Kindly suggest me the best name numerology for my child.

    Kindly reply
    Thank you sir…

  72. Oh my God! My name is a disaster. Whether I calculate each name one by one (I have three names = 12 – 15 – 26 + two family names = 14 – 16), or altogether (83) it seems a total disaster. My birth path is = 1, but how can I make it work? So this means that to have some positive effect on my birth path I must change my name? Can I just adopt a nickname perhaps? and if I wish my business name to work with correlated positive energy then which number does my business name should have? I am about to start my first blog about traveling, and also I will help with another one about personal growth. Could you please help me?

  73. My Name is Akbar Ali
    My actual DOB is 17-08-1984 but documented as 17-08-1986.
    My Question is which DOB should I consider for Numerology ??
    Also any name correction require w.r.t. my DOB as i am continue facing problems in my professional & personal life. My marriage life is also not so happy. Unable to save money.

  74. Hi ,

    I am happy to see your service to the society and I born on 23-03-1986 (32/5) Morning 6 am in Erode, Tamilnadu.

    My birth name : D Sundaresan (4+35)

    And since 2009 , I personally changed to D.Sundresh (4+33) and I use this as preferred first name (Sundresh) in my organization also and most of the people remember with this name only.

    Shall I go ahead for permanent change in Gazette.? Please reply me with your advice


  75. Hello Sir,

    My name is Sriram, my Chaldean Numerology Number is 76 and my life path number is 4.
    DOB: 21/10/1989
    Time: 9:20 AM

    I would like to know about my marriage and career. Also, I would like to know if I should consider 3 (birth date is 21: 2+1 = 3) as my lucky/preferred number or my life path number which is 4?


  76. Hai Sir,
    My Name Suribabu Ganganaboina
    DoB: 19-05-1985
    PoB: Hyderabad
    Birth Timing: 9:30 PM
    nothing is going well in my life
    Trying to go abroad from 10yrs

  77. Hello Sir,

    My name is RACHIT GUPTA and DOB is 21.08.90 Time of Birth is 7.20 am place Delhi
    my career is not going anywhere, I am looking after my Family Business but with negligible role.
    kindly suggest remedies, should i change my name.

  78. Hi my name is Saleem Ahmed khalaq on my certificates( saleem Ahmed k) dob is 15/02/1972 am in to real estate agent I have into this business from past 15 years but am not happy with my business I have been trying to numerology correction of name kindly advice any name correction required

  79. Hi my husband’s name is Ranojit Banerjee and his date of birth is 11 January 1978. He is facing a lot of trouble in his career and losing his job in every 1 or 2 years giving him a period of being jobless for around 3 to 6 months everytime in between. He is into financial services please suggest a spelling change if needed to achieve success in his career and prosper well in his career. Thank you.

  80. My name is Sunil harwani
    Dob is 12-05-1991
    Can u tell me the jersey number which I should wear while playing cricket for best desired results

  81. My daughter’s name is Aditi Singh. Her birthday is January 28th, 2007.
    I am puzzled when trying to calculate her name number.
    1. Is it Aditi = 11 & Singh = 17 (so that name number becomes 11+17 = 28 which is very unfortunate) ? Or,
    2. Is it Aditi = 11 & Singh = 17 = 8 (so that name number is 11+8 = 19 which is very lucky)?

    As both methods give contrasting result, please help me in calculating correct result.

  82. Hi,
    I want to finalize my daughter’s name asap. Her dob is 30.04.2019. I am very confused whether I should follow Pythagorean or Chaldean. I have heard that which is our birth number or life path number, if it is also the total of our full name then it is lucky. So I have thought according to Pythogorean “Kriesha Roy” and “Kriesha A Roy” according to Chaldean method. Please suggest me which of these names will be good for my daughter. TIA ?

  83. My D.O.B is 31-01-1986. Time : 6:50am, Place : New Delhi.

    Sir, plz help me on my career. Business or job would be the best for me as lost job and now in business but almost failed. Please help me job or business would be best for me. Kindly suggest me some remedy to reach to the goal and also to low down stress & anxiety in my mind all the time.


  84. Dear Sir,
    DOB: 17/10/1974
    Time of birth: 4:23 am
    Place of birth: Chandigarh

    Really struggling to settle down in a profession. Financially insecure.

    Kindly advice.

    Thank you!

  85. Dear Sir,

    My name is Sriram, my Chaldean Numerology Number is 76 and my life path number is 4.
    DOB: 21/10/1989
    Time: 9:20 AM
    Place of Birth: Hyderabad

    I would like to know about my marriage and career. Also, I would like to know if I should consider 3 (birth date is 21: 2+1 = 3) as my lucky/preferred number or my life path number which is 4?


  86. My business name is Dreamcore Solutions and its a business of real estate and other legal work. Is this name is favourable for me. My name is Snehal Roy birth date 20/02/1993.

  87. Dear Sir,
    My DOB- 14-09-1992, Time- 09.00 AM, Bargarh, Odisha, Please guide me about marriage and career (Currently pvt teacher facing difficulty)

  88. I’m thinking of changing my name according to numerology because my life doesn’t move forward and I’m always unsuccessful in everything that I try. I was born on 24 September 1992. At birth I was given a name that adds up to 48 with Chaldean numerology. About ten years ago I added to my name to change it to a 73. Now I’m thinking of changing it to a 64. Am I making the right choice? What should I do?

  89. Hi
    My name is Nobhi Garg
    My date of birth 13/April/1990
    Born in Ludhiana (Punjab)India
    I have no focus on my work,not much successful,nor have any direction.
    I stay confused,i am bad at taking decisions;I live same routine everyday
    can you suggest something so as i may know what direction i may choose to be where i am supposed to be

  90. My name is Neha Rani and D.O.B is 29/08/1990.

    Will changing my name to Neeha S Rani be beneficial to me. I am tired and sick of pains, past and sufferings and difficulties in my life

  91. Hi,

    Name: Reena Khade. Dob: 02/11/1981. Time: 01:11 a.m. Place: Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    What name should I use for my business please? Thanks.

  92. Hi, I am An undecided life path 11. My two daughters One is also a lifepath 11 And the other Daughter Is a 8 Lifepath want a name which has a Name numerical value of 22.what are your thoughts.? it is a jewellery business and the word jewellery tagged on to the end gives it a value of 53. Many thanks.

  93. My name is Priyanka Adwait Joshi and my DOB is 08/08/1991. Is number 55 good for me? please suggest name correction if not.

    Thank you.

  94. My name is Aniket Dugar and My D.O.B is 18/12/1999 in Kamareddi, Telangana. Can you please suggest me a single digit and a four digit number for overall success and growth and should I use my First name or Full name which would be more fruitful?
    Thank you!

  95. Dob:1999/03/29,driver=2,conductor=6,angel no=1
    Name :Manesh temalsina=50
    Is my name number correct?what should be my name?
    Is government job possible for me ?
    which job is best for me and sharemarket and financial situation ?
    Thank you

  96. My name is Jessica lynn Roberts bd is 8 25 85 cud u tell me anything like what’s my name meaning or lucky number or life path number?? Thanks.

  97. Dear Sir,

    My sister’s DOB : 3-6-1981 time: 8.10 pm, POB : Karwar.

    she is going through mahadasa of Saturn. Please tell her remedies of saturn that she should follow in her life?


  98. my name is NAOMI and my dob is 3-6-1981. I want to add 5 to my name as it is 18. Will 23 number work on me? Please inform sir.

  99. Rajpal Singh DOB 11/03/1986 I want to know how I mean what name letter I should use is lucky to me as per my name and my lucky number

  100. Hi,

    My Name is Naresh.
    My Date Of Birth is : 23-May-1990.

    I’m in a bad position in all aspects of my life like carrer, family, marriage etc.,

    I want to know, how my name is good to me or bad to me.

    Please help and suggest to lead a successful life.

  101. My name is Premananda Pal, dob 8 5 1953.I am having both physical and financial problems at present. Earlier I had no idea of numerology. After going through several videos I decided to change my name. I now keep it as Premananda Pall on change which total comes to 51 and finally 6.Will it be more better if it is changed as Premanand Pall whole toal compound number becomes 50 and single number comes to 5.Kindly advice.

  102. My name is Premananda Pal. I am in trouble of both physical, mental and financially. How shall I be benefitted from numerology. Kindly help me. My dob is 8 5 1953.

  103. Hello
    My name is A Nikita Agarwal
    Dob is 2741987
    Financially I m very tight I try my luck in stock markets with little capital but end up in loss every time. Please help me to know wat should I do trade well.

  104. My name is Isha Soni
    My birth date is 26 dec 2001
    Plz suggest me a name
    I am considering following plz help me select the best one or give me one of your choice:
    Aisha, Tiana, ianna, ashita,

  105. My name is Bitra Dominic Savio, What are the corrections required in my name to good fortune , My date of birth is 7 september 1965, At present even though my solutions are very good and unique about the problems why people are not implementing my solutions for their problems and treating me as untouchble

  106. My “school” name (abbrev. form) is 43. The same as my birth name in clock numerology! Wowsers!

    My full name in Chaldean is 90. In clock numerology, we omit the zeros to get 9 (radix).

  107. Hello sir my name is Dilasha Mishra My date of birth is 27 march 1998
    10:45 am . I am from Nagpur (Maharashtra). Please advice a name number for me to lead a successful life.

  108. Hello my name is Herman Henry Jackson my date of birth is August 22nd 1976 I’m looking for my soulmates birthday between the years of 2004 and 1998

  109. Hello ma’am
    My name is bhumika Harode
    DOB 28/4/1997
    I am preparing for civil services examination
    I want to know, how my name is good to me or
    bad to me .
    Please help me

  110. My baby was born on 17.09.2022,as per horoscope we are suggested to keep the baby girl name with “VO”.We have decided to keep the name as Voyanshi or Voyanshika or Voyanshita (official names).Please guide us which name will be best as per numerology compatible with life path and birth numbers ?


  112. My Name is
    DOB: 20-01-1972

    I generally write my name as PRIETPAAL SEKHON

    Is my name compatible with my DOB & it’s beneficial for me.

  113. My Son’s Date of birth is 2/1/2018.Time : 10:32 AM Place : Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.Plz suggest favourable name numbers for both first name n full name.I wish he walk on the spiritual path and work for the humanity.Thank you

  114. My son’s birth name in certificate is Vivaan Routray totals 7 And his date of birth is 30 life path number is 8.
    Please advice if we need to correct his name as Vivaanh Routray or Vivaann Routray then his name number will be 3. Please advice

  115. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I only need your attention to my horoscope.
    Name – Ashish Jolly
    DOB – 27/09/1995
    Can you please suggest anything how can I better my life.

  116. my name is suyash gupta
    and my date of birth is 17 may 2009
    please help in letting me know if my name is favourable for me


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