Interdimensional Beings and the 4th Dimension


Did you know that you are an interdimensional being? All humans are. We exist in the first, second and third dimensions all the time, but we also extend into the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions and beyond that as we develop our higher mind and expand our consciousness. Many people think of interdimensional beings as beings that can move between dimensions, and they exist in a dimension outside of our own. They never comprehend the idea that we are capable of being interdimensional beings ourselves. Whether they are believers in Ashtar and the Galactic Space Command, or firm UFO believers and have studied the interactions and influence of Greys, Whites and Reptilians in our world, those who claim to have the greatest understanding of inter and extra-dimensional beings forget all too easily that the human mind is an amazing tool and can elevate us to greatness if we work and train it.  Learn more about about the unknown by clicking here.

Interdimensional Being Travel

Many people don’t move past the third or fourth dimensions of reality. They are content to stay in a place where they can believe that they are the ultimate power in their lives. The third dimension gives us that belief. It allows us to limit the world by only accepting information that comes to us through our physical senses. Many people feel that only if it can be seen, touched, smelled, heard or tasted is it really and truly present in the world. They use these arguments to push back against those who claim there is more to experience. Those in the fourth dimension have begun to add in the element of faith, accepting that sometimes the line between real and unreal isn’t all that defined.

The Fourth Dimension

Once a person is able to fully embrace the fourth dimension, they can begin to climb up into the fifth, expanding their interdimensional pathways. In the fifth dimension the mind is called to understand that it is not limited, in fact, because it is a part of the universe it is a co-creator of the universe and has the same freedom and strength as any other universal creator.

But achieving the freedom of the mind and spirit to become an interdimensional being can be challenging. You must be able to accept a few solid truths and begin to implement the truths in your life. The first is that when you arrive in the fifth dimension you understand that there is no you, there is no them or us. There is no here or there but everyone is one. Through the seventh dimension humans are limited by their bodies, but beyond that they are simply one being and as this one being they are also one with creation and the universe. This means, and the second truth is, that though you are in the world around you, you are not a part of the world around you. This means that even in your own life you are content to allow the universe to move as necessary without controlling or changing outcomes. As you achieve higher and higher consciousness and embrace oneness with others, you realize that you are a part of the one, not a single individual. And because of this you allow life to flow through you and to others.


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