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When you think about all the ways numerology can be used to figure things out in your life, chances are you’re forgetting a very important set of numbers that can affect every aspect of your life each and every day: your phone number. 96% of people in America now have a cell phone and your cell phone number is used to both make and receive calls and text messages. Your cell phone is a major communication gateway and that means it is constantly exchanging energy with you and others. Having a cell phone that compliments you and your energy is crucially important! A bad cell phone or telephone number could be poisoning you and those around you!

Phone Number Numerology

Thankfully, getting a good numerology phone number isn’t that hard. We can easily call our service providers and request a new phone number based on the numbers we know work well with us and our energy. Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a powerhouse mover and shaker in the business world, there is a perfect phone number numerology can help you pick.

The most important step in finding the best phone number with numerology is to calculate out what the communication number of your phone number is. This is done by adding all the digits in your number together and then reducing to single digits. For example:

An Example of Phone Number Numerology

(123) 867-5309 =
1 + 2 + 3 + 8 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 3 + 0 + 9 = 44
4 + 4 = 8

So the communication number for that cell phone number would be an 8! Each of the numbers speaks to a specific kind of communication.

#1 – A great number for managers or leaders, this number is good for people that have strong and direct communication because they’ll probably be getting a lot of phone calls from folks that need guidance or information.

#2 – The idea number for peace-makers and negotiators, this is a great number for people in careers that involve bringing groups of people together to achieve something. Brokers or agents would do well with phone numbers that reduce to a #2 and those with this number will probably get a lot of calls from people seeking help in solving disagreements between different groups of people.

#3 – For the creator this is a great number. The energy of the 3 is persuasive and expansive; it’s ideal for the artists and actors, those who are extroverted and give their energy to others. It is not, however, a number for personal advancement so don’t expect to get any great career changing calls with it.

#4 – Hard workers and busy workers who don’t often have time for a long phone call may find this is their number. It works best with folks who prefer honest and clear communication and don’t like to waste time on the phone when a chat in person would probably do the job even better.

#5 – If you’re a creative professional then create a number for yourself that ends in the curious and adaptable energy of the number five. The communication energy of this number is that of adventure, versatility and activity.

#6 – A number for the care-giver; if you work in the medical field or in social work then try to find a number that comes down to six. It will help to convey all the love, compassion and healing that you may struggle to convey over the airways instead of in person.

#7 – The number of the seeker, this is a number for those who don’t really like to be disturbed because they’re trying to divine the secrets of the universe – and that’s good because it’s not a number that will get calls often. When you do get a call it will be for that quiet, introspective discussion that only you can give.

#8 – This is perhaps the most coveted number for a phone number to reduce to. This is the number of entrepreneurs and executives, the king of Karma and the number of power, reward, good judgement and recognition. Not everyone can handle this number, and those that think they can handle it should be wary that their pride is not getting ahead of their abilities!

#9 – The non-profit number, if your number and work reduces down to a nine then it might be worth calling to get a new one. This number is the number of giving back and can attract things into your life that your career may find disruptive – like a firing. It is the number of giving to others and taking from the self.

When putting together your new numerology phone number there are some numbers you’ll want to find in the mix of digits and some you’ll want to avoid. Try to get the numbers 1, 3, and 5 in your number. These are great numbers for business as they can increase opportunities, reputation, and success in building business and sales! You’ll also want to avoid repetitions of the numbers 2 and 6. While having them occur once in a phone number doesn’t matter, if they are there more than once they can cause confusion and negative karmic kick-back.


  1. Hello and thank you for this. I have a question though, do we also include the country code in the mobile number when calculating the end result or just the number itself? Thank you


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