Numerology is based on the idea that everything has a vibration and is connected to one another. This energy can change on a daily basis which means picking the day for your wedding can be a tough if you don’t use numerology to help you pick a date that is best for you and your partner. Each day has different meanings, different pros and cons to it that help make each day ideal or not ideal for different people.

Picking Your Wedding Day Using Numerology

Marriage and NumerologyPick the ideal day for your wedding by determining the day’s numerology number. Add together the number of the month, the day and the year then reduce to a single digit; Click Here to learn more about this process of Numerology.

One: Ones are ruled by the sun, they have a desire to achieve oneness that is stronger than all other couples. This is a marriage that focuses on who you are as a couple as well as who you are as individuals. Your relationship is tried and true and you tested one another thoroughly before getting engaged, which is why it may have taken longer than usual to announce your engagement.

Two: Two’s are prone to elopements and may show a lack of emotional maturity that will need to develop in order for their marriage to succeed. Their ceremony, whether very private or very public, will be sentimental with few dry eyes in the building. The comforts of home are important to this couple and family will be a core reason for marriage.

Three: Three’s are ruled by Jupiter, and if you want a marriage that will benefit you financially than this is the day for you. Be wary of putting too many expectations on the day, however, or you may find it very easily ruined.

Four: If balance in your marriage is important then you’ll want to pick a four day for your wedding. The key to this day is faithfulness and you’ll find that if you are open with one another your relationship has a great chance of success. Doing things together and equally is another key for you.

Five: The number five is always a number of adventure and couples getting married on a five day will need to make sure they have things to do both as a couple and as individuals otherwise they will risk boredom. You will both travel often and may even have each of your children in a different city!

Six: A marriage that falls under Venus, this marriage comes with the blessings of love and devotion that must be preserved by responsibility, trust and caring in the relationship. Couples that marry on a six day will be ready to do the hard work to make sure they are together in all their decisions.

Seven: Be warned if your wedding day is a seven day. This is a day of upsets ruled by the planet Uranus. It may be a day of both big and small disasters and so it may be best to simply avoid being married on a seven day entirely.

Eight: Eights want to be compatible in each and every way with their partner and their bedroom compatibility will be a very important part of that. This may be a number of elopement and you are probably a couple who simply knew when you looked at one another that you were meant for each other.

Nine: Nines are a couple of secrets. Their wedding may also be an elopement, their engagement was a challenging one, one separated by distance or met with resistance from both sides of the family. This couple over came their challenges and will continue to do so with love and devotion.