Eights are more than people focused on money and power. Though eight is certainly a number that focuses on career, finance and authority, it is also the great equalizer, with the power that will create as easily as it destroys. This number and those who fall beneath it are the ones who bring change as surely as clouds bring rain. Let’s learn more about those born under the number 8 in Numerology.

Number 8 Brings Balance To Numerology Numbers

Life Path 8 name number 7Eight balances the material and the spiritual, they are practical, realistic and intelligent. When their spiritual side is in focus they can easily tell the difference between fake and genuine spiritual realizations, and when focused on the material side they are focused on results. Granted, these results are often seen in the form of money but the eight isn’t greedy, they don’t care for money for money’s sake. It is a tool for them, not the end result of all their work, and they are both generous and willing to take risks with it. In fact, eights often make and lose fortunes more than one in their lives and they never consider bankruptcy as a reason to feel badly but instead see it as a reason to learn, coming out stronger in the end.

Eights have drive, ambition, discipline and control, they often also carry and air of authority with them. These people are goal-oriented with good judgement. They are similar to number ones but they have the diplomatic skills of a two, making them excellent people for business though many find careers in the military or law enforcement.

Confident And Self Assurance With Numerology Number Eight

This number often comes with a sense of ‘I can do anything’ and extra self-confidence, because these people are the type to learn from their experiences rather than being kept down by them, this isn’t too much of a surprise. Eights are a number of balance, the number itself displaying this as it stands perfectly upright. These people are often honest to a fault, generous and forgiving, they can be athletic especially enjoying sports that require strength and endurance. Though they aren’t particularly romantic because of their own tendency to be straightforward and not play games, they will always carry more than their weight in a relationship and give much in the way of love.

There are positive and negative sides to every number and while the number 8 in Numerology is definitely a powerful number, you must remember it is the karmic balancer and requires balance and support for it’s positive aspects to outweigh the negatives. An unsupported eight tends to give in to frustration, anger, aggression, and greed. While many eights are found in the highest parts of society, a disproportionate number are also found among the homeless.

Number Eight: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

While most born number 8 in Numerology turn to careers that seem to show off their skills, others go into careers that seem completely opposite. Many eights are found as missionaries or humanitarians, yet if you look closely at how they work you will see that being an eight helps them to be excellent fundraisers and money managers. Additionally these careers still fit in with their personality!