What is your horoscope? It’s more than just a section of a cheap magazine or the morning paper. Simply put, your horoscope is a chart that is put together based on the date, the time and the location of your birth! This natal chart then can become simplified down into those little horoscopes you see in the newspaper Sunday morning, but a full horoscope is much more complex than that!

HoroscopesThe horoscope is a map created for each person in a specific location at a particular point in time. On the map, the locations of the planets, including the Sun and Moon, are placed on the chart; this is why a birth horoscope or natal chart are necessary for astrocartography. The map also shows lunar nodes, house cusps, the midheaven and ascendant, the twelve common zodiac signs, fixed stars and the lots. These are then used to determine the angular relationships between the planets and other aspects. All of this makes up your particular horoscope. As you can see, it’s far more detailed than those few lines of prose in the paper!

Your Personal Horoscope Based On Your Birth Date

How do horoscopes and their map become the horoscope we read? Each of the planets move and shift in and out of power with one another and with us and our zodiac, and each of the planets has its own area of life and emotion that it dictates or rules over.

The Sun reveals our deepest desires or what we want from life.

The Moon express how we respond emotionally and shows how we feel.

Mercury tells us how we think and the ways we express ourselves.

Venus, the planet of love, expresses our relationships to one another.

Mars is the planet that shows us how to use our energy and talents to get what we want.

Jupiter rules over our enjoyments and how we choose to expand our knowledge.

Saturn is the planet of self-discipline and strength, though not just physical strength but strength of character as well.

Uranus governs our creativity, inventiveness and originality.

Neptune is the planet of helpfulness and shows us the ways we can help others best.

Pluto is the planet of growing and shows us how we can grow through deepening our knowledge of ourselves and who we are. By utilizing the information we’ve provided throughout Astronlogia, you’ll be able to piece together a clear picture of what the universe intends for your life in a spiritual and metaphysical manner.

Using The Signs For Your Horoscope

When daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes are created, they start with the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries, and then using the horoscope map, shift the map along the routes the different planets will take to see which ones are in Dignity, which are in Detriment, which are in Exaltation, and which are in Fall. They generalize this information and make a projection based on the personality of the sign and the personality of whichever planets are in position to affect it. A more specific horoscope can be done for a certain individual using their specific natal chart and then tracking the planets in relation to the information that is particular to them. This is how a horoscope is made and written!