Archangel Azrael


The Archangel Azrael is known as the Archangel of Grief – he isn’t known as the angel of grief because he brings grief and strife into your life, but because it is through him that we can accept our losses and move forward. His comforting presence and protection allow us the time we need to grieve for our loved ones, to accept that something important to us has left our life, and to move on and choose a life of happiness and fulfillment. When he is near you may feel a calm, warming presence that lifts the burdens from your heart. Some have called him the Angel of Death and fear him, but it is not death that he brings but comfort: comfort for the living and for those who are journeying into the spiritual world.

Archangel Azrael

When we think of grief our first thoughts are always of death, but Azrael helps us work through the loss of more than just those we love. He is here to help us accept the loss of a job, the end of a marriage, when a friendship ends or another relationship moves on. If it brings you to grief then he can come to you to help ease you through the passing, bringing you peace, comfort and in time, joy.

For those who have passed on, the Archangel Azrael helps them to transition through the first stages of death, including a review of their life. He helps them move through all they have done in their life, all they wanted to accomplish, all they failed to do, and all they will try to accomplish in the next life. He helps the departed update their Sacred Contract and Akashic Record. Because this is one of the duties he regularly performs, he can help the living review their Akashic Record as well. This can help you readjust your life’s course and bring it back into alignment with the intentions of the divine.

You can look for signs of Azrael by keeping a look out for the Archangel Azrael symbol – a warm, white light, not bright but softened that fills you with comfort. Many psychics and mediums use yellow calcite to try and connect with Azrael as it is associated with hope. When you want to connect with Azrael you will want to find a place where you can be alone and meditate. Clear your mind, close your eyes and connect with your breath as you breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, five times. Picture walking along a stone path made of quartz that helps to raise your vibrations. The path leads to a garden where you find a bench and a bridge. The bench sits in the middle of the bridge and on the far end is only a bright white light that you do not feel compulsion to travel through. Instead you settle on the bench and wait until Azrael emerges. Now you can invite him to join you, state your positive intentions and desires, and enjoy his gifts.


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