How Does a Twin Telepathy Connection Work?


Twin telepathy is telepathy between twins allowing them to have what some see as a “creepy” connection to one another. Many people have heard of this phenomenon, and it is generally understood to be the case though there is no scientific data to back up the idea. As many as one in five sets of twins feel they have a psychic connection with one another and it seems to be most common in identical twins though it can happen to any set of twins. The idea is certainly not as odd as some may think, after all, the closer you are to someone the more connected to them you may become and there are certainly couples and children that are close in age that have some sort of special connection to one another.

History of Twin Telepathy

The idea of twin telepathy has been around for more than a century, stretching back to at least the mid-1800’s. Stories have stretched across the years of twins who have had a connection with one another. While the most commonly known are things like the story of the Houghton twins where one saved the other from drowning in a bathtub after having a seizure, there are many other smaller and only locally known stories. For example, there is a parent with a story of how a child in one part of a building told her to check on her sister who had just been run over by someone on a tricycle. When the mother went to check on her other daughter, sure enough, she had just been run over by another child on a tricycle. Or the story of the mother who was out with one of her sons. The son told her to tell his twin that he needed to get dressed. Confused, the mother called home and discovered that her other son was giving his grandmother trouble about getting dressed!  Interested in reading more about telepathy?  Check out more articles here.

Is there evidence?

While there may be no empirical evidence to prove the existence of twin telepathy, these sorts of stories certainly give the impression that there is a definite connection between twins. Parents have reported not just being aware of one another’s thoughts and knowing when the other twin is in pain, but even twins being able to pick up musical instruments they have no ability to play but the other twin has learned and being able to play them! And some parents have even reported that when one twin was injured, the uninjured twin developed an injury in the same area!

Just a Coincidence?

Scientists are quick to disregard this evidence as merely coincidence, despite how unlikely it seems. They put it down to two children raised in the same environment, wanting to be as alike as possible (even when the idea of self-harming to be like the other twin seems to be a stretch), and they see no evidence that supports the idea or belief that twins have a telepathic connection with one another.

Certainly while these more extreme examples of twin telepathy are a bit more rare, with a one in five report of twin telepathy, it’s hard to discount the idea that it could, in fact, exist!


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