The Empress


A proud woman sits on a throne surrounded by the abundance and fertility of nature. She is ruled by Venus, surrounded by love, harmony, fertility and luxury. Her hair is blonde and crowned with stars, showing her connection to the mystical realm and dressed in a pomegranate-patterned robe that expresses her fertility. She is a symbol of blessings and great abundance. Nature, the divine feminine, creativity, and beauty are all under her control.

The Empress

The Empress tarot card meaning is our connection to our femininity. All people have male and female energy regardless of their gender. Feminine energy is the energy of creativity, expression, and nurturing. Through this energy we connect with the beautiful things in our life and attract happiness and joy. Drawing this card can be a sign of pregnancy or of strong maternal and nurturing feelings. She can also be telling you that a new idea or project is about to take its first breaths in your life and you should devote yourself to seeing them through to the end. She is also encouraging you to spend some time connecting with the natural world so you can recharge yourself.

In relationships she represents a partner that is loving and nurturing. They likely have financial security or ways to comfort and care. She may be trying to point your attention towards a coworker or a business venture. If you are in a relationship then this card is a sign that things are stable and serious; you may be facing marriage or pregnancy or a new family. In work, you’re full of creative energy and a nurturing, generous spirit for your coworkers.

The Empress Reversed Meaning

An Empress reversed has a special tarot card meaning that it’s time to focus on yourself and stop showering others with attention and care. You’ve done too much and now you’re tired. Reversed the Empress stands for a lack of self worth, jealousy, and intense feelings of insecurity. You’ve done so much for others but they haven’t repaid your love and gentle nurturing leaving you drained of energy.

In love, the Empress tarot card represents a partner that is either smothering you with too much affection and leaving you feeling controlled or is at the opposite end of the spectrum and withholding the affection that you need to feel refreshed. Your self-esteem likely needs a boost. You need to feel loved and worthy of love. The best way to recharge yourself in your relationships is to focus on the affection. Let your partner know what you need. Go on a date. Walk around town holding hands. Stay home and cuddle on the sofa while you watch a movie. These simple actions will help to recharge you and will boost your feelings of self-worth. When you feel loved and worthy of love you are able to pass those feelings onto others.

Your career may be feeling unfulfilling and stale when you draw a reversed Empress. You may also feel unappreciated and insecure. Some of these may require solutions like changing jobs, but others may just require you to use communication skills to have your needs met.


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