Supernatural Occurrences


Supernatural occurrences around the world shock those who experience them. Every country, every people’s have their own stories and creepy places they would rather stay far away from. When you want to look at the history of the world you also have to accept there is a history of supernatural occurrences that we may never discover explanations for other than things we cannot see.

Supernatural Occurrences

Eastern State Penitentiary – One of the most haunted locations in the entire world, this prison was designed to hold 253 prisoners each in solitary confinement. The hope was to drive them to repent but instead it drove them insane. Even out of their cells the prisoners were isolated, forced to wear masks that kept them from speaking with one another; many committed suicide. Al Capone was kept here for a period of eight months and complained of being haunted by a victim of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, James Clark. Over it’s dark and sordid history, prisoners were tortured, guards were murdered, and their spirits seem to have never left the prison grounds still trying to get out; looking for people who will hear them and let them finally speak.

Charleville Castle, Ireland – One of the most haunted locations in Europe, there have been many ghosts sightings here, unsurprising when considering the unhappy history and numerous young deaths in the family. But no one ghost is seen or heard so often as the young Lady Harriet who passed away at eight years old after an unfortunate accident that saw her fall off stair railing while sliding down it, breaking her neck. Over the years, visitors have reported hearing laughter and singing; some have tried to catch the apparition of the little girl in a blue and white dress with golden curls tied up in blue ribbons.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado – This hotel was the inspiration for the Stephen King book, The Shining; it is a hotbed of supernatural activity and has been since it was built, long before the book and film. Sporting 420 rooms including ball and dining rooms and an underground cave system, there are more than enough places for haunts and horrible spirits to linger. Room number 217 is believed to be haunted by a former head housekeeper who was injured during an explosion in 1911. In the concert hall you may hear the voice of Paul telling you to get out of the room because the curfew used to be 11:00 PM. In room 428 you may hear someone above you moving furniture, but that’s not the real surprise; sometimes a friendly cowboy will decide to linger on the corner of your bed.

Poveglia, Italy – Once a thriving island village, the Black Death ruined any chance it had of recovering from earlier Italian wars. Found just off the coast of Italy, it was used to quarantine ships and anyone else with even the slightest signs of illness. So many people died, often just dropping in the streets, that there is a layer of bones found just beneath the street surface and the surface of the streets is 60% ash from the bodies of the dead that were burned. Later, this same space was used to execute criminals and as a lunatic asylum where everyone from the elderly to the truly insane were sent with no hope of return. Isolated and alone, they were experimented on and tortured while often reporting to the staff that the cries and wails of the suffering spirits from the plagued dead were haunting them. Eventually a doctor known for torturing his patients either jumped or was thrown from a clock tower on the lagoon. The island has been closed to the public since then, though different paranormal groups are occasionally allowed entrance and report hearing voices, screams and other strange noises as well as a strange electromagnetic field that no one can account for.


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