Mayan Astrology and What The Twenty Mayan Glyphs Represent


Mayan astrology is based on the Mayan calendar called the Tzolk’in. It has twenty different day signs and 13 galactic numbers that made a 260 day cycle for their calendar. Because of this, rather than having only twelve astrological signs like we do in Western astrology, Mayan astrology has twenty! And just like the Mayan calendar has very detailed explanations for the different parts of the year, their astrology is also very detailed. In general, a Mayan birth chart has five different aspects, the occult, ally, birth, challenge and guide. Each of these have different meanings and are located in different places on your Mayan zodiac. The Occult is placed in the south and explains what magical gifts you’ve been given, the Ally is found in the east and explains your personality. Birth is in the north with Guide and they signify the features of your birthday as well as what influences your actions. Lastly, Challenge is found in the west and signifies challenges you will face and areas of your life in which you will have to show great courage.

There are twenty main glyphs in Mayan astrology that are similar to the Western zodiac. Each is grouped by a color and then by glyph.

The Red Glyphs of Mayan Astrology


Mayan Name: Imix
Gem: Red Jasper
Friend: Wind
Foe: Monkey
The Crocodile is the first sign in Mayan astrology and thus it symbolizes new beginnings. Crocodiles tend to be clever and creative and are definitely full of energy. They love to take on new projects and make changes, but can be aggressive, dominating and selfish if not careful. They are excellent caretakers, with great protective instincts.


Mayan Name: Chicchan
Gem: Amethyst
Friend: Death
Foe: Eagle

The serpent is empathic and compassionate, and once they start to stand up for a cause, no one can stand in their way. They tend to lose their temper easily, often because their emotions get the better of them. Serpents tend to be a bit dramatic and need people and relationships that keep them grounded and balanced. A balanced serpent is the most effective.


Mayan Name: Muluc
Gem: Lapis Lazuli
Friend: Dog
Foe: Storm

Water signs are natural leaders with great emotional intelligence. They are led by their imaginations and strong principles, often giving more than they ever hope of having returned. They are highly emotional, and often become obsessive. They can turn tyrannical if they are provoked but more often than not their love of life and natural compassion will help them change the world for the better.


Mayan Name: Ben
Gem: Turqouise
Friend: Jaguar
Foe: House

Reeds are authoritative and determined, once they set their mind on something they have the ability to make sure it happens. Reeds are wise, but often over-confident making them frequently confrontational and difficult to get along with. These people are fixers with a firm set of rules and guidelines for how they want to live their life.


Mayan Name: Caban
Gem: Agate
Friend: Knife
Foe: Deer

Those under the sign of Earth are thoughful, clever and philosophical, well-controlled and excellent at balancing both their good and bad behaviors. They are often well-educated and constantly coming up with new, brilliant ideas. However, they tend to struggle with the emotional and imaginative sides of life, preferring to live practically rather than emotionally.

White Glyphs under the Mayan Beliefs of Astrology


Mayan Name: Ik
Gem: Soladite
Friend: House
Foe: Grass

Wind is a powerful life force and those who are Wind are smart, thoughtful, and excellent communicators, as well as being very self-aware. They are also flexible and open to the world, though they can be indecisive and over-thinking. They frequently have many hobbies, and often more than one job!


Mayan Name: Cimi
Gem: Carnelian
Friend: Death
Foe: Eagle

Death is not a sign to be worried about! In fact this sign is one of the most gentle and generous. They are often willing to sacrifice themselves for others, they are practical, blessed with inner calm, and are peace makers. However, like any sensitive sign they can quickly become over-burdened with the needs of others and must take time to recharge or they may become resentful.


Mayan Name: Oc
Gem: Bloodstone
Friend: Monkey
Foe: Flower

The Dog is the most loyal and supportive, many work in leadership roles because they are dependable and can deliver results consistently. They prefer to work in teams and have lots of courage and dedication. However, they tend to lack emotional maturity and sometimes struggle to be open.


Mayan Name: Ixl
Gem: Moonstone
Friend: Eagle
Foe: Lizard

Jaguar have sharp interpersonal skills and are highly intuitive, and being deeply and emotionally involved with others is critically important to who they are. They are spiritual and constantly seek to fulfill a higher purpose. However, they are also highly competitive and this makes them at time seem manipulative. Additionally, jaguars must be careful not to let toxic individuals into their lives.


Mayan Name: Etznab
Gem: Rhodonite
Friend: Storm
Foe: Rabbit

The knife tends to be logical, considerate and selfless, however they live their life based on their own logic and must apply logic to everything which can cause problems with relationships and the general unpredictability of the world. They love to work with their hands and can become workaholics when they love what they are working on. They have a desire to be liked by others and so will more often than not hide their feelings.

On to the Mayan Astrological Blue Glyphs


Mayan Name: Akbal
Gem: Snowflake Obsidian
Friend: Lizard
Foe: Reed

These people are optimistic and hard workers, seeking to provide security for themselves and their families. They often have ground-breaking ideas that require patience to see through to the end, and are frequently happy, with a natural poise and open-mindedness that makes them likable.


Mayan Name: Manik
Gem: Amazonite
Friend: Rabbit
Foe: Earth

The Deer tends to be a little eccentric and suffers from wanderlust. They are also, however, innovative and instinctive with a tremendous love for their families and friends. These people simple need time alone, often experiencing the simple pleasure of life in solitude. They are fragile and can be deeply wounded by dishonesty or lack of dependability. Many have a drive to become artists.


Mayan Name: Cauac
Gem: Jade
Friend: Flower
Foe: Water

Those who are the Storm are believed to have healing powers because of their soothing and nurturing nature. They have to be completely engaged in their an activity or they get bored and restless. These people loves to be out in social settings with lots of friends, but also need me time to recharge and recover. They are neat, clean and orderly and need to learn how to go with the flow.


Mayan Name: Ixl
Gem: Moonstone
Friend: Vulture
Foe: Serpent

The eagle needs freedom so they can explore not just people and places, but also ideas. These people are perfectionists, but are gifted with both the precision to be perfect and the patience required to achieve it. They do, however, like to keep a distance from others and come across as aloof and introverted. Eagle’s must work at keeping an open mind.


Mayan Name: Chuen
Those who are monkey’s are the bold and beautiful of the Mayan zodiac. These are the actors, the dramatists, those who love to perform, who need to entertain and in return need the praise. They must learn how to balance their personal needs with those of their loved ones. They have a hard time keeping focused and struggle with patience.

Yellow Mayan Glyphs


Mayan Name: Kan
Gem: Dumortierite
Friend: Serpent
Foe: Jaguar

The lizard is another natural entertainer and these people are full of passion with the ability to make a powerful impact on others. They need freedom and with that comes a need for occasional solitude. They have high standards, are highly independent, and are champions of the people. However, because they are so passionate and devoted to people and causes they care about, they tend to have a hard time separating themselves from them.


Mayan Name: Lamat
Gem: Hematite
Friend: Water
Foe: Knife

The Rabbit is playful, intelligent and clever, full of both mental and physical energy. They love to play at life, they see it as a game, but don’t bother them unless you intend to give them attention, admiration or invite them along for some fun. On the down side they often are nervous and self-centered, tending to be insecure.


Mayan Name: Eb
Gem: Malachite
Friend: Reed
Foe: Wind

Those who fall under the grass are adaptable and cooperative, always ready to help others, but they struggle to make their own needs and feelings known. They are slow to start on a new venture, but once they begin you cannot stop them until they’ve achieved their goal. They live life on their own terms and their own schedule.


Mayan Name: Ixl
Gem: Moonstone
Friend: Earth
Foe: Death

The vultures are self-aware and concerned with their status in the world. They place a high value on experiences and want to experience everything life has to offer. This frequently leads them to appear jaded and ruthless. They dislike being judged and if they feel judged their self-esteem can be severely damaged.


Mayan Name: Ahau
Gem: Rose Quartz
Friend: Crocodile
Foe: Dog

The flower is the daydreamer of the Mayan zodiac, these people are creative and love to bring their perception of life into their art. They are often socially awkward because they are caught up in their own mind and imaginings and forget how to work in the real world. They must remember to keep themselves grounded in reality.

That concludes the main glyphs and signs found throughout Mayan Astrology.


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