Claircognizance or clear knowledge is the ability to get knowledge or information you don’t already know through psychic means. It manifests itself as knowledge or information that simply appears in your mind without any logic or reasoning. You simply know that you know something and are right in your knowledge. You may suddenly know a great deal of information all at once, or it may be little insights that just happen to pop up when you need them most. For a claircognizant, this information always comes through the mind not the heart or the gut instinct, or the third eye or mind’s eye.


The Gift of Claircognizance

Many people who have the gift of claircognizance don’t realize they have it. There are many signs that you may be claircognizant, but you have to be aware of them in order to recognize them. If you get quick and sudden ideas that must be shared with others that may be a sign as well as an inner knowledge, not a gut feeling but knowledge, that something may be a bad idea despite seeming alright you may be claircognizant. Claircognizants may know when someone is lying, or receive information about a future outcome. People may frequently come to you with questions for which they have no answer and you may have answers come to you out of the blue that you can simply see in your head. Left brain people tend to be claircognizant. Many are able to pick up a hobby or a musical instrument that they’ve never worked with before and without instruction are able to play or do the hobby.

It may be confusing to differentiate between your own thoughts and claircognizance. Remember that your own thoughts are almost always ego-based and will be about trying to protect you. Claircognizant thoughts will come from a place of wisdom and often you won’t realize you had them until you look back on a situation. Additionally, they will often break into your own train of thought and distract you from what you were thinking about.

If you want to develop your claircognizance it is very simple to do so. Begin by meditating regularly and opening the power chakra, chakra three in found in the chest. Because claircognizance requires confidence to wield, opening this chakra will help you significantly. Trust the ability and the spirit guides to help you, ask them for their help before you begin. The best and most simple way to practice is with automatic writing. Begin by writing down your intention for your claircognizance is the best way to start and then begin writing down whatever comes into your mind. Don’t allow your mind to think about the information you’re getting or whether or not it makes sense. Simply put down the flow of thoughts in your mind. Make time to practice, just set aside a few minutes each day or week to focus your body through meditation and then allow yourself to connect with the spirit world through automatic writing. You will find that it becomes easier and easier to pick up on claircognizant knowledge the more you practice.


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