Number Six in Numerology is the most harmonious of the numbers, but when it’s out of balance it can be one of the most terrifying. Because of the loving nature and naturally caring attitudes that people who are sixes have, it is known as the motherhood number. People who are sixes tend to be sacrificing, caring, healing, are protective and love to teach others. Families and communities thrive when there is a six in their midst. These people are the glue that keep families and communities together and happy. They thrive on harmonious energy and will do all they can to keep everyone happy.

Number Six: Pushing Too Hard

Number 6 in NumerologySixes must be careful though not to become intrusive and meddling or go the other way and become so sacrificing that they end up a doormat for people who won’t appreciate their sacrifices. They are full of sympathy, a well-developed sense of justice, and loves to teach and guide others. They would never purposefully hurt another, especially someone they consider less fortunate than themselves. Like the four, they have a strong sense of responsibility and will always do their fair share of work. They can be demanding but are more than willing to stay in the background, working and caring for others without any expectations of reward or notice. They will always do what they can to fight injustice and usually root for the under-dog.

Those who are a Number six in Numerology, be aware that they are idealistic, trusting and easily taken advantage of so that they can try to prevent this from happening. They carry their heart on their sleeve and expect everyone else to as well which can easily lead to them being hurt. These folks are often counselors and advisers for others, a skill that comes naturally to them, and you will frequently find them with their shoulders being cried on.

Sixes carry themselves well and with grace, but they are also warm, fun and friendly. People genuinely like those that fall under this number and you’ll often find them in careers like counseling and teaching. They will go a long way in their career because they work hard and people tend to like and appreciate them. Six must be careful and take each of the different personality types described on our page here:
prior to engaging in any serious relationships.

Downsides Of Number 6 According To Numerology

On the down side, those born number six in Numerology can be jealous, small-minded, self-righteous and a bit smug. They tend to focus on the small details rather than recognizing the bigger picture and it’s often to their own detriment. Because they have a terrible judge of character and are very self-sacrificing all too often they are used and abused by people who just weren’t worth their time. They must learn to rely on themselves rather than looking for the opinions of others to determine their worth. They often suffer from anxiety, including phobias, many may have OCD or other disorders.

While the six is certainly the most harmonious of the numbers, beware of not giving them the attention the secretly crave. If you don’t acknowledge their help in your life be prepared to have them turn on you, often viciously. When hurt and angry the six can be one of the most destructive of all the numbers!