Numerology of Romania’s Legend Mihai Eminescu


Mihai Eminescu Numerology Case Study

Mihai Eminescu was a romantic poet, academician, journalist, and novelist. He is often regarded as the greatest poet of Romania. A Genius of a sort who expressed multitudes of creativity through his legendary poems and novels. Numerology analysis of Eminescu will reveal some important characteristic’s of number 3,6 and 8 in numerology.

Mihai Eminescu was born on Jan 15th 1850, He was baptized as Mihail Eminescu but he continued to use Mihai Eminescu throughout his life. Eminescu’s birth numbers are 6 and 3. He was born on 15th, a number which comes under influence of Venus. Among, the number 6 birth dates, number 15 is the most powerful of number 6 birth numbers. The vibration of Venus in very high on 15th than 6th and 24th of a month.

Birth Number 15

With birth number as 15, it is very evident that he will be a very attractive personality, Number 15 born people are greatly attracted by opposite sex, due to high influence of Venus, Their physical body is made attractive. Also, compared to other 6 born dates, number 15 born are more sexual and romantic than any other number in numerology. In one of the posts i have mentioned about this trait of number 15 born people, unless they regulate their sexual energy, it can create great problems to their health as we cover on this page:

Back to Eminescu’s numbers, Mihai Eminescu has life path of 3 with number 15 as birth number. This kind of combination creates lot of conflicts within a person. The reason and the effects will be discussed later in this post. Mihai’s creative genius is a result of his birth numbers 6 and 3. But this very same numbers also plotted his fall. Mihai Eminescu comes number 44 in chaldean numerology. A lot has been said about number 44 in name, Michael jackson comes 44 , and his life path was 6. The death of Mihai Eminescu and Michael Jackson were tragic ones and the real causes were still unknown in both cases.

Mihai Eminescu was an extraordinary poetic talent, like MJ, he is a legend in Romania for his romantic poems which symbolizes complex structures of human emotions. His very own genius is a result of complex mental problems and trauma experienced by Mihai. Mihai expressed his state of mind through his poems and novels, His works were very hard to decipher and understand due to the complexity of relations created in his poems. There is only a thin line between Geniusness and Madness, thats why creative legends like Picassa, Van Gogh, Mihai, and MJ had psychotic problems.

With name number as 44, the quest for universal love and compassion was very much present in Mihai as well as MJ, that philanthropic thought was the driving source of their creativity. There is also a mystical meaning present in number 44. Mihai Eminescu’s works were mystic ones, some of them are highly spiritual too. Most people cannot comprehend his poems. He always visualized a society of equality and liberty, his quest for self happiness reflected in his welfare of society.

Mihai Eminescu’s personal life was dark and tragic, In society’s point of view, he was considered as national icon, But in his personal life, he was always experimenting himself tirelessly. His search for peace never ended till his last breath. This is reminiscent in MJ’s life too. One of the common traits of name number 44, with birth number 6 or life path 6 is their unsuccessful marital life. People with this combination have a string of failures in love life. Specially, when birth or LP is 6, they are attracted by opposite sex, but the relationship does not last long. In most cases, the person is affected by a sexual disease due to their unsuccessful relationships.

Michael Jackson was often involved in a sex scandal, and Mihai Eminescu’s death was result of syphilis – a sexually transmitted disease.  Number 6 born people should never have name in 8, as their relationships can become unfortunate and dangerous for them.

Mihai was a 6 born with LP 3, As i said before, this one combo is a unlucky combination to come extent. Number 6 is ruled by Venus, and number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. When both numbers are present in birth numbers, one must have their name in either 3 or 6 to strengthen the number. Otherwise, the person can exhibit extreme characteristic in them. Number 6 is an extrovert, 3 is an introvert. Number 6 and Number 3 are polar opposite in numerology, their qualities are completely contrasting, hence the person can suffer mentally due to his own personal conflict of thoughts and actions. This was evident in Mihai Eminescu, He was an extreme extrovert sometimes or introvert to the same degree otherwise. This made him suffer of manic depressive psychosis.


  1. These numbers apply to me and your suggestion supports my decision to soon change my number from a 56 to a 51. I have a 33 life path and a number 3 birth day. Thank you very much for this posting.

  2. His name was Mihail Emonovici and later on, his name was changed into Mihai Eminescu by Iosiv Vulcan, who added the ending “escu” or “to be” in Latin, which sounded more Romanian like, as opposed to Eminovici that sounded more Russian.

  3. What numbers do you recommend? What are the strongest numbers for winning that tug a war battle between 3 and 6. I’m suffering, I need to know. Thanks.

    • who is three born and who is 6 born? If you are a 6 born, then success quite easy to achieve, but if you are three born then you have to follow diplomatic and hidden tactics to defeat.


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