Famous Psychics


While there are certainly shams in the psychic community, there are others who have become famous psychics because of their accuracy and predictions of great and terrible events in human history.

Famous Psychics

Psychics as early as the Ancient Times

Psychics have existed as long as humanity and in ancient times were known as seers or prophets and later as clairvoyants because of their ability to see beyond what normal eyes can see. Prophets were an integral part of many religions and Samuel from the Bible as well as the Oracle at Delphi are some of the oldest and best examples of psychics we have!

Perhaps the best known and most famous psychic is Nostradamus or Michel de Nostredame. He was a French apothecary during the Renaissance who wrote a collection of prophecies that have been read all around the world and continue to be read today. He is credited with predicting the rise of Adolf Hitler and even the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

The next best known and most documented famous psychic is Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was a Sunday school teacher who each and every day would put himself into what he called a ‘sleep state’ from which he could perform a psychic reading for any querent including reading from their Akashic records! He predicted the start and end of both World Wars, the end of the Great Depression, the death of President F. D. Roosevelt, and even the death of President Kennedy who was assassinated after Cacye’s death in 1945.

One man who was a famous psychic but was not known for his psychic abilities is Mark Twain. He prophesied the death of his brother, as well as his own death predicting that he would die as he was born, under Halley’s Comet!

Jeane Dixon was a more contemporary psychic and passed away only in 1997. She was best known for predicting President Kennedy’s assassination as well as for being consulted on occasion by President and Mrs. Reagan. She wrote many books including a book on horoscopes for dogs that people still read and enjoy today!

Peter Hurkos became a psychic later in life after a head injury left him in a coma. When he woke he was able to use extra-sensory perception and claimed to use clairvoyance as though seeing pictures in his head as though they were on a television screen. He aided in solving 27 murder cases around the world as he was able to reconstruct crime scenes and identify perpetrators simply by being present in the room.

The psychic twins always deserve mention when discussing famous psychics as they predicted the attack on the World Trade Center in 1999 on an episode of Coast to Coast with Art Bell, a late night radio program. They have also predicted major advances in medical research and claim to share one soul with each other.

Psychics Conclusion

Whether you believe in psychics or not, these examples of famous psychics give everyone something to think about. After all, their psychic predictions, and the events are well recorded!


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