Haunting or hauntings can be absolutely terrifying, but what is a haunting and why do they happen? Understanding what a haunting is, and what sorts of spirits engage in hauntings, is important to demystifying the whole experience and giving those being haunted a sense of control over an otherwise completely uncontrollable experience. Unfortunately, the definition of a haunting seems to vary from person to person and group to group. In fact, the only thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that they happen in certain locations, even if those locations may move like a car. Popular culture has led us to believe that for a haunting to be occurring that a ghost must be present, but very rarely is this actually the case. In fact, most reported hauntings an apparition is never reported! Instead, those being haunted report strange sounds, strange lights, weird smells, strange sensations, moving objects and their pets seeming to see something that they people can’t see.

Hauntings Defined

Haunting at the Traverse City State HospitalThe best definition of a haunting is perhaps described as, “A ghost or apparition that is witnessed by the living or a collection of odd, seemingly paranormal events reported at a particular location some of which can not be explained by natural phenomena.”. This allows for both those who have and have not actually seen a ghost at a location. Signs of a haunting can include footsteps, scratching sounds, breathing, doors and cupboards opening and closing, lights that turn on and off, and items that disappear and then reappear, also known as DOP or disappearing object phenomenon. You may also see shadows that don’t seem to make sense, or are just barely out of your vision, your dog may growl at someone you cannot see and your cat hiss at nothing. Most commonly people feel as though they are being watched, and in the case of a strong haunting may feel physical touches, hear cries and whispered words, sense hot and cold spots in their home. If the haunting is being done by a stronger spirit, or a malevolent one, they may experience psychokinetic phenomena, physical assaults and see actual apparitions.

Demonic Haunting

If the haunting is demonic you may also experience recurring nightmares, the feeling of being held down in bed and assaulted, a constant sense of dread, an increase in fighting in the home, destruction of religious objects and even writing on the walls. In the case of a suspected demonic haunting you will want to keep a close eye on family members and seek help for anyone who seems to withdraw, have extreme outbursts of anger and aggression, a sudden lack of interest in things they once loved, night terrors, unexplained marks on their body, sudden interest in black magic or necromancy, and sudden onset of debilitating illness. These are the signs and symptoms of demonic possession. Seek help immediately, don’t wait to see if you’re right. While no haunting may be caused by something you or someone else has done, there are certain activities that can attract demonic entities to a place or to people; these include: murder, suicide, black magic, recurrent negativity, dabbling in the occult, obsession with death, depression, anxiety, drug use and different forms of abuse. Demons enjoy these sorts of negative and destructive things. You must take steps to help lighten the energy around you and around your home to lessen the attractiveness to demonic entities.

How to Get Rid of a Haunted Entity

Ridding yourself of a haunting may be simple, or it may not, depending on the severity and stubbornness of the entity in your home and life. We recommend you learn more about the Paranormal as a whole by clicking here prior to continuing. If you’re comfortable with the various scenarios, continue on. Here are some simple steps you can take for a standard haunting:

  1. Relax. While this is hard, keeping your energy light and positive will make it easier for the entity to pass on. Most of the time they simply want your help, or even just your acknowledgment. They don’t want to harm you, and don’t want you to be afraid, so relax.
  2. Just ask! Sometimes it’s just that simple. If your ghost just wants someone to acknowledge that it was there and even give it a sense of purpose, then it will leave without bothering you again. Reassure the ghost that you mean it no harm but would appreciate it if it moved on.
  3. Smudge, pray, cleanse. Get the energy out of your home!
  4. Document everything and work to look at patterns, this can help anyone you bring in to establish what sort of haunting is occurring and what can be done about it.
  5. Bring in the pros. This might seem a bit silly at first, but if the haunting is bad enough, you’ll be thankful for their assistance.

When it’s all over, have your home blessed and pray, smudge and cleanse again.