Numbers and personalities are summed up with the personality number. The personality number in numerology is a number of resonance. It’s not as precise as the Life Path number but instead shows us ways to unlock our personality and help us to understand ourselves better. You find your personality number by using the alphabetical numerology chart to determine which number each consonant of your name falls beneath. Then you add those numbers together and reduce to a single digit unless they reduce down to an 11 or 22. This method provides insight to the various numbers and personalities you can expect to encounter throughout life, and possibly help you deal with tough situations.

Examples Of Numbers Influencing Personalities

Numbers and PersonalitiesFor example, the personality number of John Quincy Adams is 3. You determine this because J, H, N, Q, N, C, D, M, S are numbered (1 + 8 + 5) + (8 + 5 + 3) + (4 + 4 + 1). This reduces to (14 + (16) + (9) which in turn becomes (1 + 4) + (1 + 6) + 9 which is 5 + 7 + 9 which equals 21 or 2 + 1 which reduces to a 3.

Each of the numbers has a specific type of personality that associates with it.

If you are a one, chances are you dynamic with efficient energy. People often view you as controlled and capable. You value courage in yourself and in others, and you are not easily pushed around. Bright and cheerful colors in business dress work best for you, and you should take advantage of the number/color pairings shown throughout this section of our website!

If you are a two then people view you as friendly and unpretentious. You come across as soft and warm, someone that is a safe harbor for others. You seem unthreatening and people enjoy that about you. Be daring and exciting in the way you dress, but be sure you stay soft and comfortable.

If you are a three chances are you’re a very attractive person and vibrate full of life. You uplift, charm and inspire and people love to be around you. Chances are you enjoy dressing up and this works for you.

If you are a four you resonate with reliability and consistency. Unlike the two whom people gravitate to for safety, people come to you for security and good judgement. You are relied on to do your work efficiently and expertly and have strength and respectability. Dress as you are, showing your appreciation for correctness and control.

If you are a five, you brighten social gatherings with your ideas and conversation that is often full of wit and originality. You love freedom, have a lot of nervous energy that needs an outlet, and you are a favorite of people you meet.

If you are a six then you are known for your understanding and compassion. People who are disadvantaged often come to you for comfort. You inspire confidence and often end up being told everyone’s life story. Your sense of justice will cause you to sacrifice for the well-being of others.

If you are a seven then you seem mysterious to others. You come across as serious and studious and are independent and self-sufficient. You don’t draw people in because of warmth and compassion though you have plenty of both, but because you are able to draw great insights into the mysteries of life.

If you are an eight you appear powerful, have an impressive personality and often through sheer force of will can get others to do what you want. You have a natural authority, competence, and enthusiasm. People often defer to you because they feel you must be right.

If you are a nine then you have an noble and upright bearing. Many people admire you and you are completely in control of the way others perceive you. This is the number of performers.

If you are an eleven then you have worked hard to gain confidence and overcome your natural born shyness. You are sensitive and intuitive.

If you are a twenty-two you possess intelligence, sensitivity and creativity. Remember 11 and 22 are master numbers and with this comes a great weight to bear. Your positives are often countered by large negatives that must be overcome for you to reach your potential.

Use Your Knowledge Of Numbers and Personalities To Your Advantage

Knowing your numbers and personalities can help by giving an edge when you know the person’s number. By using a person’s number to gauge their personality, you can approach situations and use your knowledge of how they may react to steer the interaction towards a beneficial outcome for both of you!