King of Swords


The King of Swords is a symbol of structure, routine, and self-discipline; though not one of the major arcana he still carries weight and signifies logic and reason over emotions, ethics and integrity and the importance of morals. Sitting upon his throne, the King of swords faces forward, sword held in his right hand. The right hand signifies the conscious and rational mind, however the sword is pointing to the left which means he may be decisive but he is flexible. He may base his decisions on logic and reason but that does not mean he’s blind to his intuition. The King wears a blue tunic to symbolize his desire for spiritual knowledge, his shoulders covered in a purple cape which symbolizes his compassion and intellect. Behind him is a throne decorated with butterflies that signify transformation and provide gentle guidance. Unlike the other cards from the Court of Swords, the background of trees and clouds is still and at peace which implies that the winds of change have settled and things are becoming stable.

King of Swords

Upright King of Swords

When the King of Swords is upright it indicates that you are in a relationship with someone who tends to be more intellectual than emotional and it may signify that you have connected on an intellectual level in addition to being emotionally and physically connected. It can also be a card that signifies a coming family. If you are single it means that you may be looking for this sort of man in your life or that you have caught such mans’ interest but need to make sure that you’re keeping him intellectually engaged so he doesn’t get bored. In work it may signify a mentor that is holding you to a higher standard because they think you can do more and it encourages you to go the extra mile in educating yourself. When it comes to your home life this card is a challenge to get things in order and establish a better routine to follow.


The King of Swords reversed is a harsh card. It represents a lack of structure, poor use of intellect, a dictator or oppressor that’s aggressive and violent. It can also signify that legal matters you are dealing with will not go your way. If there are men in your life this card is a warning that one or more of these men are abusive and you should get out of these relationships. If you and your partner are planning to start a family it is a card of warning that the father may decide to be absent from your life rather than help you raise the child. In work you may face a bully in a colleague or your quality of work may be suffering because of a complete lack of structure; this card is a warning of both potentials. It can also be a sign that you are feeling powerless when it comes to your health. This card is a wake up call in that case to stop being a passive observer to your health care and to instead challenge the preconceived notions of your doctors and insist they listen to your feelings.


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