Seraphim Angels


Just as there are different types of people in the world, there are different types of angels up in heaven; guardian angels and archangels are ranks of cherubim and seraphim. What are the seraphim angels? They are mentioned in holy texts as the angels that fly around the throne of god crying ‘holy, holy, holy’. They have a burning passion to do the work of the divine. These angels are found closest to God and closest to the throne; because they spend most of their time in His presence they are completely focused on praising and worshiping Him.

Seraphim Angels

The holy texts describe the appearance of the seraphim. They have six wings and use two to cover their faces to protect themselves from being overwhelmed by the presence of God, two to cover their feet to show respect and submission to God, and two for flying about the throne of God as they sing their praises. That doesn’t seem too out-landish but they also have their entire bodies covered in eyes so that no matter where they fly they are able to continue watching God as he works, adjusting their praise to his actions. Seraphim spend so much time in the presence of God that they have absorbed the pure and radiant light of God’s love.

There are a few well known seraphim: the archangels Michael, Metatron and Seraphiel. Seraphiel spends his time in the heavens, helping to lead the angelic chorus’ in their praise. Metatron may occasionally visit earth, helping those who struggle below to grow and develop as he keeps the record of their universal existence in the heavenly archives; through him you access your Akashic record. Michael is frequently moving between the heavenly realms and the earth, providing protection and support for humans and leading the armies of the heavens. They are never ceasing in their work; where other beings may feel tired or exhausted they continue at all hours doing the work of their heavenly father so that we on earth are able to experience the divine plan of the universe with as little malevolent interference as possible.

The seraphim are very rarely seen here on earth in their actual heavenly forms; more often we see them as flashes of lights, or can view the color of their auras when they draw close. It’s likely that seeing these seraphim in their actual forms would terrify us. There have been occasions when they have allowed humans to see their true form but they are exceptionally rare and when it does happen it is certainly a reason to stop and take note. No matter what form they take when they come to help us, we can be sure that they are on hand to protect and guide us through any situation. They are here to help us reach spiritual evolution, they are here to keep us physically and spiritually safe, and they are here to give us support and encouragement through trials and struggles that might push us off the path that God has planned for us.



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