Native American Zodiac & Animal Symbols


The Native American zodiac is similar to the traditional Western zodiac but has many of its own unique symbols. If you’re unfamiliar with the Western Zodiac signs, visit our page to read about them here:

Native American Zodiac Animal Signs

Dates: January 20th – February 18th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Aquarius
Traits: Clever, Good Communication
The otter is unconventional at times, but those who stick with them will find that their methods almost always work. They are bright and intelligent with a vivid imagination that often gives them an edge over others. They are perceptive and intuitive, making good friends and when nurtured by their environment they are sympathetic, courageous, loyal and honest but if they are abandoned they can be rebellious and unscrupulous.

Dates: February 19th – March 20th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Pisces
Traits: Hidden, Otherworldly
Wolves are emotional and passionate, they want to love and need to love but are fiercely independent and that can sometimes cause problems. They need their freedom but also need a nurturing environment that helps them develop their deeply affectionate and gentle nature. If they are left alone or abandoned they become obsessive, impractical and vindictive.

Dates: March 21st – April 19th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Aries
Traits: Dynamic, Always moving towards the future
The falcon can always be relied upon to have clear judgment in any situation. They never waste time, are always quick to act and ideal to have in any group or team because they get things done. However, they are prone to a bit of conceit. Like any sign they do best when nurtured, learning how to balance their passion with compassion as opposed to giving in to their own conceit and becoming rude and intolerant with others.

Dates: April 20th – May 20th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Taurus
Traits: Sensual, Aesthetic
Beavers are the masters of evolution. Their motto is adapt and overcome. These are the folks that look at the situation, step in, roll with the punches and come out ahead. They have everything going for them, and their mental acuity is super sharp. However, they struggle with tact and tend to be over-bearing and aggressive. When nurtured they are generous, helpful and loyal.

Stag or Deer
Dates: May 21st – June 20th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Gemini
Traits: Attentive, Cautious
Quick-witted, lively, and full of humor, this sign is sure to make friends easily and quickly. They are excellent conversationalists and are naturally bright, however they tend to be a bit self-involved. This is often overlooked because of their general congeniality but when left to their own devices this means they can quickly fall into selfishness, moodiness and laziness. A well nurtured deer can be an inspiring partner.

Dates: June 21st – July 21st
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Cancer
Traits: Domestic, Caring
These folks are considered the most nurturing of all the signs, caring and empathetic. They make wonderful partners, parents and friends, they are natural frugal, resourceful and organized. They love to take care of others, but if abandoned will become jealous and spiteful. If they don’t feel secure in their relationships they can become bitterly possessive as well.

Dates: July 22nd – August 22nd
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Leo
Traits: Powerful, Desirable
The salmon is a very energetic sign. They are natural motivators, full of confidence and enthusiasm that is just downright infectious. Everybody will join a salmon when they have an idea just because they are positive it will work. They are generous, intelligent and intuitive, making friends wherever they go. Everybody loves them! Beware though, a salmon can become intolerant!

Dates: August 22nd – September 21st
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Virgo
Traits: Constant Planning, Strict
The bear is steady, level-headed and an excellent business partner. They are often the voice of reason, providing good balance for some of the more energetic signs. They have a huge heart and love to give and give generously. Despite this, they don’t often want recognition for their actions as they are a bit shy and prefer to just go unnoticed. They have a tendency to be reclusive if allowed, but when nurtured are excellent teachers and mentors for others.

Dates: September 22nd – October 22nd
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Libra
Traits: Balanced, Fair
The crow is a natural business person, quite charming without having to work at it, idealistic and diplomatic. They are able to very easily convince others to back their ideas and tend to be easy-going and romantic when nurtured. If left alone, however, they can be demanding and inconsistent.

Dates: October 23rd – November 22nd
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Scorpio
Traits: Devoted, Erotic
Snakes are natural spiritualists and many shaman are born under this sign. They are naturally attuned to the unearthly realms and are ideal spiritual leaders known for their healing abilities, many make excellent health care professionals. They tend to be intense and a bit dark, but in a supportive relationship they are passionate, inspiring and humorous.

Dates: November 23rd – December 21st
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Sagittarius
Traits: Spiritual, Searching
The owl is a friend of the world, warm, natural and easy-going. These are the folks who come at life at full-speed giving their whole heart to every adventure they try. However, this tends to make them reckless and thoughtless. They are highly adaptable and versatile, but when left to their own devices can be excessive and over-indulgent. When in a stable, supportive relationship they are sensitive and enthusiastic.

Dates: December 22nd – January 19th
Western Zodiac Equivalent: Capricorn
Traits: Tenacious, Persistent
The goose is persevering and ambitious, setting goals and always achieving them through hard work. They will not give up. They have a drive to succeed, not for praise but to prove to themselves that they can do something they choose to do. They need a supportive environment to keep them humorous and sensitive. Alone, they can become obsessive and addicted to things.


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