A Numerology Analysis on Hollywood Flops


Numerology is used all over the world, every single day to help make major business decisions. Companies and CEOs, small business owners, and people just getting ready to begin their startup journey are looking at different facets of numerology to help them get a great start. Certain days are believed to be more beneficial, times of year are considered better than others, but most importantly is the numerology of a name. Let’s look at some of the biggest box office failures of 2016 and how they pan out numerologically to see just how the biggest Hollywood studios forgot to check with the numbers before naming their big budget films.  So how has numerology of Hollywood flops affected their success?

Numerology of Hollywood Flops – A Short List

Hail, Caesar!
Earnings: $30 Million
Budget: $22 Million
Numerology Number: 5
Though well received by critics, Hail Caesar! was a definite miss with audiences. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an audience score of 44%. Some reviewers identify it as giddy but also hit and miss, ‘frightfully slight’, and a killing comment that more stars did not equal magic on the screen, a direct hit to the star-studded cast of the film. Numerology gives us some great pointers, however, that the filmmakers perhaps should have considered, in particular the negative trait of wasted or misused talents!

Zoolander 2
Earnings: $28.8 Million
Budget: $50 Million
Numerology Number: 6
What a flop! With a critic score of 23% and an audience score of 21% from Rotten Tomatoes, it’s amazing this film made as much as it did. Reviews argue that it’s little more than a rehash of the original with little charm, trying the patience of the viewer. Had the studio thought to check the numerology of the name, they’d have been warned that a lack of awareness and weakness were destined to plague this film.

The Finest Hours
Earnings: $27.5 Million
Budget: $80 Million
Numerology Number: 7
The Finest Hours did well enough among reviewers, but didn’t manage to pull in much money which means it didn’t inspire people to get out and see it. In general, reviews panned it as trying to reach too hard for the positive seven qualities of contemplation, perseverance, philosophy and persistence, and instead came across as stagnant, depressed, and inactive. Audiences were left wanting something this film simply couldn’t deliver.

Earnings: $26.4 Million
Budget: $100 Million
Numerology Number: 5
Ben-Hur did better among audiences than film critics, 55% audience score compared to 25% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critic reviews panned it as having direct to video traits, calling it instantly disposable, with little creativity while audience members summed it up with the words unoriginal and uninspiring. Another numerology five, it seems as though Ben-Hur definitely picked up on the negative traits of lacking vitality and getting lost in itself!

Bridget Jones’s Baby
Earnings: $24.1 Million
Budget: $35 Million
Numerology Number: 5
This film did fairly well among both critics and audience members, with 76% and 69% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, but even that wasn’t enough to bring it’s earnings even close the budget spent on this film. Reviews across the spectrum panned it as amusing but not worth the price of a ticket, full of cliches, and nothing to get excited about. Another number 5, this film definitely appears to have suffered from the numerology no-no’s of getting lost in its own ideas and lacking any sort of vitality.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Earnings: $23 Million
Budget: $35 Million
Numerology Number: 5
Another film featuring the number five (obviously the studio’s should have checked their numbers) to receive a tepid response from critic’s and audiences, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was called morally messy, only marginally recommended, tilting between insecurity and bravado, and falls right into the number five’s traps of inconsistency, thoughtlessness and scattered potential while trying to reach for the positives of travel and adventure, conflict, and freedom.

Earnings: $20.5 Million
Budget: $15 Million
Numerology Number: 7
Critics liked this film a bit better than audiences, feeling that its comedy hits more than made up for the misses. The humor certainly seemed to be the sole point of contention between viewers and critics, though the number seven makes this not much of a surprise as it reveals that this movie was definitely at risk of coming across stagnant. The seven is the number of the spiritual…perhaps this simple name simply shot too high?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Earnings: $10.9 Million
Budget: $28 Million
Numerology Number: 9
This film was disliked by both critics and audience members, neither giving it reviews that pushed it over 50%. It pushes too hard to try and be witty, or try to be scary but never manages to deliver, the humor is simply lacking, and as one reviewer put it, it was better than it should have been but that didn’t make it any good. With the number nine governing its name, it’s no surprise to see it was disconnected, and seemed to be unable to concentrate or focus on its premise.

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping
Earnings: $9.4 Million
Budget: $20 Million
Numerolog Number: 4
This film did surprisingly well among those who went to go see it, with a 77% critic score and a 65% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, but obviously it didn’t appeal to enough people to even earn back half of its costs. Many reviewers commented that it just couldn’t reach the heights of the relatable cult classic This is Spinal Tap which left it vulnerable to the negative traits of the numerology number 4: limitation, inability to adapt, clumsiness and the inability to reinvent.

The Brother’s Grimsby
Earnings: $6.8 Million
Budget: $35 Million
Numerology Number: 6
With ratings hovering around 40%, The Brother’s Grimsby definitely did not sit well with audiences. Reviews panned the humor as stale, the satire as flat, the actors as irritating, as well as a generally feeling that the film was unappealing. Not surprising when the number six warns that it was likely to lack self-awareness, be hypocritical, and try to take on more responsibility than a comedy would be able to handle.


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