Special Numbers in Numerology – Number 11


In numerology,  there are certain class of numbers called special numbers. Which has a unique pattern in their energy levels yet deemed fortunate and auspicious. Within special numbers, there are sub classes with bi planet and multi-planet energy levels. in this post, we shall see some examples of special numbers in numerology and their unique dispositions

Class I special numbers in numerology are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. Among these, number 22 and 44 has hidden dangers and improper use of number can cause great threat. These are class 1 of special numbers because they possess bi-planet energy levels which strengthen the energy aspects of the prominent planet in question. for example, number 11 has a planetary energy of sun which manifests as higher energy of sun (10)  and its lower form 1 coupled with the energy rays of moon to form number 11. Number 11 is most passive of all numbers in 2. One  can ask why 11 is most passive and feminine number in 2 when there is a strong energy levels of sun. Its because moon has got no energy of its own, a powerful lunar radiation is determined by the effectiveness of moon to radiate the sun’s rays. In this number, it’s effectiveness is high due to strong sun energy thus making it a ideal lunar number.

In Eastern Astrology, the Moon is considered as powerful and divine than luminary sun, even Babylonian acknowledged this fact. That’s why lunar calendars were used in India, ancient Greece, Babylonia, and still now in many places.

With account of this, Babylonians hailed number 11 as divine lunar goddess.


  1. Monika,

    there are two ways in naming a child, one is by analyzing the destiny of the child and making it accomplish it by giving a suitable name or just play it safe and keep a ever safe and benign number like 23


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