Occult Symbols and Meanings


Occult symbols are a part of our everyday life and many different cultures. Many of the symbols that we recognize as having occultish significance have actually been around for centuries and are important parts of the history and religion of other cultures from around the world. Below is a list of the most common occult symbols found in use in the world. Interested in learning more about the occult and occultism?  Click here.

List of Occult Symbols

All-Seeing Eye
The All-Seeing Eye is also known as the Eye of Providence and has roots back to ancient Egypt. It is interpreted as the eye of God keeping watch on the creation of mankind. It is used in divination, magick, has been used by the Illuminati and is currently utilized as a Masonic symbol.

Baphomet/ Goat of Mendes
Baphomet or Goat of Mendes is the form of a man with horns and goat legs. It was first found on the outside of a building in the form of a gargoyle and has since been appropriated by satanic cults who place the head inside an inverted pentagram. They frequently call it the ‘Judas Goat’.

Celtic Cross
The Celtic Cross is a pre-Christian variation of what is known as the solar cross and has roots stretching as far back as 5000 BC. Originally it was seen as a symbol of a Celtic sun god. Once the Celts converted to Christianity it became a symbol of the Celtic Christian Church and was introduced to Ireland by St. Columba who had a monastery on the Isle of Iona.

The Circle has long been a symbol of completeness, of the goddess, of infinity and of unity. Contemporary pagans see it as the feminine spirit and a sacred space.

Cross of Nero/ Peace Sign
Known now almost exclusively as the Peace Sign, the Cross of Nero is a broken cross wrapped in a circle. This represents Nero’s belief that the world would be brought to peace only if Christianity were destroyed and under his rule thousands of Christians were martyred. It was not until the Cold War era that the hippie movement appropriated it and turned it into a symbol of peace.

The hexagram is one of the oldest and most universal symbols next to the cross and the swastika. It is most commonly known as the ‘Star of David’ and has been an important sign over the centuries representing the union of fire and water and the male and female. It is our oldest symbol representing creation.

Horned God Sign
The Horned God Sign is a hand signal in which the two middle fingers are folded down over the thumb. It is given with the right hand and is associated with sexuality, in particular male virility.

Horned Hand Sign
The Horned Hand Sign is similar to the Horned God sign, but the thumb is placed over the two middle fingers and it is given using the left hand. It is used to give curses by some and by others it is intended as a gesture to ward off evil.

Inverted Cross
Originally the inverted cross was a sign of humility, in particular that of St. Peter in refusing to be crucified in the same way as Christ. However, in recent years it has been appropriated by satanists who use it as an anti-Christian symbol and use it in addition to the Goat of Mendes as an identifying mark.

Mark of the Beast/ Seal of Babalon
The Mark of the Beast was created by Ritual Magician Aleister Crowley. It has a clear symbol of the male genitalia with the alchemical sigil of the sun, drawn within a circle with a half-circle below representing the crescent moon. It is the masculine half of the Seal of Babalon which is the feminine.

This is the symbol of infinity, its history stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt where it represented the sun. It is the symbol of the continuous cycle, life – death – rebirth.

Pentagram/ Pentacle/ Inverted Pentagram
The Pentagram is the symbol that represents the human and should always be drawn in one continuous line without a beginning or end. It is considered a sacred symbol because the number five is considered a mystical number. We see five over and over in nature. An Inverted Pentagram is used by Satanists to represent the Satan of the Bible. It’s history is much older, dating back to the ancient Greeks and their beliefs of the creation of the universe.

Satanic Cross
The Satanic Cross is a standard cross with a question mark attached to the base intended to represent the satanic questioning of the Diety of God. It is also associated with the alchemical symbol for sulfur.

Satanic S
The Satanic S, appropriated by the SS of Nazi Germany, represents a bold of lightning and the ‘Destroyer’. The Greeks saw it as the weapon of Zeus, though most in modern history know it as the sign of the Nazi SS appropriately so as it is worn to command power over others.

Scarab Beetle
The Scarab Beetle has been viewed as a occult symbol since the time of the ancient Egyptians who viewed their cycle of birth and rebirth as god-like and associated it with the god Khepera who was known for regeneration, virility and resurrection.

Solar Cross
The Solar Cross is one of the oldest symbols in the world and has appeared on all continents in their earliest forms of art. It has always been a major part of spiritual rituals.

Star and Crescent
These are used by satanists in mockery of God. Satan is set as the star while God is viewed as the moon.

While most commonly recognized as the sign of the Nazi’s, the swastika is an ancient sun wheel or solar cross. It was used for millennia before being appropriated by the Nazi party in 1920.

Triangle of Art
The Triangle of Art is the space outside the magick circle that is protected and in which spirits are compelled to manifest during Solomonic Ritual Magick.

The original all-seeing eye, the Udjat represents the eye of Horus, the Egyptian god. It represents higher knowledge and insight.

Witch Sign
Also known as the Moon Sign, the Witch Sign is a hand sign in which the small finger and thumb are left pointing out and the other three fingers are folded in. It is used to salute the rising moon.

Yin and Yang represent the two forces in the world that cannot exist without one another. They are male and female, light and dark, sun and moon, water and fire, earth and heavens. The goal of all people should be to achieve balance and yin and yang represent this.


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