Scorpio Tarot Horoscope


Choosing to mix tarot cards and horoscopes isn’t crazy. In fact, it’s a great way to learn more about yourself in a different way. Using tarot cards to expand one’s knowledge of the astrological zodiac in order to build a more focused horoscope is a common practice and one that a number of astrologers find to be helpful when understanding the personality of someone coming for a reading.

Scorpio Tarot Horoscope

It may seem strange, but the Scorpio is a water sign. Highly intuitive, full of emotion and yet very moody and hypersensitive, the Scorpio is likely to give a deathly strike if they perceive themselves in danger or if they have been hurt before. Once they mark someone as an enemy it is nearly impossible to gain their forgiveness.

The Major Arcana associated with Scorpio is Death and those who have spent time with a Scorpio can absolutely believe it. There is a finality to everything Scorpio does but they must remember that with all endings come a new beginning. A Scorpio can be very quick to close a door but they must remember to open another one or risk suffering such a stifling of their soul that they may never fully mature and evolve. It can be scary, but you must go through the change so that you can leave an unhealthy past behind and move into a healthy future.

The minor arcana that work with Scorpio Tarot are:

King of Cups – Creativity, emotion, and the strength of the subconscious mind, the King of Cups is considered the most influential card of the suit. He represents the balance between the heart and the mind, and the deeper knowledge of the self that this balance can bring. Avoid temper tantrums and depressions, instead create a calm center to work from.

Knight of Wands – Perhaps the simplest card in the entire tarot deck, this card looks like a call to get away and that is, in fact, what it is telling you to do. Go out and get away. Have a vacation and then come back to live refreshed and ready to tackle problems with creativity and enthusiasm.

1st/sup> Decan: Five of Cups – The first decan comes with the five of cups and a state of disappointment. You expected life to go one way at this point and instead it has gone another. This card is calling you out – stop dwelling in the past and look to the future. Let go of your self-pity and regret or you’ll miss a crucial opportunity.

2nd/sup> Decan: Six of Cups – This second decan again shows that you are dwelling in the past, thinking about happier times that you wish you could return to rather than trying to create happiness where you are. You must move past this, even as you seek the comfort of familiar loved ones to help guide you into the future.

3rd Decan: Seven of Cups – This card is a warning not to waste the decan in dreams, but instead face real life and manifest changes. Stop feeding yourself a bunch of wishes and dreams, instead focus on reality so you can make good choices that benefit you.


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