Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Astrology: Star-Lord & Gamora’s Love Compatibility


Star-Lord Peter Quill and Gamora seem like something of an unlikely relationship. Indeed they are a somewhat off again- on again couple, seeming unable to overcome their individual issues enough to connect with one another on a deeper level. But their relationship issues go even deeper than that. Peter is an Aries while Gamora is a Scorpio. Together this is an incredibly powerful couple, as we can see when Peter and Gamora are able to communicate and work together. However, because of their strong similarities to one another, there are a lot of hurdles for the two to overcome. Let’s take a look at Star-Lord & Gamora Love Compatibility according to what Astrology teaches us.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Astrology: Star-Lord & Gamora’s Love Compatibility

Star-Lord & Gamora Love Compatibility: Aries & Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio are two sides of the same coin. One is life, the other death, one is new beginning and the other the end. Both signs are ruled by Mars though Scorpio has the added difficulty of influence from Pluto which serves to intensify all the emotions someone like Gamora feels. Neither sign has any influence from Venus which means they can struggle with showing the softer and gentler side of love, but this shouldn’t be taken as they are incapable of being loving. Gamora as a Scorpio is a water sign with a deep ability to love, however as a Scorpio she is also prone to manipulative games and intense interest in taboos that a more narrow-laced sign than Aries might run from. Additionally, part of the reason she has trouble connecting with Peter is that he often seems so flippant with his relationships whereas Scorpio’s take their intimate relationships very, very seriously. Gamora is looking for someone she can connect with on a soul-deep level. Peter the Aries is open to all sorts of experiences, and enjoys the physical side of a relationship, but uses that to build the emotional side of their relationship rather than needing the emotional connection first.

Trust is Absolutely Essential

Building trust between Gamora the Scorpio and Peter the Aries is one of the easiest parts of their relationship. Both are jealous and possessive, and neither will accept deceit. If they catch the other lying or cheating their relationship will be over. If either doubts the sincerity of the other, the relationship will be over before it had a chance to begin. Communication, however, can be a challenge. Aries isn’t known for opening up, and Peter Quill is no different in that regard. His heart-felt moments can be counted on one hand and are often shrouded in sarcasm. Conversely, the Scorpio in Gamora wants to have deep and meaningful conversations with him about things that will make the Aries in Peter very uncomfortable. Scorpio views Aries as shallow and vapid, while Aries views Scorpio as dark and difficult. Thankfully for both of them, they are able to communicate important information in just a few sentences. Once they figure out what they need to say, and how to say it, communication difficulties are easier to overcome.

Roadblocks for Guardians of the Galaxy

Emotionally there can be troubles for these two. Gamora, as a Scorpio is very likely to get hurt. She needs a partner who can give her the emotional care she wants while Aries doesn’t have a strong connection to emotion at all. Scorpio is constantly trying to appear strong and unemotional, creating a rough outer shell to try and survive. Both must be careful to be vulnerable with one another or they can sever their relationship with unmeaning sharpness.

When it comes to values, these two should be a clear pair. Both Peter and Gamora value bravery and straight-forwardness. However, when Peter feels a job is done, he’s done with it and Gamora continues trying to dig deeper into a problem. Scorpio’s are prone to obsessing about things and need to be both productive and independent or they will drive those around them, including their Aries partner, crazy. Their greatest difference, however, is in the way they view what bravery is. Gamora, as a Scorpio, feels that true bravery is to challenge the impossible whether it be real or mental. Peter, however, views bravery as the knight in shining armor riding off to destroy the obvious threat.

As fire and water signs, these two will always have to work in a careful balance with one another. Too much fire and the water will evaporate, but too much water will kill the fire. Peter and Gamora are likely to constantly bring out both the best and the worst of one another. Their relationship is likely to be exhausting, but there is a definite sense of fulfillment in that.


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