Star Seed and Star People


Star seeds or star people are souls who have traveled far off galaxies and dimensions learning and developing so that they may come to Earth and assist us in our transition into the Golden Age. All star seeds are born with a soul amnesia, unable to remember who they are, but each has a unique awakening switch and will inherently know and remember both who they are and why they are on Earth. Until they are awakened, however, they tend to wander the Earth feeling lost and out of place, alien and alone. A typical star seed will have lived their life up to fifty times already here on Earth, however old soul star people have lived hundreds of lifetimes and have strong connections to the stars. Many are considered guardians and work as spiritual teachers, prophets and healers. Many star people have an interest in spirituality, science fiction and a noticeable talent for psychic and healing gifts.  Read more about star people here:

Star Seed and Star People

How do you know if they’re a Star Seed?

There are a number of signs or clues that may let you know that you or someone you know is a star seed or star person. One of the most common is a feeling that you don’t belong here on Earth, that your home is somewhere else, and you may even have dreams or strange, untraceable memories of a life in another world or dimension. However, there are a number of other signs that should be considered as well such as always having been wiser beyond your years. Others may have called you an ‘old soul’ and you have always felt compelled to agree. You may also have felt a moral superiority and yet have an overwhelming sense of empathy when dealing with others. Though you feel different, and are frequently homesick for a place you just can’t put your finger on, you have a natural ability to relate to the struggles of others and this is often emphasized by psychic experiences such as telepathy.

Many star people find functioning in the world to be a challenge. Though they are intelligent, they find schooling to be boring and they find the activities of every day life to be just as bad. Additionally, they suffer from vivid dreams that dull their waking life and are constantly frustrated by a subconscious memory of a body that simply didn’t have the same limitations as their earthly one. Doctors tend to struggle to understand the body of a star seed. They just don’t work the same way as the bodies of normal people and the medical field is often forced to throw up its hands in frustration. Further leading to feelings of isolation is a difficulty in establishing connections because other people just aren’t comfortable around you. It’s very common for a star seed to be born in a family of normal people and to struggle to make a connection even with those in their immediate family.

These difficulties extend into everyday social situations. While a lasting, deep connection may be hard to make, the natural empathic abilities of a star seed make it easy for strangers to open up to them at random. You may feel constantly frustrated by the inability of others to see what you consider to be obvious problems in society and many people may, at first, find you to be aloof or uppity when meeting you and yet will later come to feel you are one of the most loving people they’ve ever met.


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