The Ability To Taste Things With Clairgustance


Clairgustance, also known as clear-tasting is one of the more unusual and uncommon psychic abilities or forms of extra-sensory perception. It is most often paired with clairalience or clear-smelling much the same way our natural abilities of taste and smell are paired together. Clairgustance occurs when you taste something without that object being present, for example you may frequently have a particular drink when out with a friend and then, when thinking of that friend, be able to taste the drink while no drink is present. Many psychics with Clairgustance will taste everything from cookies to chemicals or cigarette’s. Clairgustance can also bring sensations such as dry mouth, burping, food cravings or sudden salivating. Sometimes you may receive a taste and have no idea what it is. When this happens you will want to ask the spirit world for guidance on discovering what the taste is and where it came from.

So, Is Clairgustance Useless or Not?

Clairgustance may seem like a useless psychic ability, but take a moment and think about it. It could easily help you identify someone who has passed away by recognizing something that they were known for baking or cooking. By expressing this to someone looking for answers you can easily connect them with a loved one. Clairgustance is also frequently used at crime scene’s where psychics are present and may pick up the taste of chemicals or blood.

Developing your Clairgustance isn’t very hard, it just requires focus, patience and practice. You will want to begin by tuning up your tastebuds, especially if you have been a smoker, have chronic sinus problems, or a history of eating foods that are super salty, overly sweet or very spicy. Having foods that are too sweet, salty or spicy can dull your sense of taste and a good sense of taste is critical for developing your clairgustance. When you cook try to limit heat, salt and over sweetening. Allow your taste buds to pick out the individual spices you use rather than covering them with salt. Explore both tastes and textures. When you experience clairgustance it will be as though the item is in your mouth and being able to distinguish texture is important! Much like with Clairalience, the more you experience, the more information you are storing in your memory and it will be easier to accept a psychic message through clairgustance if you are sensitive to the information provided.

Putting Clairgustance To Use By Exercising Your Sense of Taste

Once you have worked to reawaken your taste buds, work on practicing mindful eating. Take note of how the food tastes, how it interacts with your mind, how it makes you feel, what you think while you eat it and how quickly or slowly you are eating the food. Listen to your body as you eat. Listen to what it says about whether the food feels nourishing. Develop an intuitive sense for the food and cut out foods that your body dislikes.

If you are having trouble you may need to open your throat Chakra though meditation. The fifth chakra, or throat chakra, is the one that is necessary for successful Clairgustance.


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