What Zodiac Signs Do The Guardians of the Galaxy Have?


With the ever growing popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy and it’s upcoming sequel, we decided to take a look at some of our favorite character’s Zodiac signs.

What Zodiac Signs Do The Guardians of the Galaxy Have?

Peter Quill
Played By: Chris Pratt
Star Sign: Aries
Aries are known for their energy, their ability to get up after being knocked down, their enthusiasm, and their leadership skills. These are the people who can motivate you to follow them into certain death. Nothing seems to faze them or slow them down, and Peter Quill is one of them. He managed to pull together a rag-tag team of nobodies and take on some of the biggest threats the galaxy has ever known. He got criminals and no-goods to work together and risk their lives for an entire planet of people they owed nothing. With childlike enthusiasm he convinced everyone to work together, certain that they would succeed… or they may die trying… but he wasn’t going to think about that part because he was certain that, in the end, they would win!

Played By: Zoe Saldana
Star Sign: Scorpio
Scorpio are known for keeping who they truly are well hidden from others until they choose to open up and let someone see them. They are experts at getting others to reveal information about themselves while revealing nothing meaningful themselves. Gamora is a Scorpio. She keeps everyone, even those she considers friends, at arms length, never willing to let them truly get close to her. This helps keep her emotionally safe, a trait of the Scorpio, and never forgets those she cares about or wrongs done to her. She uses her emotions to drive herself forward and never lets herself fall back.

Played By: Dave Bautista
Star Sign: Taurus
Drax is an immoveable mountain in more than one way, and he’s not a Taurus just because of his size. Taurus are known for their stubbornness, their determination. Once a Taurus heads down a path, it’s nearly impossible to stop them. We saw this so easily with Drax where he went so far as to risk his new found friends in his stubborn determination, helped along by just a bit too much alcohol, and called Ronan to Nowhere in order to settle his desire for revenge. And just like with a Taurus, it took a terrible beating and nearly losing his life, drastic measures, for him to consider alternatives paths. He was a person who very much loved his wife and child, dedicated to them even in death, true traits of a Taurus.

Played By: Vin Diesel
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Sagittarius is one of the most gentle signs in the Zodiac. It can get a little crazy, but these folks are generally idealists constantly stretching for the sky. Groot partnered with Rocket because of his gentleness of spirit and his love of small creatures. Where the others of his kind were a bit unkind to those smaller than themselves, he held himself to a higher standard, an ideal of kindness and made himself a bit of a loudmouthed, but ultimately tried and true friend. Two fire signs tend to work together well, and Groot and Rocket are definitely a pair.

Played By: Bradley Cooper
Star Sign: Leo
Leos are bright, flashy and fiery, proud and often difficult to deal with. They love to be the center of attention and love to be recognized for their achievements. They are passion and creativity all rolled into one unstable little bundle named Rocket Raccoon. Passionate, driven and creative, this little guy is determined to have no one look down on him and never to be left out. He knows who he is and what he wants and nothing is going to keep him from getting it. He’s smart and quick thinking, and demands appreciation from those around him.

Yondu Udonta
Played By: Michael Rooker
Star Sign: Gemini
Gemini are always looking for something new and exciting to grab their attention. They can’t sit still for long and their ever-changing personality makes it hard to gauge what will grab them next. Yondu and his band of Ravager’s are constantly on the search for more new and exciting ways to cause trouble, but that doesn’t stop him from doing the right thing when the situation makes it necessary. He demands respect from those around him, but can be as changing as the winds.

Nova Prime
Played By: Glenn Close
Star Sign: Libra
Libras are known for desiring peace and balance, striving to achieve both in their own life and the lives of everyone they come in contact with. Nova Prime embodies this sign quite well. She fought to secure a peace treaty with a violent people, worked to ensure her people were safe and happy, and does her best to maintain balance and stability in a galaxy where the slightest upset could change the survival of her people.

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