How To Tell If Your Kids Are Psychic


There are more and more psychic kids being born each and every year; perhaps this is because of the increasing number of crystal children being seen. Whatever the reason, parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of being a psychic kid so that they can take steps to ensure that their children have a safe place where they can rest and recover. Additionally, understanding the different psychic abilities, how they work, and how you can spot them helps parents be able to communicate with their children to help them understand their special abilities and how to both use them and protect themselves from them. It may be hard for parents to understand all the ins and outs of psychic abilities without opening themselves up to their own psychic talents. Thankfully, identifying children with psychic abilities isn’t very hard. Kids give themselves away all the time, and their psychic signs are easy to spot.

Signs You May Have Psychic Kids

  1. They are highly sensitive both emotionally and physically to people, places and things.
  2. Their imagination is incredibly creative and shockingly vivid which makes their dreams and their nightmares often terrifyingly vivid and intense.
  3. They are super intelligent but have a hard time focusing.
  4. Even from a young age they may have unexplained and drastic mood swings.
  5. They take on the pain of others around them.
  6. They struggle with falling asleep and parents may have a hard time getting them to go to bed.
  7. They may have an intense fear of the dark or problems with abandonment anxiety.
  8. They are curious about, talk about or mention seeing deceased loved ones they have never met.
  9. They talk about, are curious about or see spirit guides or angels.
  10. Their imaginary friend is so real even you almost believe they’re there.
  11. They are fascinated by other cultures and time periods and intuitively know about them.
  12. They are prone to headaches, anxiety and fatigue and are quickly overwhelmed by energetic situations.
  13. These children frequently feel isolated and bullied for not fitting in.
  14. Many remember and talk about past lives or places they’ve never been.
  15. People may make them nervous and they may suffer from separation anxiety.
  16. They often ‘just know’ someone or something is bad or good because they pick up on vibes and even intentions. Many can see auras, colors and spirits around people.
  17. They frequently see things like flashes of light or hear things that no one else hears.
  18. They have a deep attraction to animals, crystals and plants and absolutely love spending time in nature.
  19. These children feel drawn to help heal, often wanting to place their hands on them to help promote healing.
  20. These children are very wise for their age and frequently feel compelled to share both their perspective and their shockingly mature insights.

How Do You Deal With Your Kid Being Psychic?

Understanding these signs and symptoms is the first step to identifying whether or not your child is psychic, and they may have even more or different signs as well. Don’t brush off the feelings of a psychic kid as unimportant, help them develop their gift safely. Educating yourself on psychic abilities and how they can affect kids is important as there can be many struggles ahead for your child. Let them develop at their own pace, but be supportive so they can grow true to themselves. Another great tip is to learn more about Psychics from our website so you can learn about the various psychic abilities they may possess!


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