Protection Spells


Protection spells are used to protect yourself or someone else from other spells, spellcasters or entities that may wish to harm you. They can also help repeal general negativity and negative energy that may gather around you. Banishing spells, binding spells, curse breaking, reversals and cleansing spells are all different types of protection spells that can be used.

Protection Spells Checklist

All spells have different tools and ingredients. Depending on the purpose of the spell you will need to gather different ingredients. All spells should be performed after you have meditated to clear your mind and can focus your energy on making your spell successful.

A good blocking spell uses frankincense, iron filings, sea salt, and oak moss ground together and added to a bottle with a piece of parchment that you write the name of a person you know is trying to harm you on. You will light a white candle and use the wax to seal the top of the bottle while focusing your desire for protection into the spell. Make sure you are focusing a positive desire for protection, not a desire for harm or retaliation against the person who is trying to hurt you. Once the bottle is sealed, bury it nearby in a place where no one will dig it up.

Cleansing Spells

Cleansing spells are also protection spells and you can use a smudging bundle of sage, rosemary oil, a blue candle and sea salt. Light the bundle of sage and move through the home smudging each door and window first with some water, then the salt, then the lit and smoldering sage and lastly with the oil. Chant a blessing as you do so, then place a token in a bowl that has been blessed and place it in a spot of honor in your home. This will help to prevent darker energies and magics from getting into your home and causing harm.

Protection Bath

If you feel you have not caught a bad spell or dark energy before it has attacked you, you may want to do a protection bath. This will help to firstly cleanse your body and purify your aura and spirit, and then give you protection from further assault by negative energies and intentions. A common protection bath is a basil path. It should be performed daily for nine days after you have had your regular shower or bath. You will need to begin by creating a basil tea or infusion. Do this by putting fresh basil leaves in a bowl or other heat-safe container and pouring boiling water over them and allowing it to cool completely then sit for an hour or so. Strain the leaves out and throw them away. When you are ready to perform your bath, use your basil infusion and a clean cloth. Strip yourself completely and dip the cloth into the basil water. Wipe yourself down completely from your head to your toes covering every area of your body that you can reach. Allow yourself to air dry completely before putting on any clothes. Repeat daily for nine days, then after the bath on the ninth day take the remaining water and throw it away outdoors with as much strength and energy as you can muster.


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