Charm Spells


Charm spells are a type of attraction spell, used to help you attract people and even animals to you. They help to make you appear and become friendly, attractive, and someone that others want to be around. Thankfully, a good charm spell doesn’t have to be difficult, require a lot of tools, or even take a lot of time. Because they are spells of attraction, charm spells work by bringing things to you, like a magnet, rather than changing who you are or changing things about you. They work on helping others see your positive qualities and can even help to boost your self-esteem and just generally empower you and make you a more positive person. Read more about spells here.

Introduction to Charm Spells

The best way to begin any charm spells is to begin with a pampering session for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be done entirely at home. It’s easiest to have a pampering session if you have a bathtub, but if you don’t you can still relax in the shower. The key is just to make sure that you create a relaxing and enjoyable environment that allows you to rest and regenerate your energy so that when you go out you actually have energy to use to attract people to you! You’ll want to set the mood with some relaxing candles and music if you prefer, then draw a bath and add some epsom salts and your preferred essential oils that help you relax. Step into the water and let yourself sink down into it. Spend some time meditating and relaxing your mind and body then carefully rinse yourself from head to toe. When you’re ready, step out of the bath and let yourself air dry somewhere warm and comfortable.

Performing the spell

When you are dry and ready, stand in the center of your room with your arms and legs spread out. Picture your head, each of your hands and each of your feet as the points of a star and imagine brightness, warmth and the love of the universe shining out from within you and spreading that light to everyone around you. Visualize yourself in different places – work, at the bar, going to a club, at home with your family, wherever you want to be charming to others – and see this light pouring out of you there and to those around you, attracting them to you like moths to a flame. As you visualize this repeat the chant: I am a star. I charm all I see, bringing them all to me.

Practicing and Repetition

Repeat this spell everyday for a few days and any time you want to go out and draw people closer to you. If you don’t have time to do all the pampering beforehand, that’s okay. Regular use of this spell will help you maintain a good level of charm and attraction when you go out. This charm spell is very simple, but very powerful and will work wonders in your life. You’ll feel more positive, and the people around you will want to spend more and more time with you because you will be radiating positivity and joy.


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