Beauty and the Beast Astrology Readings


Below we analyze the Zodiac signs for some of the characters of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Played By: Emma Watson
Sign: Aries
Those who fall under the sign of Aries are known for being creative, insightful, strong-willed and spontaneous. Who can deny these are definitely traits that we know and love the heroine Belle for? This is the girl who loves books and learning, is able to see people for who they really are, never backs down when she believes she’s right, but is quick to take action without always thinking things through. And like any true Aries, she may lose her temper but she gets over it quickly. She’s a faithful friend, loyal to the end and always fights for them (and with them) to the very end!

Played by: Luke Evans
Sign: Leo
We all know Leo as the brash, bold and beautiful lion. He’s positive everyone admires him because he’s wonderful and he knows it. Gaston is no different. In fact, the only way to bring a Leo down is to fail to recognize how great he is! This is a very giving sign, they’re always out trying to provide, the only problem is that they need recognition in order to feel good about themselves. This is why when Belle turns Gaston down, he needs his good friend LeFou to bring his spirits back up again with a song reminding, not just Gaston but the whole town, of how great he is to them all!

Played By: Dan Stevens
Sign: Taurus
Taurus isn’t just a funny choice for the Beast because he sort of resembles a bull, but an accurate one. The bull is known for being stubborn and strong-willed, once a Taurus makes a decision about something it’s very hard to get them to change their minds. They will even get themselves into trouble by being unwilling to change. Does that sound familiar? But they’re also generous with their time and possessions once they come to care about someone. After all, the Beast did gift Belle her favorite thing – his entire library of books!

Played By: Josh Gad
Sign: Gemini
Gemini love to pounce on a problem and solve it quickly and to the benefit of those around them. These people love to inspire and no one inspires Gaston more, whether he wants to admit it or not, than his faithful companion LeFou. LeFou, like any Gemini, is supportive, excellent at driving home a good promotion. He came up with a whole song, after all, about how great his BFF Gaston is, raising Gaston’s spirit and reminding the town of why everyone was so glad to have Gaston around!

Played By: Kevin Kline
Sign: Pisces
Pisces are dreamers and what was Belle’s father if not a dreamer? He wanted great things for himself and his daughter, and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve them…but so often his dreams got in the way of reality. That’s a problem many Pisces have; the world becomes too complex and difficult and so they hide themselves away in their dreams.

Played By: Ewan McGregor
Sign: Sagittarius
Lumiere is a consummate host, providing excitement and entertainment to his guests. He’s also a bit of a rogue, stealing the hearts of women everywhere which suits him as a Sagittarius. These folks have a great ability to focus and entertain. When they take action they expect quick results. They also are great friends, and can quickly steal a heart, but don’t try to tie them down. A Sagittarius loves the chase and needs to be free to run.

Played By: Ian McKellan
Sign: Cancer
While his friend Lumiere is off entertaining the guests, Cogsworth is making sure everything in the home runs like clockwork, much like any Cancer his concern is ensuring that the home is happy. Sometimes moody, these people may disappear for a while to regain their energy, but then they’ll be back helping to keep the house running smoothly before long.

Mrs. Potts
Played By: Emma Thompson
Sign: Virgo
This is a sign that works well with others, constantly seeks the best in everything, and is naturally intuitive, much like the motherly Mrs. Potts. She helps to keep the castle running, smooths over ruffled feathers (or fur), and is always ready to deliver a piece of sound advice, even if it may come across a bit harsher than seems necessary at the time. Her heart is always in the right place!



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