The Cardinal Sign of the Water Trigon, Cancer the Crab


Sign: Cancer the Crab
Dates: June 21st through July 22nd
Planet: The Moon
Element: Water
Life Pursuit: Cancers seek to feel safe through constant reassurance and intimacy.

Cancer the Crab

Cancer Horoscope Personality:

Cancers are often known as children of the moon because they as mysterious and enigmatic as the planet that rules them. Many say they are a constant contradiction, caring and yet able to sharply wound a loved one with cruel jealousy. Or eccentric and yet constantly worried about how the world sees them. They are seen like the crab, hard and dangerous, yet those who get to know them learn that they are deeply sensitive, soft people who want to nurture and protect those around them.

Like the moon, a Cancer will go through phases and life is never static for these people and even if nothing changes for them externally, internally they are always changing. This is a sign that is constantly feeling the ebb and flow of the oceans and wax and wane of the moon. As such they are never even-keeled emotionally and require others around them to have stability.

These are people who love their families, and do their best to give them a home. They will shower the people they love with everything they possibly can and they’re hard workers so they more often than not are able to do precisely that. To learn more about the other signs of the Zodiac, click here.


Love and romance are the cornerstone of this sign and no one is able to romance better or takes it as badly when a romance fails. Cancers tend to be mystical and magical, and they will draw you in with their mysteriousness.

Cancers are the ultimate nesters and will use their artistic and creative abilities to create their home and maintain it. They love turning their home into a safe place for themselves and their families.

Beware, however of Cancer’s tendency to keep things inside. Though they are like a hermit crab and love their home, they also hold their feelings on the inside and will explode with a burst of negativity when they can no longer keep their emotions inside. Further more, they have very good imaginations and will often imagine a situation to be far worse than it actually is. They have an intense fear of rejection and their imagination will often make this even worse. Additionally, this is a sign that tries its hardest to avoid confrontation at any cost. Cancer and Scorpio is a matchup that will likely end up in one-sided arguments. So be prepared for no argument to happen and for a Cancer to just walk out of a situation they find unsatisfactory.

Furthermore, people born under Cancer the Crab can be brutally unforgiving and if you fall out of their good graces you may never make your way back into them. Worse, you may never even find out from them what it was you did to end up on their bad side! Often you it may be something small and benign that simply never registered with you, but to a Cancer on the wrong day in the wrong mood it was a relationship ending event.


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