Saturn in Moons Constellation – Restless Mind


Saturn in Moons constellation and its effects

Saturn is currently in moon’s constellations i.e. in hasta nakshatra, This kind of placement is called Punarphoo. Saturn conjunct moon or saturn in moons constellation is a dreaded position for the whole world. Whenever Saturn-moon punarphoo happens, it creates serious mental worries, afflictions, migraines, headache, losses, obstacles in different areas respective to the ascendants.

The most serious victim of this Saturn-moon punarpoo is people born Aquarius and Capricorn ascendants. For Aquarius ascendant, Saturn is in 8th house currently, which is detrimental to the health of Aquarius borns, also this period will be a period of mental struggle for them. Even though its the period of uncertainty in taking decisions for whole world, Aquarius borns will have additional pain for prioritizing their needs, taking crucial decisions of their life, and may suffer from health pain and migraine due to unsettled mind.

Saturn will continue to be in moons constellation till September 20th of 2011, till that time the situation in world will be chaotic, unrest, and non peaceful. It will be difficult to keep the mind at peace because of saturn in moons constellation. For people running saturn maha dasha or bukthi or antra, it can be even tough for them because since Saturn is ruling planet it could throw more uncertainties and one would be wise to read up on their various core methods of Astrology described here

For Aquarius ascendants, concentrating on education might be difficult and i advice them to take competitive exams after September 20th. The luck factor is not with them till September 20th. Also, for everyone its time to be patient and stay calm than jump into conclusion because the decision might backfire.

I would advise my readers to weather this Saturn storm by indulging in meditation practice for at least an hour a day.

Method: Early morning sit in any one of the padmasana, siddhasana, vajrasana position, close your eyes and meditate on the word HREEM (pronounced as REEM). Say it to yourself without opening your mouth. The word should be uttered in the form of breath inside you. Say it unless your mind ceases to have any thoughts.

Meditation using padmasana



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