Reversed Tarot Card Meanings


When the cards are reversed it means there is a problem! Sometimes the problem may be a personal resistance to what the card symbolizes, sometimes it may be that there is too much or too little energy in the area the card symbolizes. Or it could mean that something in your life is preventing you from achieving a goal the cards have seen for you. Whatever the reason, don’t view reversed cards as a completely negative thing, but view them instead as a call to look deeper in yourself and see what you can discern about your energy. Let’s go over the Reversed Tarot card meanings in order to have a broader understanding of Tarot card readings.

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

0: The Fool Reversed – The Fool in any orientation is still a call to new beginnings but reversed he symbolizes an unwillingness to make that new beginning happen.

1: The Magician Reversed – Though reversed, this card is still about making better use of one’s higher power but, like with the Fool, there is a hesitancy towards making the changes necessary to achieve that.

2: The High Priestess Reversed – A reversed High Priestess means you must look deeper for that powerful and attractive energy that should be flowing naturally. Allow yourself to feel this energy and become the Priestess upright.

3: The Empress Reversed – If the Empress is reversed it may mean you are putting too much energy into ‘masculine’ traits and need to focus more on your feminine energies.

4: The Emperor Reversed – A reversed Emperor is a sign that you may be thinking too much with your heart. Remember, your mind is a valid tool too, and you want balance between them to achieve greatness.

5: The Hierophant Reversed – A reversed Hierophant still is about doing the right thing, but it symbolizes a confusion about what the right thing might be. You may need to dig deeper into yourself to find out what the ‘right thing’ is for the situation you are facing.

6: The Lovers Reversed – Reversed this card is a call to action on the relationships in your life that you may be feeling ambivalent towards. It’s time to figure out how you feel and why and take action accordingly.

7: The Chariot Reversed – A reversed Chariot is a call to stop for a moment, rather than moving forward for the sake of movement, and analyze where you are going. The Chariot wants to go forward, but it needs a place to go!

8: Strength Reversed – In reverse, Strength calls you to be grateful for what you have and to keep yourself open because so much has been given to you. Look for blessings and give praise for them.

9: The Hermit Reversed – A hermit reversed may mean you are spending too much time alone and need to spend more time out in the world. Taking time away is good, but too much time can be just as bad as no alone time at all.

10: The Wheel of Fortune Reversed – Whether upright or reversed, the Wheel indicates coming change. Remember that no matter what the change it will be over and you will settle into whatever has happened!

11: Justice Reversed – A reversed Justice is simply a sign that you are feeling something in your life isn’t fair. It reminds you to accept that there may be little you can do but show grace under pressure.

12: The Hanged Man Reversed – In reverse this card is an encouragement to let change happen. Most likely it means that it’s time to let a relationship end with faith that this will open up new and better doors down the road.

13: Death Reversed – Positively, this card in reverse means that changes that occur are likely to be less intense than if they were changes when Death is upright.

14: Temperance Reversed – Remember that not all criticism is bad, that there are problems you may have to work through to make your relationships last, and find balance in yourself and your relationships according to a reversed Temperance.

15: The Devil Reversed – When reversed the Devil calls us to look deeper at a situation and to find an escape that may not be obvious at first glance. Remember, this card is always a reminder that whatever our problem there is always a way out.

16: The Tower Reversed – Much like the Tower upright this card indicates coming change and reminds you that though people and situations may change you have not changed and are still capable of rolling with the punches.

17: The Star Reversed – When this card appears in reverse it is a reminder to us that good things are still there no matter how dark our lives may seem.

18: The Moon Reversed – This card is a warning that your intuitions may not be as clear as they seem and you should take time sorting through them to ensure you’re making a good decision.

19: The Sun Reversed – When this card is reversed it is a sign that it is important to quite literally count your blessings and stay mindful of all you have to be grateful for.

20: Judgment Reversed – This card in reverse is a call to control what you can, mainly you making decisions on the fly, and let others make their own judgement in their own way. Remember you can only control yourself, not others.

21: The World Reversed – The World reversed means it’s time to take a vacation and take stock of what is standing in your way so that when you get back from some alone time you are ready to conquer all the challenges in your path.


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