Knowing spells and knowing how to cast a spell is something that many people are interested in whether to help themselves acquire something they want like love or money, or to help those they care about by casting a spell for healing or safety. There are thousands of spells from around the world that those interested in spell casting can look up and explore the uses of. The most common spells that people look for include love spells, health spells, wealth spells, beauty spells, luck spells, and life spells such as fertility or job or success spells. The most common users of spells are Wiccan’s and they believe that spells are energy, directed by the spell and helped by the energies of the universe to complete their purpose. These sorts of spell casters also tend to believe in the Rule of Three. The Rule of Three states that any energy you intentionally send out into the universe will return to you three times as strong. That means that when you cast a spell you want to be careful because it will come back to you with three times as much strength and power behind it. For this reason, many of these people will avoid spells that are considered ‘black’ as these are often negative and harmful and will ultimately harm the caster more than the person they are cast on. You can read more about Wicca and spells here:

Casting Spells – Spellcasting

SpellsCasting spells can be as simple as simply sending a thought out into the universe with your desires, however the more focused the energy behind the spell the greater the likelihood that it will be successful. Because of this, there are a number of tools and ways of preparing before most spell casters will start to cast a spell. Some of the tools you will want to have on hand include:

  • Salt for cleansing and banishing
  • Broom for sweeping away negative energy
  • Candles in as many colors as you can find
  • Crystals and stones used to help focus energy
  • Incense and oils to help sharpen the mind
  • Spellbook with your own spells and incantations that you know work
  • Altar for gathering your tools and casting your spell
  • Herbs and flowers for offerings
  • Cauldron for mixing and burning

Color Spells

There are spells related to every color in the rainbow, which is why you need candles in so many colors. Each of these ‘colors’ of spells focus on a different area of life. The most commonly used spell colors are:

  • Red magic spells which cover love, fertility and sexuality.
  • Green magic spells which cover money, luck, and success.
  • Purple magic spells which are most often used to cast control spells.
  • Black magic spells that are used for revenge and curses.
  • White magic spells that are used for protection, healing and blessing.

Black and purple magic should be avoided. Both of these spells are very negative, used to either cause harm to others or to take control of someone. Purple spells can be used to manipulate, control energy or attract dark entities like demons. Purple magic is considered the poor man’s black magic, but is no less dangerous if used carelessly or too often.

Moon Magic

Moon magic is another type of spell casting that is gaining in popularity and involves using different phases of the moon to help augment and strengthen the energy of your spell.

Learning the basics of spell casting

Casting a spell is a process that takes time to learn and should always be adjusted for the person casting. Most magic is not ‘one size fits all’ and you will want to adjust how you use it so that it suits you best. That said, there are five basic steps that all spell casters should take:

1. Prepare for the spell casting by defining your intentions for the spell, then finding or writing a spell, determining how long you want the spell to last, gathering any necessary materials, cleansing the space and taking time to cleanse and prepare yourself.

2. Modify your state of mind so that you go into the experience with positivity, light and love in your heart. This will help keep your intentions clear and your mind focused. Cloudy energy will diminish the effectiveness of the spell.

3. Link your intentions for the spell with the spell by stating your intentions for the spell out loud, and be sure that you have added things to your altar that help to focus the energy and guide it, the more creative and more options you can give yourself to focus on the better.

4. Once your intentions are focused and connected to the spell, you will raise the energy and then direct it out before releasing it.

5. Lastly, create ways for the spell to work. It will be more effective if you are seeking out ways to help the spell be successful than if you are just sitting at home waiting till the love of your life knocks on your door.