Willows Weep


Willows Weep, the ‘Most Haunted House in Indiana’ has a history that is rife with conflict and a history of paranormal activity. From its earliest days it has seen more than its share of unhappiness and anyone with paranormal experience can tell you that negative energy draws more negative energy and unhappy spirits. The town of Cayuga, Indiana is close to the site of a major battle with Native Americans and there are a number of ancient Indian burial sites around the area. It’s also the site of a convergence between two rivers as well as sitting at a crossroads. All of these things can cause a home to act like a beacon to positive and negative spirits alike; but with a history of unhappiness the house is prone to pulling, like a magnet, the less than friendly souls into its walls.

Willows Weep

The home has been owned by a number of families and individuals over the years. A pair of recent former owners have taken issue with current owner Dave Spinks investigating and reporting the paranormal happenings at the home. They claim he’s using their personal family misfortune to line his pockets; he disagrees. Spinks purchased the home from a different owner who claims to have suffered physical attacks from unseen assailants that left her and her husband bloodied, bruised and fearing for their lives. Convinced they would never be able to get rid of the house, they moved as far away from it as they possibly could. It’s history caught the attention of recent television show ‘The UnXplained’ as Dave came to examine the house for the show and made the offer to purchase it outright after spending only a few moments inside.

Since it’s purchase he’s opened the home to many paranormal investigators who claim to have also observed anomalies, dealt with poltergeists, and recorded voices. Others have also given reports of being physically attacked by things they could not see, giving weight to the stories of the previous owner. While the siblings a few owners back may argue that the deaths of their parents cannot be a part of what goes on in this home, the sheer number of other tragic deaths, including multiple suicides of which their father is one, would weigh heavily on any home. But add to that a case of poisoning, an accusation of incestuous assault in the early days of the home and you have a recipe for a strong magnet just pulling the dark and dangerous from the other side of the veil. Unfortunately so far even the skeptics haven’t been able to disprove the number of other strange happenings that have been experienced in the house.

Whether it’s the symbol of the goat’s head that suddenly appeared burnt into a wall, or the discovery of a book on necromancy and the occult, Willows Weep, in Cayuga, Indiana is definitely a house with many secrets and definitely deserves its title as ‘the Most Haunted House in Indiana’. As continued investigations turn up more and more evidence of paranormal and supernatural behavior in the home it may even someday earn the title of ‘Most Haunted House in the World’.


  1. Looking for the Documentary that William Shatner did on The Nost Haunted Place in America A Documentary of The Willows Weep in Cayuga Indiana

  2. I have questions about this location, with some questions and answers I might be able to answer so of what others may consider unknown.


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