Numerology Lucky and Unlucky colors


Many of our readers have asked for lucky colors and unlucky colors for people born on various birth dates. In this post, we will see what are the lucky colors for people who come under birth number 1 to 9 in numerology. I hope this post will help everybody to choose the best color while attending important events or taking an important decision in life. Colors have a great meaning, each and every color has its own universal meaning and implications. Lets decode their meanings in our post. Before that, lets analyze the origin of color.

Colors are the results of wavelength of cosmic rays. The composition of universe  is made up of dark matter and other objects like planets, stars and galaxies. Every planet has its own wavelength of cosmic rays which results in a certain color. Even our own body color is based on cosmic ray wavelength based on our astrological horoscope. That’s why its easy to predict the physical features and color of a person by seeing the horoscope of a person. The ascendant and its planet lord is responsible for the color of the person.

Now lets know the lucky color for various  birth dates.

Lucky color for Birth date 1,10,19 and 28


For person born on birth date 1,10,19 and 28. The ideal color for them would be Orange, Yellow, and Gold. Since they are ruled by the planet Sun, shades of orange, yellow are the most lucky color for them. These colors attributes to success and energy for 1 born persons. These colors amplifies the nature of number 1, which is bold, courageous, honest, and daring. However, they should avoid colors like black and maroon. These colors will not be fruitful to them in any way.

Best Color: Orange, Yellow, Shades of Yellow, Gold

Worst Color: Black, Maroon

Lucky color for Birth  date 2,11,20 and 29


Person born on these dates come under planet moon, This creative birth date in numerology has the lucky color as green. Green is the best and suited color for numerology 2 born people. Light green is extremely beneficial to them and does them a sea of good. They can opt for shades of green from light to dark. Even yellow is preferable, silver and creamy yellow color are also compatible for 2 born people. The colors they should avoid is red,black and any extreme dark colors.

Best Color: Light green, shades of green, Silver, creamy yellow

Worst Color: Red, Black, Dark shaded colors.

Lucky color for Birth date 3,12,21, and 30


People born on birthdate 3,12,21 and 30 c0mes under planet Jupiter or Number 3 in Numerology. This birth date  of communication and generosity in numerology has the most ideal color has orange and pink. All shades of red color are good for 3 borns. The best color for a 3 born is lotus pink, which is the ideal color for them. Violet, yellow, red, are also good for them. Black, dark blue, and dark green are the color they should avoid.

Best Color: Pink, Lotus Pink, Orange, Shades of red color, violet, yellow

Worst Color: Black, dark blue, dark green.

Lucky color for Birth date 4,13,22, and 31


People who born on birth date 4,13,22 and 31 come under planet Rahu or numerology 4. The political and social birthdate of numerology has the lucky color of blue. Light blue to any blue color is the most ideal and lucky color for 4 borns. They love blue color. As the 4 borns have a clean heart, they admire a clean sky like blue color. They should avoid black color. all other colors are neutral for them.

Best Color: Shades of Blue, Sky Blue

Worst Color: Black

Lucky color for Birth date 5,14 and 23.


The person born on this dates comes under planet mercury or Numerology 5. The mercurial and magnetic birth date of numerology has the lucky color as Grey. Grey is the color that can bring the ultimate success to them. They can also wear any light shades of color. They should strictly refrain from using colors like black and dark green.

Best Color: Grey and light shaded colors

Worst Color: Black and dark green

Lucky color for Birth Date 6,15, and 24


People born on birth date 6, 15, and 24 comes under the planet lord Venus. The beauty and artistic birth date of numerology has the ideal color has dark green and dark blue. Red and other shades of blue are also lucky for them. Their worst colors are white, yellow and rose.

Best Color: Dark Green, Dark Blue,Red

Worst Color: White, Yellow and rose.

Lucky color for Birth date 7,16 and 25


These people come under Planet Ketu. The spiritual birth date of numerology loves white color, although they are fascinated by white color.Light green,light yellow and light blue are the most lucky and best colors for numerology 7 borns. They should avoid wearing dark colored clothes especially black and red.

Best Color: Light green, Light blue and light yellow.

Worst Color: Red, Black.

Lucky color for Birth date 8,17 and 26


People born on birth date  8,17 and 26 comes under planet Saturn or numerology 8. The mystic birth date of numerology has the ideal color has Yellow. Yellow is the color, which can give them confidence and success at any stage. They should try to wear yellow color dress on important occasions and during with friends. Dark green  and dark blue can also do good to them. But yellow is the best color for them. They should avoid using black, and red color which brings failure and problems to them. Even though they get attracted to black, they should avoid it.

Best Color: Yellow

Worst Color: Black, Red, Maroon

Lucky color for Birth date 9,18 and 27


People born on this number are ruled by planet Mars and fondly called martians and come under numerology 9. The magical birth date of numerology has the lucky and best color has red. Red is the ideal and best color for the martians. They should try to use red where ever its possible. Blood red and crimson red are the most luckiest for them. All shades of red color are lucky to them. They should avoid  white color and lighter color shades.

Best Color: Red

Worst Color: White and lighter colors

I have given a detailed study of color patterns in every ones birth date. Use this color pattern and take advantage of their powers.


  1. I am Saturnian and now I wear yellow. And it is true. I always choose black, as it if was the only color that suited me. But my life got easier for a while, when I actually bought a big orange bag, lol, maybe a coincidence – or maybe NOT!

    I have a nr. 1 lifepath! Orange is not far from yellow! Besides, this bag had a dark green flower or something on it.

    I can't for now say anything against what is written here. I have to agree. But the future will show more.

  2. im a 17 born born and red is my favorite color i wear res lipstick everyday.

    Will this bring me bad luck? if so how can it do this?

    Also if i wear red and yellow will that still bring luck?

  3. Hi,

    The pics look cool & your predictions are too good. im a 21 st born & i always prefer grey & yellow, is grey unlucky to me, shall i stickon to yellow. please advice

  4. Hi Saravana,
    This is a unique website and your regular updates makes it more valuable, it may have changed a lot persons life…
    I would like you to request for Number 8,17 and 26 Born Lucky Numbers,
    Like dates for important occasions, bike/car number, mobile number, house number to live in, etc etc
    Thanks again for your great website

  5. i was born in 18 march 1980 . i love pink so much . i want to do my bedroom a pink room . is that bad? do i have to do it red? . but i know that red is a bad color for bedrooms .

  6. I was born on the 20th and it says that one of my worst colors is black. I pretty much wear black every single day, it that a bad thing?

  7. hello sir, how r u, my birth number is 8 and lifepath is 9 and name number is 5, i want to know which r the best colors for me, other then yellow , MY room color is orange is it ok if not what is d remedy for it , bye tc wht color should b avoided always….

  8. Hello Sir,
    For 8 born, Black and Red are not so auspicious. How about different shades of black and red like Grey and Maroon, Pink?


  9. I am so happy to find this website.
    My birth number is 6 and in the past, whenever I wore yellow or rose,
    I got in trouble or had a bad day and now it all makes sense!

    I would like to know how grey, purple, orange afffect on the birth number 6?

  10. You bring up something interesting; just looked up birth-date 26th. As you say, avoid black and red. Hmmm… strangely, I tend to gravitate so much towards those too (plus grey). Then you say, “Even though they get attracted to black they should avoid it”. Strangely, I only have 1 Yellow T-Shirt. Which does make me feel good when I wear it, yet I hardly do — whenever I open the closet I’m off to black and reds!

  11. thank you I put your info to the test I have interview so I am glad I looked at your article thanks… I give more feed back after a week of trial although I know it’s gonna work thanks again

  12. hi sir,
    I am pavithra born on 21/09/1996.Pls,suggest a correct name to follow
    which will be lucky for me in future.
    3. Ve.PAVITHRA
    4. PAVITHRA VENKATRAMANI. Eagerly ,waiting for ur reply to follow before my board exams. Thank u very much .

  13. I was born at 11:45pm on a 26th day of the month. I am curious if that is close enough to use the 27th day for my color to be red or should I like yellow because it’s a 26th color. I love all colors but I’m trying to pick one fave color.

  14. I’m Taurus, and my birth on 4th. Astrology says green,and pink are my lucky colors, numerology say its Blue. so which one should i use?

  15. hi im s.raghul born on 8.8.1988,which one is my lucky colour,how to get luck in all days,blue saphire is my lucky gem or not…

  16. Hi,
    Loved this article. Could you explain to all of us (your readers) why vedic astrology and numerology have different colours for mercury and venus? It makes decision making difficult. I am trying to boost my mercury, for example. I am a 9 born with a 32 life path. My name number comes to 3 (just the first name). I know I can use red, but should I use green or grey for mercury? Should I use blue or green for venus? Can I wear unlucky colours if the day belongs to that number or planet?
    So confused.

  17. How do incorporate grey into my life? I am a very bright person and dislike drab colors alike grey, but it seems from my birthdate (the 14th of September, 2002) that I should wear it more. Are there colors other than grey that will bring me great success? My whole name numerology number is 1 and my life cycle numerology number is 9.

  18. i was born on 21st june 1983 , tues day 935pm at odisha keonjhar. i want to buy a two wheeler which colour is suitable for me.

  19. Hello,
    I am planning to buy a new car. Confused between Red and Blue. My DOB is 27th March 1981. Please advice if any of these colors is unfavourable or can I pick either red or blue without any problems?

    • First of all congratulations on your decisions and hope fully you succeed more in life. As per your date of birth, you can look at white color car and it would be lucky for you.


  20. my name is sandeep. i have born on 19th may 1987 and my bike is red and black. which number i can choose my bike number

  21. Hi Myself, Sanjay and my date of birth is 28/11/1969, Which color would be suitable for me to wear and for my vehicles


  22. Dear Sir,

    I need color, numbers and location to reside or leave in his country either east, north or south, for person born other Date of Birth

  23. Sir,

    My birthdate is 9th-nov-1984 and I am from Vrushabha Rashi , since from my education I am facing lot of issue till this date and I am also warring 6 mukhi Rudrkash in black thread but no progress.

    Kindly suggest me which best color for me.

  24. Hi. I’m born on day number 20, and my life path is 9. Should I use green or white dress outfits for work? I’m a beautician and I sell my own brand of cosmetics.

    Also, what color should I pick for the cosmetic packaging? Green, Yellow, or white bottles?

  25. i born on 6th January. But I often wear White dress in the office. You have suggested not to wear. what should i do ?

    • You should wear more Green as it is your lucky color. If you have a wear white, it may be your uniform, then keep a Green handkerchief with you in your pocket.


  26. Name: Gilbert DOB: 20/9/1983, place of birth;karwar (karnataka) Tob: 5 clock.. I am planning to buy flat will I be able to buy this year without any problem

    • The time for purchase is very much after June, however there is likely that you may need some loans to get your work done. As you are in the mahadasha of Saturn and antardasha of Saturn. You should check all documents very well before signing.

      Doing remedies of Saturn will be very helpful.


      • Thank u sir very much.. Sir can u tell about my health condition.. This year my health condition would be good.. Two years of marriage still no kids.. Marriage date: 27/12/2016..

          • Name: Gilbert
            Place of birth: karwar(kumta)
            Date of birth: 20/9/1983
            Time of birth: 5 am
            Marriage date: 27/12/2016
            Wife name: Monica
            Place of birth: kumta(Karanatka)
            Date of birth: 3/11/1992
            Time: 12.39am..
            Sir i have problem and my wife is fine.. For kids I have been put on medicines by doctor still no doctor told to see till this year if no result.. Go for IVF.

          • Looking at your horoscope Jupiter rules the 5th house of children and Jupiter is conjoined with Ketu which is never good. Saturn the planet of delays and denials also aspects the 5th house. The possibility of progeny is there after November 2019. You should keep trying and also do the remedies of Saturn and Jupiter for benefits.



  27. My birthdate is 22/04/1952 what is my lucky colour and what is my unlucky colour please
    I always wear a lot of black clothes and I very unlucky

  28. Hi..This kid was born on 03/05/2016, 15:55 at new Delhi..Parents are concern end as to which field will be good for him,and about his health..Please guide..thanks

    • The child is born under the Shani dasha therefore you should donate something from his/her hands every Saturday. Although the child is very young, and you should focus on education. Field like computers, finance, education suits the child.



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