Psychic Terrain


Psychic terrain is a phrase that, when searched on the internet, gives no clear definition that makes any sense. Search results favor children’s video and card games, silly if adorable animal monsters that have no bearing on the everyday importance of the phrase and why understanding it is so important both to the understanding of how our mind works on a regular basis but further how it is complicated by psychic abilities.

Psychic Terrain – Landscape of our Minds

Psychic terrain is best described as the landscape of our mind and soul. It’s more than a listing of abilities, it’s quite literally the way our individual minds and hearts map and think about problems, solutions, love, emotion and every other up and down we experience and encounter as we live. Sometimes we may encounter others in a similar place and share space in our psychic terrain with others. Together, we may move through an area of thought or emotion and help one another build paths and experiences that will help us when we encounter a piece of mental ‘toughness’ later on in our lives. Many people think of experiences as a mountain to climb, and this thought is very accurate when you think of psychic terrain. Every one of our experiences has changed that mental and spiritual landscape making it as unique to each person as their response to an experience will be. After all, if five people are trapped in an elevator, they won’t all have the same reaction and the reactions they have won’t all come from the same place. Their first thought, their first feeling will be decided by the psychic terrain of the individuals, not the elevator.

Spiritual Healers

Understanding psychic terrain and how it can be shaped and formed is important for people who want to become things like spirit healers and it’s also important for people who are working to become psychics. Being able to recognize where your mental thought patterns are taking you, as opposed to viewing psychic input with impartiality, is important in making sure that you can then go back and remove your own influences so that the psychic information you receive is properly investigated. Likewise, a spirit healer needs to understand the psychic terrain of the person they are trying to heal so they can be aware of what possible areas of difficulty will lay ahead for them both. If you don’t have an understanding of who a person is, and what sort of mountains and hills they have in their heart and soul, you can’t properly heal them. Sickness in the soul is no different than sickness in the body and just as an infection will rot away flesh if it isn’t fully removed, sickness in the soul will rot the soul. Being able to dig into the dark crevices of the heart and mind to heal deeper and older wounds is critical in being able to help someone achieve full healing. You cannot do this if you don’t understand psychic terrain and have an idea of how to navigate it on an individual basis.


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