Numerologist as a Career


A numerologist is someone who uses numerology for divination purposes. Most numerologists are some form of medium and may use numerology to learn things about you, to see what’s coming in your future, and to help you understand a little better who you are and what you can expect from your life and how to affect change in your life. Numerologists consider numerology to be the science of numbers, and concerns itself less with complicated formula’s and more with the mystic vibrations and personalities of the number to help make their divinations.

Numerology Profile

When a numerologist is working on your numerology profile, the most important number they will look at is your Life Path number. It is based on your birthday and is unique to you! There are a bunch of other types of numbers as well, as these are based not just off your birthday but also off your name at birth and the name you currently use. Each of these numbers coincides with a unique vibration in our life and can help your numerologist figure out what it is the universe has planned for you.  Want to learn more about numerology?  Check out this article:

The goal of a numerologist is to understand the code the universe has for your life and to decipher it so that they can help you make informed decisions. If you consider your life to be a map, pulled together by the universe with both love and intention for your and your life, then it is easy to see the numerology as a key to that map. The different numbers your numerologist will look at: life path, expression and others, all unlock the mysteries behind the different symbols on the map of your life and help both you and your numerologist figure out the right path for you to take, and help you both identify places where you may struggle with life as well as the best tools to help you overcome any adversity that may face you in the future.

Using Numerology in Your Life

Numerology can be used in almost any part of your life, not just to figure out who you are but also what the best career would be for you and even romantic compatibility! Just like with the astrological signs, certain numbers are more compatible with one another than they are with other numbers. And, like the other forms of divination, a compatibility reading with you and your partner by a numerologist can help you both understand one another better and may even help to open up different forms of communication that may not have been previously considered!

A good numerology reading will help you create a roadmap to your life and help you understand the story of who you are. Finding a numerologist that can explain these things and help you avoid pitfalls and struggles while giving greater insight into what makes you ‘tick’ is a great help in navigating the turbulent waters of life. A trained numerologist can help bring healing and understanding to your life and your relationships in ways you never thought possible.


    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your lagan is Cancer and rashi is Capricorn. Rahu mahadasha is going on and antardasha of Mars till May 2019. Rahu presently is in the lagan putting unnecessary stress and tensions on your mind. The better period for you professionally is when you enter the Jupiter Mahadasha from May 2019. Doing the remedies of Rahu and Saturn are strongly recommended.


      Navneet Khanna

  1. Hi Sir,

    My name is Parvesh kansal and my D.O.B. is 02-12-1991 . Right now i am doing Job in IT field but i am going to start a business . Please Suggest is this good for my future and what name should i use for my business .

    • You are ruled by number 2 and the Moon. Business line does suit you, however this will not be the best time for business and you should make this change after January 2020. Doing the remedies of Moon will help you in your life.


  2. Hi sir
    Name : Neeta yadav
    DOB : 12.09.1975
    Is my name compatible with my numbers. If not , what corrections do you suggest? as i feel disappointment in my professional life

    • Your name adds to number 8 which is of Saturn and brings delays and obstacles and dissatisfaction in life. You may change your name to Neta yadav. Remove one e in your first name. Your name number adds to 3 which is your birth date. Soul and personality number adds to number 6 which is of Venus the planet of luxuries and comforts.


    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your lagan is Libra which is ruled by Venus and rashi is Dhanu. You are creative, energetic, active person with lots of inner talents. Graphics designing and Photo editing does suit you and you can do well in this career. You can also enhance your career by looking at website designing, Mobile application designing. As Mars is debilitated in your 10th house of profession. You should read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.



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