The number 9 in Numerology represents the worldly and sophisticated, though it definitely shares some qualities with the six. Where the six is the mothering number, sharing love and affection with friends, family and community, the nine offers these to the world at large. This number is the number of global consciousness and you can see from its shape that it is similar to the six, yet upside down, pouring out goodwill to everyone it meets. Nines live in the world and understand the connections between men. These people are humanitarians and the least judgmental of all the numbers; they see no difference in the value of their neighbor or the person in the village across the world. These are the most tolerant and conscious of all the other numbers.

Number Nine Showing Empathy To All Equally

Number 9 in Numerology While those born under the number 9 in Numerology generally come across as neither particularly feminine nor masculine, they are often perceived as more feminine because of their loving and empathetic character. Like royalty, they stand tall and though they are so obviously closely connected with humanity the are also hard to reach and seem to float above the petty problems of the world. They are often either loved or hated, but others cannot deny that they demand and deserve respect.

Often known as the Mother Theresa number, a nine will give up everything in order to rectify a perceived injustice. These people, however, don’t dedicate any energy to getting recognition for their actions, nor do they force themselves on others in any traditional fashion. While the nine is certainly something of a leader, they lead by changing your mind rather than forcing you to follow their example like the one or the eight would.

Additionally, nines are often prosperous by accident. While the eight according to Numerology picks financially rewarding undertakings, the nine completely ignores the reward of an endeavor and focuses instead on the deeper and more fulfilling aspects of it. Then, in turn, they are often rewarded for this in ways that are surprising.

Relationships With Number 9 Explained By Numerology

Though this number is not particularly romantic, nines can still be demanding lovers. Plus, they are hard to read. Much like the inscrutable Scorpio, the nine keeps its heart hidden from others and so finding out just exactly what you mean to a nine can be a challenge. They are loyal friends and lovers but will not allow themselves to be made vulnerable. You will likely always have the sense that you are missing something if you get involved with a nine and truthfully you probably are because they are hiding things from you. Nines have depth and intuition that is unlike any other number.

Numerology’s Dark Side Of The Number 9

As with any number, nines have their downsides as well. An unbalanced nine showing their dark side can be condescending and arrogant, even apathetic towards the suffering of others. They can be cruel and completely untouchable. Additionally, if a nine feels that they have become a victim it is all too easy for them to fall to the dark side making them vindictive and malicious, even unforgiving in their attempts at revenge.