Lucky Numbers in Numerology – Part II


In the Part I of Numerology Lucky Numbers, I gave the lucky numbers in numerology from number 1 to number 6 series in numerology. In this post, the lucky numbers of number 7, number 8 and number 9 series will be discussed.

Number 7

Number 7 is the spiritual center of all numbers. Unfortunately, number 7 is anti-materialistic, and that’s why no single number in 7 series is fortunate for material success. All the numbers from number 7 numerology deals with spiritual progress rather than material comforts.  Out of all numbers in 7, number 88 and 97 are quite trouble free numbers. Which also helps only in spiritual progress.

Number 8

The Karmic number 8 is full of miracles. There is another post about number 8 which deals with individual numbers in 8. Very few numbers in 8 are materially sound numbers with minimum risks. Among them are number 17, number 80, number 89 and 107. Out of these numbers, number 17 is the most powerful of all numbers in 8.

Number 9

The most divine of all numbers, Number 9 is an indestructible number in number system. Almost all numbers from nine series are significant. Except number 18, almost all numbers in 9 series are good ones. Number 54 and number 99 are ordinary ones though. The top numbers of number 9 are 27,72, 63 and 45.


  1. I love this, I am learning more about numerology and 9 has always been a significant and ongoing number in my life, I am looking forward to learning more and digging deeper. Thank you for the post!

  2. hi please help.
    i have not had any good luck in almost 10 years!
    my name number is 12/3
    my life path is 14/5
    my birthday is 18/9

    what would be lucky numbers for my name? do i need to change it?

  3. I love reading your post’s they are so imformative and right on.Can you please asist me in naming my daughter born febuary/4/2010 which is day 4 and lifepath 9 in a name change what will ensure her happines and sucess, would 33, 37,46, or a 51 be best in rearanging the name and spelling i’m not sure which one would best suit her her current name number comes to 64 now thank you for any advice you can offer. izabella

  4. Nice article. I would like to know if the name no. should be compatible with the life path or birth date. Also, the numerlogy calculator you have on your website is based on which methodology in numerlogy. My name comes as 21, whereas pythagorean method gives me 46.


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