Precognition also known as foresight, future vision, future sight and prescience, is the ability to see events that will be happening in the future. It is a form of extrasensory perception along with clairvoyance. Many people claim to be able to use precognition and many more people believe that precognition exists! However, there are few scientific studies about precognition and so it is considered by the most of the scientific community to be a pseudo-science. Recent scientific studies have shown that some level of precognition exists, however more experimentation is needed before the ideas of precognition can be taken out of the realm of pseudo-science and fully adopted into the scientific world.  Read more about ESP here:


Signs that you have Precognition Abilities

There are a number of signs and symptoms that you may have that separate you out as someone with precognitive abilities. If you frequently have very vivid dreams about things that then happen to come true in the future then you may have a precognitive gift. It is a good idea, if you frequently experience vivid dreams, to keep a journal next to your bed. As soon as your dreams wake you, write everything you remember down. Don’t wait too long! Dreams tend to fade the longer we are awake. Keep an eye on your emotions. If you start to notice that you feel anxious before a major event happens that is a good sign of precognitive ability. Likewise, you may suddenly feel an increase in those ‘gut feelings’ that warn you to do or not do something. This is another natural form of precognition. If you frequently experience deja vu, chances are you can use precognition.

Are you Empathetic?

Those with precognitive abilities tend to be highly empathetic and very in-tune with the world around them. Many people with precognitive abilities find that people feel more comfortable around them. Additionally, this extra-sensory sensitivity lends to the ability to sense energy and vibration in things and to pick up on the moods of others. Your perception of the world is exceptionally fine-tuned and all of these things lend to your ability to see or feel what will be happening in the future. It is a good idea to handle having precognition in much the same way as someone who is an empath.

A Gift or a Curse?

Precognition, like most of the extra-sensory perception gifts, can be a challenge for people who are naturally strong in ability. Because it requires such an intense empathic connection with the world, those who have strong precognitive skills may struggle with feeling overloaded or worn down by the constant influx of psychic information coming their way. If you know someone, or are someone, who has the ability to use precognition, make sure that time is frequently taken to detox the extra information from your brain and the extra energy from your body. Take care of your psychic soul and don’t allow it to become weighed down with the troubles of everyone around you. Regular meditation, energy healing, and proper care for your physical body are all critical components in making sure that you don’t suffer from having the gift of precognition.


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