Cryokinesis and Temperature Control Abilities


Cryokinesis is most simply defined as the ability to use your mind to control the speed and movement of molecules, causing them to slow down and ultimately to freeze. If you have telekinetic abilities it is absolutely possible for you to develop the ability to use cryokinesis but as with any psychic skill you will need to practice and train so that you can use it consistently.

Using Cryokiesis to Freeze

The most important part of using cryokinesis is preparing your body for it. It doesn’t do any good to try and use an ability that you are uncomfortable with. If your body is not used to the cold then it will throw up natural resistances to the whole project of teaching yourself cryokinesis. The best way to train your body to accept to the cold is to start by holding an ice cube in your hand. You don’t want to hurt yourself, but you do want to hold it for as long as you possibly can. Shoot for a minute at first, then two, then work your way up till you can comfortably hold the ice cube in your hand until it is completely melted. Use the time to work on clearing your mind of anything other than emptiness. Let the thoughts of cold drift away from you until you can clearly meditate while you hold the ice cube. Be sure to practice this with both hands.

Once you have accustomed yourself to the feeling of cold and can meditate in the cold with ease you are ready to begin developing your cryokinesis skills. Begin simply with a bowl of water and place your finger inside it. Allow yourself to feel the temperature of the water and the energy in the water. Water, like everything in the world, is made of up molecules that are constantly moving. In order to freeze the water you have to make those molecules slow down and to do that first you must connect with their natural energy. Once you have made that connection, begin using your energy to slow the molecules closest to your finger. Do not try to force the molecules to freeze, instead visualize them slowing to a stop and allow this to transfer to them.

Advanced Cryokinesis

A more advanced form of cryokinesis is to affect the temperature around your whole body. This is a very useful technique to learn, if you can, especially if you live in a place with hot summers. Being able to cool off your body even in the heat of the day will make you much more comfortable come summer time. Stand in a comfortable position and feel the temperature around you. Like with the water in the bowl, you want to connect with the energy of the air and then visualize the molecules beginning to slow as the room becomes cooler and cooler. Visualize slow, cooling molecules drifting off your body and into the rest of the room, encouraging the other molecules to follow suit and lower the temperature further. Eventually you will find that you are cool and so is the room!


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