What Are Voodoo Dolls Used For?


Voodoo dolls are most commonly known for being little dolls that you can stick with pins or other sharp objects in order to cause someone pain, injury and even death! The history of Voodoo dolls and Voodoo come from deepest Africa and the tribal traditions of thousands of years. Those who believe in Voodoo and practice Voodoo believe in one God who uses the Loa, our dead ancestors, as his messengers. The Loa are able to influence our daily affairs. The Voodoo doll is a way to communicate with the Loa and to express to them the desires you have for yourself or someone else.

Are Voodoo Dolls Evil?

While the common perception of Voodoo dolls is as tools used for evil, they really can be used for any purpose and are most commonly used for love, guidance and empowerment. Voodoo dolls can be made in a number of colors. The colors all have different purposes and meanings.

White – Positivity, Purification, Healing
Red – Love, Attraction, Power
Green – Growth, Wealth, Fertility
Yellow – Success, Confidence
Purple – Wisdom, Psychic Exploration, Connection with the Spirit Realm
Blue – Love, Peace
Black – Used to dispel or summon negative energy

When the slave trade brought African’s out of Africa and into other parts of the world their traditions were mixed up with the traditions of the cultures with which they mingled. From this came the idea of putting the pins in the dolls. The colors of the dolls can also be used on the pins and carry the same meanings as the colors on the dolls.

A Spiritual Awakening

Voodoo dolls are intended to be a focus of prayers and meditation, a way to communicate with the Loa and the spirit of a person who you want to influence. When you are using a voodoo doll to affect a person you want to make sure you include something that belongs to that person such as a lock of hair. When using the Voodoo doll, you place the doll on an altar or hold it in your hand. Focus on the goal you would like the Loa to achieve in the life of the person you are trying to affect.

Before you use your Voodoo doll you will want to cleanse it of all previous energy. Wash the doll in salt water, cover with sage or sandalwood incense, or leave in the light of a full moon. This will ensure that the Loa are not confused as to your intentions. As with all casting, you are trying to put your energy out into the world and affect the world around you. You want to focus that energy and then put it out there to be used by the Loa. Remember, too, that energy that you put out will come back to you. Always put positive energy out into the world so that the energy returned to you is positive. Do not use a Voodoo doll to bring harm to others – you will inevitably also end up harming yourself.


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